Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bonjour Eiffel

It's Eiffel Tower day because we haven't had one in a while or just because...
Some of the pictures are mine. Some are not.
I love this cover of a French cahier/notebook.
I wish they sold balloons at the tower instead of all that other junk.
And popcorn...and ice cream...
Love this photo of Elliot Erwitt!
Lisa's Eiffel Tower, watercolor , 9" x 11"
My shot at l'heure blue...
Not mine...
Someone's shot from the Maison & Objet show.
My Eiffel Tower deco is to be continued...
A funny window reflection shot I got at Susanne's.
I don't know how I did this?
This poster hangs in my hallway-the first thing to greet you upon entry...
From Kusmi tea today - they're having a contest I think. See the Paris sillouhettes!
Another cahier cover with Paris monuments.
How many Paris monuments do you see here?


  1. Love your poster in the hallway, Carol, and that silhouette leaping across the Tour Eiffel is fabulous. Sweet post.

  2. when I was there the tower was all blue and had the stars representing France as (then) head of the European the tower at night....

  3. Hello Carol!
    I had a quick question for you. You take such beautiful photos of Paris. Can you tell me what camera you use to take your truly one-of-a-kind images?

    I'm sure I do not have your flair for photo composition, cropping, eye for subject matter etc., but I figured any little bit might help!

    Thanks—I love reading your blog every afternoon!

    Warm Regards,

  4. Janinne10:28 AM

    Never get tired of your views of the tour eiffel..

  5. Love your post this morning. Love seeing the Eiffel tower. A friend of mine living in Paris posted a great photo she took in snow recently with a wedding couple looking at the tower. I loved it.
    One of them here reminds me of a scene in the movie French Kiss.Fun post.

  6. J'aime cette belle dame!!
    bonne journée Carol


  7. Never tire of seeing La Tour Eiffel.

    I was just over at
    and spotted your artwork on the January 8th post. I knew it was yours right away, but they also give you credit.

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I just can't get enough of it.
    Thank you!

  9. I loved your Eiffel Tower blog today. I wanted to share with you something that I've done . . . I do artwork for a sewing machine company who produces embroidery machine designs. I did a lace set based on places around Paris. I do the artwork, they send it to a digitizer who turns it into stitches, and then people can buy the CD to stitch out my artwork. All the lace is based on architecture in Paris.

    Thanks again for transporting me to another world!
    Mary Anne

  10. Oooh, I featured that Eiffel Tower Stool on my blog last week - LOVE IT>
    Sorry, haven't been around for a while, busy putting the new collection and website together - I need 100 assistants :(

  11. Just finished reading "Eiffel's Tower" by Jill Jonnes. She stresses criticism of the controversial design before construction ... and how it became the centerpiece of the 1889 fair. Amazing how a structure can go from reviled to iconic.

  12. Thanks for a glimpse of Paris & the Eiffel Tower this morning. Great stuff!

  13. Wow, your photos are adorable. I LOVE it!

    Great blog anyway.

    Have a happy evening,


  14. Jelena4:57 PM

    Bonjour. Can you tell me please the name of the place and street adress where did you take this photo of Eiffel Tower?

    Thank you :)


  15. Great selection of photos and art, Carol. I love that Elliot Erwitt shot, too!

  16. I see three monuments in the last photo, what am I missing? Thank you so much for your blog, it is my treat for the day!

  17. love these! makes me want to go to paris!!

  18. Um is that woman in the postcard holding balloons or an assortment of giant inflatable macarons?! Ohhhh yum!

  19. the poster you have in your hallway is in my dorm :)

  20. ¡que fantástico pais en el que vives! fuí hace dos años y me enamoró.
    Un abrazo,

  21. I think this was one of the most interesting ones you've ever done! It even has a painting of your own!
    I think you've outdone yourself! How do you say CONGRATULATIONS in French? And where do I
    get one of those lit-up Eiffel Towers--they are tres cool !!


  22. William Ternay, Jr.7:36 AM

    Another great post, Carol,
    Wonderful images, and such variety.
    In the diagonal one at Susanne's,
    if you could photoshop out that other light, top left, then the tower image would sing even more,
    as a solo.

  23. OK, now i have tears welling in my eyes!! Man i miss my view of the tower and watching every morning, noon and night. It grabs your heart and never lets go. I love it.

    thanks for the lovely images!

    jules :)

  24. The reflection at Susanne's is in a mirror, isn't it? All the visible words are backwards....
    great photo, and series. I love reflection shots. When my sweetie and I toured Europe in 2004, we took photos of ourselves as reflections. It got to be a fun game.

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  27. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I am in love with your blog...I have been obsessed with Paris and all things pastries since I had any sense...the first picture of the eiffel tower...where is this taken? I would love to go there! but never know where this is...if you could help?

  28. Olivia8:14 AM

    WOW nice shots.
    I LOVE yr blog

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