Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paris Dads

Quite a few of you said you'd like to see more Paris Moms svp.Surprise - I found Paris streets full of Paris dads! My French friend, M. assured me these are not all divorced daddies out walking their kiddiewinks. Paris dads start taking their offspring to la musee early. Dads were spotted waiting online at the Basquiat expos.
M. say Paris moms are highly skilled at getting dad to pitch in, while they go shopping/faire la course.
A dad on rue de Rivoli.
Both Paris and London have designated area for baby poussettes on the bus, so please move aside when you see one boarding.
These two bebes were having a tete a tete at the Salon du Chocolat. French kids do not miss out on much.
Here a Paris dad has a 'doudou' tucked under his arm for safe keeping.
A future Paris dad-to-be gets training in poussette walking.
This Paris dad prefers to carry his adorable bebe.
Bonjour Paris Dads!


  1. Vive le Paris Daddy! My own first dog was called "dou-dou", although it was spelled differently. My father told me it was Chinese for something naughty! Perhaps he was more cosmopolitain than I gave him credit for....:-)

  2. Carol

    I tried leaving you a comment, and it came up as an error, then could not get the blog page to load, ugh, I am on your email list and I see now you have sent it through twice, so must be some technical error,

    3rd attempt
    Lovely pictures, adore the last one, it seems French man are all slender & good looking,
    Three things we owe and need to learn from the French Woman--
    eating well while staying slim,
    dressing themselves & home 'fashionably chic'
    and getting partner to be a sweet


  3. My dad was always a very hands-on dad, so it's good to see there are still guys out there who are active dads. I looooooved spending time with him, especially as a little kid. That's awesome.

  4. A whole lot of kids, Carol :)
    The "prams" all seem to be a bit more interesting in their design than American ones.
    Cute shot with the guy tucking the stuffed toy under his arm.
    My favorite shot? The last one of the dog :)

  5. Ahhhh yes; seeing all these "liberated" French Daddies reminds me of when I became a "House Husband,"
    back in 1974.

  6. Sorry Joanny,
    I lost internet connection while posting and was missing stuff so had to delete and repost again.
    c'est la vie..

  7. I love this post! Makes me think back on the daya when my guys were little...now my bebe is 28! DouDou indeed! What does that word really mean? I've heard it so many times..and wondered?!?

  8. I hate to say what has already been said, but I love this post! I loved taking our 4 children out for walks and just running around outside. I guess that's the French blood in me. (Canadian French, to be truthful, but they came from France originally.) Now our first grandchild is living with us. He's only 4 months old, and I can't wait to be able to take him outside. Of course, winter is on its way here in Michigan, so it will be a while!

  9. Seeing all those adorable papas was a great way to start my day...merci! I always love your pictures of parisiam street style.


  10. M. in Paris8:13 AM

    your last baby has a dog face ! very funny !

  11. Every day I am charmed by how any Papas I see here, with Bebe's .. in parks, shops and walking with prams in the street.
    Perhaps the French are more like the Argentines ? Fathers are equal when it comes to baby care ? :)


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