Friday, November 19, 2010

Are You ready?

Are YOU ready? 7 AM manana at HM for the big Lanvin blowout?
I thought I'd check out the stuff in their vitrinesI DEFINITELY WANT these lunettes!!
Malheureusement I am not ready to fit into this mignon number... And this red cutie..?
Forggedaboutit! Meanwhile over at Bloomies (nextdoor) they're almost ready... Doing up their Xmas windows... They were having some kind of Xmas window opening 'do' with velvet ropes and cops and... Inside Bloomies they're getting ready...
To shop shop shop till you drop...
Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas windows are in process...
Some are hidden and some you can see...
The big snowflake at the corner of 57th street and 5th avenue is waiting for someone to flick the switch...
At The Plaza they were getting the wreaths up and lit.
In London, IN MID-OCTOBER!? I was a teensy bit surprised to see all the Xmas decorations strewn around...
Santa's mailbox up and ready and waiting!
Can't they wait just a little bit..?
Galeries Lafayette had their BIG tree up and lit like a christmas tree! Oh wait...$#@! Are YOU ready for Mr.(Monsieur) Turkey? I am not!
BONJOUR WEEK-END and time to get ready!!!
FYI: Where is Lanvin HM in NYC?
435 7th Ave. at 34th St
505 731 Lexington Ave. at 59th St
1328 Broadway at 34th St & 6th Ave
150 East 86th St btwn Lexington Ave. & 3rd Ave


  1. Ready for... Lanvin (but not the crowds). Ready for Thanksgiving (but probably won't be eating turkey here in Paris). Ready for the Christmas season (love, love, love the lights and festivity and any excuse for champagne and sweets!). Je suis prete, Carol, je suis prete!

  2. That red dress is absolutely gorgeous! I think some French mademoiselles would like that too, non?

  3. We are ready! Cooking for 10. Hubby got the turkey, and I've made one test pie and one test stuffing. The pie is a yes and the stuffing is a no. We will go with Hubby's tried and true stuffing with Italian sausage. And 4 is making place cards with Thanksgiving stickers all over them.

    But Christmas is giving me an anxiety attack!

  4. Oh dear FRENCH SKINNY,
    Just one step at a time.
    1st Thanksgiving is to be gotten through.
    Sounds like you have it sewn up!
    The presies will wait :)

  5. Candy Cane9:26 AM

    I wonder if the two hounds are by Lanvin?
    Wouldn't that be lovely..I could easily fit one of those into ma vie...

  6. Thanks for sharing Christmas in London and Paris. Keep the pics coming. I was in both cities in September but probably will not ever be able to return at Christmas. Wish I could purchase a London Bridge Christmas ornament!

    Love the fashions and forgedaboutit!

  7. M. in Paris10:47 AM

    Monsieur "dinde" est vraiment effrayant !!!
    Thanks(NOT)giving one of these monster bird !
    Oui bientôt Noël, je pars à la montagne entre noël et jour de l'an dans les eaux thermales chaudes avec mon frère et sa femme, petites vacances, pas loin !
    je ne suis pas une reporter internationnale !!!!!!!

  8. J'adore les pairs d'ici.
    The pair of:
    1. Striations at Bloomies
    2. checkered floors " "
    3. The revealed feet of Bergdorf window dressers
    4. Last but never least - the pair of PUPS!
    May they please be A.Elbaz French pups!

  9. Ooh, you are confusing me! Is it only onsale is stores in the US tomorrow. I though it was in shops in on the 23rd in France. Well, that is what the website says anyway.

  10. Maybe this will inspire me to decorate my tree this year. For the past two years I've made my brother help me get a real tree, set it up and put lights on it. Then it sat there with no decorations. Poor trees. Let's hope this year will be better!

  11. Always love the Christmas windows in NYC, but I'm not ready yet. Fun, Carol!

  12. @Amy...put some peppermint candy canes on your tree & you're done! @paris breakfasts...thanks again for taking us along for the ride!

  13. Oh I am beyond excited for the H&M/Lanvin release, though my wallet will probably hate me afterwards! These are lovely Christmas/festive images you've shared... definitely getting me in the holiday spirit :) Paris in Pink

  14. I love the selection of photos especially such good twilight and night shots - they are so suitable for the season.....
    The opening closeups are great, too!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. I did not previously believe it was possible for anyone to jump the gun on the USA for early Christmas decor....who knew the madness would be international?

  16. Thanks for the whirlwind tour of Christmas window decorations. Love them all!

  17. Dear Lilli,
    It's TRUE!
    For some reason we get Lanvin H&M this weekend-the 20th!
    And Europe gets it the 23rd?!
    Qui sait...?
    Ach...I am not looking forward to standing out in the cold this morning...
    7 C for you
    and 47 F for us :(

  18. In Europe/France, the merchants a jump on the Americans: there's no proper Thanksgiving or other holiday between Halloween and Christmas.

    I adore Christmas, especially all the trimmings. But. Call me old-school. Call me cranky. Just NOT willing or ready to go all Christmassy before November's even out! I'm still enjoying the fall color. But hey, they can't make money on that...

  19. You can feel it, something is in the AIR... Do you think Santa Claus mr Père Noël will be ready?

  20. It is in the 80's today, there is no sign of a holiday about to arrive, there are no lights, Christmas trees and Santa would drop dead from overheating if he were to arrive here in the usual manner. with 8 dead overheated reindeer :(

    I am also not having Thanksgiving ... Where am I ???

  21. Quelle dommage!
    I was not ready!
    I did not know THE RULES!!!
    H&M opens at 8 AM on Sat.
    The line for timed bracelets started at 11 PM the night before.
    More to come
    Quelle fiasco..almost :(

  22. Thanks, PB! Yes, yes, it's going to be cold, but my love for my Alber will get me through. I hope you survived the fashionistas, have all you digits in tact and scored a loot full of Lanvin.


  23. I see I missed Lanvin at H&M. Can't wait to enjoy New York through your eyes at Christmas time! I have seen headlines about our mayor switching on the lights here, but have only been in lecture halls and labs and studios lately. Maybe a chance tomorrow.

    What I am ready for, more than anything, is for Christmas break!
    Two more weeks ... and yes, I ordered my turkey.

  24. P.S.:
    Carol, did you read the article about
    "Hunting for Lotted Art in Paris, in the New York Times? Have you ever been to the
    Musée Nissim de Camondo?

  25. La Merisi,
    I posted on musee Nissim de Camundo several times in fact. An extraordinary little museum and I should go back...

  26. Are you abandoning Sonia Rykiel? :-)


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