Friday, November 05, 2010

Fr. Girl's Apartment 2

There seems to be a dominent propensity to line things up in rows in Paris. I've mentioned before this obsession with lining things up in row upon row. True, there is an inherent geometrie you can't escape in Paris thanks very much to Baron Haussmann's austere archetecture.
Granted, if you're going to sit down at most cafes the seats will be in a row.
But Parisien cafes do tend to line them up like soldiers facing the rue.
Even Paris dogs, whether leashed or unleashed adhere to the strict rules of promenading in rows...
I spotted these Frenchie scooters out the window coasting along in single file.
It's only natural that macarons would be lined up in neat rows.
Especially a piece montee.
You wouldn't want to mess up your rows would you?
These tubes of Jean-Paul Hevin tartiner (flavored caramel-orange-ginger!) were at the salon du chocolat and I could not resist.
Not only is the design outstanding - miam-miam
And the taste! Dangerously yummy.
This poster of row upon row also caught my eye in the Metro.
So what does any of this have to do with French Girl's appartment you ask?
I noticed that propensity to line things up in rows that I had completely missed before...
Colorful teacups lined up in rows in la cuisine - a new addition...
A row of farm buckets lined up in the bathroom.
Had French Girl been to a farm recently I wondered?
And a milk bucket hanging in the kitchen..?
I had to ask, "been farming of late peut-etre Fr. Girl?"
"Non, I just liked the way they look..."
Lovely glass apothecary jars in the sale du bain.
Bottles of parfume.
Carneval masks of Limoux in the hallway...
An adorable heart hangs on French Girl's door...
I will be busy hanging my exhibit this morning at the Alliance Francaise de Philadelphie once I hightail it out of here.

Perhaps that's why I have row upon rows on ze brain today.
I hope to see PBers tonight at the opening (6:30-8:30)
And I hope French Girl doesn't mind this discrete petite invasion into her private lair - too adorable to miss non?


  1. Hey, I've never before been your very first comment. :)

    And, after 20 months here, I have to say... I've never noticed the French propensity to line things up. But c'est vrai! That's hilarious! (And I am also guilty of it.)

  2. I am quite impressed by all that French Neatness!

    Good luck with your exhibition, wished I could come!

  3. I wish my appartment was as lovely as this one ;)

    Merde for tonight!

  4. Things are lined up in the UK too.. don't they do that in America.. I love the way French girl has it all lined up especially with the milk bucket and the apothecary jars. :-)

  5. Ooo...those wonderful bottles of perfume caught my eye!

  6. Wonderful symmetry, those French. Delightful, M'lle. Good Luck today!!!!

  7. Hi Carol,

    Do they sell marsipan figures in Paris or is this a totally Dutch thing? I'm a little bit fed up with the stuff at the moment (beeing the only one who makes the Sinterklaasmarzipan)and I always look for inspiration at your blog.
    (I do know now that we will have to do thing a lot different when we re-open again next year)
    And....maybe a'm i bit french to! I line up my little piggy and babyheads to. There's still hope for me ;)

  8. Like the queues in England! Also, I love the teacups...

  9. If I had pastries and macarons like that, I'd line them up, too...and then I'd eat on down that line!

    I line up my Fire King Jadeite plates on a plate rack...does that make me a little bit French?

  10. I am sooooo sorry I missed the exhibit in Philadelphia - I am so close, in a Philly suburb - but it's my fiance's birthday weekend and he had to be taken to dinner at his favorite restaurant which is not in the city and do what he wanted to do on Friday night. I hope the show was wonderful for all - I know it would have been awesome to meet you in real life. If it was a success I hope you repeat it again and I get to go. Oui?

  11. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I am loving the lines ...might just have to try some ideas of my own.

  12. I wasn't sure if you knew, but you probably love Fauchon as much as me. Fauchon is now available again on their website in the US again. Jumping for joy. Yay. I'm sure your readers would be very excited to hear about it.


  13. best wishes for your exhibition!

    oh how i do envy your lifestyle!! jx

  14. Simple neatness on display...thanks again for the French Girls apt. peek. Not only does it appear neat but with the glass containers and tidy rows it is so French-ly artistic.

  15. ...and I envy your creativity! and again thank you for your great content.

  16. thats quite a lineup!


  17. Those are American gyroscope-controlled machines often used by a guided tour company in Paris.
    (I've always wanted one)

  18. travellermimi4:21 AM

    This is very enticing post. And great pictures too.


  19. Dubaioise4:24 AM

    its a beautiful insight, i loved seeing the pictures, paris is no doubt a beautiful place and a heaven on earth, i loved shopping in paris when i was there, i also found that dubai is also very much like paris when it comes to shopping and things to do and see

  20. French Girl has a cute little place and I like her collection of farm things ( I don't know why :)

  21. c'est l'esprit français: un chaos organisé ;-)
    thank you for yet another very interesting post!


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