Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Paris Patisseries

I know some of you think I've been sitting on my laurels not painting, since I've been uploading so many photographs of late. One of you even suggested I change my logo to "I photograph Paris dreams..."
I have been sitting on my laurels, so to speak. Yup I've been sitting on the floor, painting up a storm over the holidays, while you all were downing the Champagne...
I'm trying to get a leg up on a bunch of shows (see sidebar) coming up in 2010...wait. It is 2010 already! Eeek
I plan to paint more Paris patisseries this time...
So this fleuriste boutique...
Is becoming a patisserie...
When Summer sent me this photo of this gorgeous boulangerie...
And asked if I could put her and her honey into the picture as an Xmas gift...
Well I jumped at the challange, while still sitting on my laurels...ahem
*Note no hounds in the above watercolor.
I love this Vogue photo of the now sadly demised Cador Patisserie .*And note the very large and lovely Poodle...
I forgot to mention the other day another Paris job I'd like to have and I don't even drive. But I'd jump at the chance to drive a macaron delivery truck. Like who wouldn't?
Here's a brand new book on Paris Patisseries I'm longing to get my paws on.
It just came out this week...Miam
BONJOUR Paris Patisseries!
I forgot to add this wonderful pastry video Ron sent me-
Merci Ron!


  1. I have been picturing you holed up, painting up a storm, just as you described, Carol. You're fabulous. I can't wait to hear all about your show exploits. Best of luck to you, and may many, many more people get to know your marvelous work. These look beautiful.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your painting for Summer. Those colors are amazing, Carol. I know better than to ever think you are idle! We artist/bloggers have a lot more plates spinning than people realize, right?

  3. "a lot more plates spinning" Annchovie!
    What a wonderful metaphor.
    Too true...

  4. Who are these rude people commenting that you aren't painting !! You always are doing wonderful things...forgive us for being greedy and always wanting more. One word of advice, Carol~ please be careful of your image, driving off into the sunset in a macaron truck...arrested for hi-jacking. tsk tsk.
    Thank you for making breakfast the best meal of the day.

  5. Oh BUGS
    Am I that transparent?
    How did you read my mind? Naturally all hijacked macarons will be shared with loyal PB readers.
    Bien sur!

  6. If we have so many plates spinning at least some of them should contain Paris Pastries and Chocolate I am thinking. THis is a WONDERFUL post. What a very enjoyable video and OMG that new book is on my wish list too. Miam..
    I love the French marching orders from Jacques, the Chocolatier, "D'bord le plaisir ". Such intriguing tastes and flavors in his beautiful chocolates.
    Very very dreamy this morning PB. and wowowo lots of paintings you are doing. Congrats MS Agog. :)

  7. I love the Vogue picture of the lovely girl in the white dress. You should definately paint this. Very nice Afghan Hound by the way. Good thing you drew him tethered or he would have run away. Surely his spirit of adventure would have gottn the best of him!
    I have been owned by five Afghan Hounds over the years and sadly am without right now. I do miss their antics. My most favorite was a pure black male who was a Best Friend. Thanks for the memories.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  8. As much as I love macarons, driving in Paris is such a nightmare! No macaron delivery truck for me.

  9. Shelley1:19 PM

    Thank you for what you do!

    I LOVE IT!

  10. William Ternay, Jr.1:37 PM

    Your fantasy of the Macaron truck
    reminded me of when I was a kid, and
    a fantasy realized. My Dad sold Breyers ice cream at his country store, in S. Jersey. One day the ice cream delivery man, Joe, let me climb into the very back, and very frigid, part of his big white truck. Just me and 5 or 6 ft high rows of round, solid containers of ice cream. YUM!
    You could have put a lot of Macarons in that truck.

  11. what a fun fun blog!here is me

  12. Plein Air Painter2:01 PM

    Great response to the "Nay-Sayers" today, my dear.
    Driving a truck is easy...

  13. Beautiful as always!
    Is that gallery painting the largest you've ever done :)

  14. I adore your paintings. I posted a about your lovely art on my blog.

    Much love,
    Miss Minx

  15. (A scrumptious look at Jacques Genin and his chocolates I thought you might enjoy: )

  16. I truly would love to drive a macaroon delivery truck! Hope to see some of your shows when visiting Paris this year! Your work always makes me beautiful and full of Parisian life!

  17. It is truly difficult to read this without drooling on the keyboard...So I'm sharing the 'macaron love' & writing about you on my blog today!

  18. Oh what a lovely post. ALL OF IT. How wonderful to be having shows coming up. wish I could be there seeing them. Love the large white poodle in the photo. Wonder how its owner can be eating pasteries and keep that figure too. :)

  19. Oh forgot to mention how much I love the paintings, especially the one that you put the couple in.. How fun.

  20. So funny, that first image!
    Are these your own images?
    (I suppose so - even though I wonder why there are no boxes of macaroons in the fridge!)

    Have you ever sipped from your paint water glass instead of the chocolate cup???

  21. Way fun girlfriend! Happy New Year!

  22. Janinne6:58 PM

    Giant poodles!
    Where are the giant MACARONS big as balloons?

  23. Thanks for sharing our painting. We are absolutely thrilled with it! I plan to blog about it soon myself.
    merci beaucoup!

  24. I have that picture of the Cador Patisserie! I have kept it because I still plan on making a copy of that dress. Such a surprise to see the picture elsewhere.

  25. Your work is such a delight to me, and these are some of my favorites! :-)

  26. If I sat on the floor to paint, I would have great difficulty getting up! Also, Monsieur Ozzie would no doubt have a hand - or paw - in the painting. :-)
    Loved seeing your little paint tins!

  27. I wish you could scan some pictures from the book when you get it.

  28. isbelle-moinonplus.blogspot.com11:10 AM

    Your paintings are just wonderful. Love your colours. Are those water colours yours? In the South we have great breakfast too, that French also like: "CHURROS" with chocolate, fried in "Churrerrías", not the same to what you get in France. You would enjoy it too, though not as sophisticated as French breakfasts!! Great blog to know aboy Paris frivolities too... Come to visit me, too!


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