Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Stalking Paris Boots

Stalking bottes/boots in Paris requires some work... Hanging out in le Grand Epicerie is an awfully good way... To catch up... On what boots THEY are wearing...
Another option is go to a hot exhibit like Basquiat at the musee d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris...
Get on the very long line and just watch the latest Paris boots walze by...
Sometimes the boots get fed up with standing on line and sit down to wait. I got fed up waiting after an hour, but I saw a lot of fashion...
A bit of leche-vitrine/window shopping is required for trend following...
The riding style boots, L'Aigle are very hot now in Paris...
Carrying around their signature bag is de rigeur...
'Uggish' boots have made a comeback - these in Sonia's vitrine...
Added multi-straps update them...
One could get away with wearing one's old Uggs I suppose...
But when Galerie Lafayettes has a special promotion of Uggs + Jimmy Choo...
Offering jazzed up versions...
Who can resist?
A careful inspection is essential...
The prix - 740 euros, could help one curb ones impulsivity I suppose...hmmm
One does wonder how French Girls...
Eat all these divine desserts and yet fit into the skin-tight boots seen dans la rue...

True some Frenchies are quite busy working off those tartes...
I alone, was not wearing boots in Paris, but your friendly stalker-in-the-street must think of comfort 1st and be able to stalk another day.


  1. Great post, Carol!! Boots, Paris, desserts, Paris, running, Paris...I really wanto to go there!!And I will!xx

  2. The red ones for me please! Though I have the third pair down and have had for 15 years!!!!!!!

  3. For sheer beauty and practicality I'd take the red boots in the top picture.

    Boots, straight leg jean -
    de rigueur in Paris.

  4. Justine9:57 AM

    Ah to be in your comfortable shoes and stalking those Frenchies!
    and then go for a nice tarte or two..

  5. CLEVER PUP, I saw alot of black tights. shorts and short skirts worn with the boots for a change.
    Not just the tucked in jean look.
    Skirts are definitely back.

  6. I love the third pair! So slouchy and cute...

  7. Okay, forget the red ones, that was yesterday, now I like the buckley ones third down!

  8. that 3rd pair are kind of Medievalesque..
    Robin Hood dropped into l'Epicerie?

  9. You've put me in a boot frame of mind Carol. I them.

    Happy hunting my dear x

  10. J'adore le Aigles but *ugh* the Ughs! Enough is enough! Bring in the dessert now, please!

  11. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I have been seeing and stalking boots all over Europe. They are everywhere. and....a succumbed and am now the proud owner of the most gorgeous knee- almost thigh high blue suede boots!!! _I'm officially a boot wearer!! x

  12. Drooling over the boots, LOVE THEM!!!


  13. According to my sources, both jeans & short skirts w/tights & boots are "in."

    My reply? They were in back in the mid-70s, too. Not all that much changes...just tweaks.

    Red boots, I do like those. Aigle rain boots are nice. I love Aussies but those Uggs are gross. They should stay at ski resorts & not leave. Mimph.

  14. Aaaah, boots,
    the comfort of many a cold fall and winter and spring day in Europe (soon I will need a walk in broom, er, boot closet)!

    Lovely post, truly, and the link back to that stalker post, wow, that is a great one too, Carol.

    Can't wait to see the latest in boots from NYCity! :-)

  15. Yes I'll go with the red - very French - oh la la!!

  16. Third picture from the top:
    Adorable, those Robin Hood boots,
    I'd like to borrow them, pleeease!

  17. OH my I have just found your blog+ love it! I shall become a faithful..I am very in love with all things red-in the way of those boots. Too hot in S CA to wear boots on most days..93 here this fine Nov. great post xx

  18. Oh, you gotta' love boots. Nothing better. Lots of good ones here, Carol! I will definitely pack boots for my next few trips out.

  19. I love the boots - and the pastries!
    Uggs are still "in" here in RI (the strapless ones), but I love good old cowboy boots (with straps) on a girl :) Go figure.....

  20. MERISI -
    New York boots?
    Never gave em a thought...
    Now I must go looking!

  21. Good boots make winter so much more bearable,
    wouldn't know how to survive without them now.

    All my quarter century in Washington, DC I owned maybe 1 pair, hardly worn.

    The first winter here, I was actually walking with my hiking boots around town, until my husband said that people might look funny at me (and I did look like hillbilly come to town!). I learned to get into European winter mood pretty fast then, nice warm coat, boots ...

    In Rome, girls start wearing boots when they come back from the beach, literally,
    boots are like the little black dress, but for all occasions, except bed, I guess.
    Different perspective, I'd say.

    Wished I could go out and buy new boots, sorta my seventh pair, but no, I have to study, four o'clock deadline.
    All I am allowed is take a photo every now and then, of the golden leaves on the big tree in front of my dining room / office window.


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