Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I've still got the WDs (Winter Doldrums ), the WBs (Winter Blahs), SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and DS(la dépression saisonnière).
1. First go to the window. 2. Pull the curtain aside.3. Immerse yourself in the view.
4. While drinking a hot liquid.

4A. Preferably at a salon de the.

5. Eating lunch outside is highly reccommended by How Stuff Works.

I'll eat lunch at a Paris cafe thanks very much. 6. Lose the grey look...
And go for something brighter, cheerier like this red-checked number.
7. Engage in regular aerobic exercise says How Stuff Works.

8. My friend Louise says, "GO SHOPPING" to lift the spirits. I would like to go shopping for a DOG.
9. They say eat foods rich in tryptophan including turkey, milk, egg whites. I say eat chocolate - doesn't it raise your seratonin?

I am frustrated waiting for this book to arrive. I ordered it last week and got a notice yesterday that it was being just sent out

I took an advance peek at Rizzoli. They had to pick me up off the floor. The pictures are so divine, they're better than the real thing!There is a recipe for this tarte tatin from Blé Sucré too.
10. Among the 27 Home Remedies for Seasonal Affective Disorder suggested you should head south.


  1. Shoot. Your blog always makes my mouth water.
    I've been feeling SAD too. I bet chocolate is the answer. (Eaten in the sunshine!)

  2. that's just the pick me up I needed...beautiful

  3. For me, a daily dose of Paris Breakfasts is the prescription to cure my Winter Blahs. I think of it as a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, so that makes you "practically perfect in every way!"

    Thank you, Carol, for all that you do to bring Paris to the uninitiated (like me).

  4. Go buy some beautiful flowers & paint them! That's my cure!

  5. The sun is out today, Carol, but it's not as good for my mood as your post!
    A beautiful series of photos as always. "Perky" seems to be a good word.....

  6. Anonymous9:46 AM

    When we find ourselves lingering in the doldrums, the best thing to do is look to the horizons for those
    gold-tinged clouds that carry the winds that will propel us forward
    and toward...perhaps, those southern
    The sun is smiling on Philly this day.

  7. You may want to consider donating the price of one of our water colours to the Haitian relief efforts; that would help you feel better, perhaps. Pouting over the delayed delivery of a book or wishing for yet more and more chocolate and pastry at a time like this, or any time for that matter, is extremely unattractive and therefore extremely un-Parisian. I have donated to Charity: Water and my friend in Paris has made a large donation to the American Red Cross. You might encourage your followers to do the same.

  8. Of course I have donated CHAS to Haiti and I'm glad to hear you have too.
    There are many options here at this link

    As far as the book goes it ARRIVED!
    The French are famously cranky and picky so I won't take offense at your complaints.
    Sorry :)

  9. Oh Lord,
    There's always someone who has to complain about something.
    You bring much joy to many PB

  10. You may be cold in NY but we in FL are not used to this! A friend in D.C. put me onto your blogs which I devour daily now. My husband has even offered to put a towel under my chin as your blogs make me drool so much. I am trying to find a recipe for macarons, but it appears that the egg white filling is not cooked. C'est vrai en France aussi? I have quite a few French cookbooks but none have a recipe for macarons.

  11. MaryEllen11:16 AM

    I absolutely love your blog and I want to repeat it brightens up my day and puts me in a good mood no matter what has been going on.
    PB relieves the WDs, WBs, SADs.

  12. Anonymous11:51 AM

    is it too late to share with the dog lovers?

    "Outside of a dog a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it is too dark to read." Groucho Marx

    I thought you'd enjoy this carol - it makes my creative mind swirl - kind of like "me in a nut shell"

  13. Now i am having doldrums, from all those scenes, and how I am not anywhere near even one of them! I hope the book arrives today! : )

    Take vitamin D mademoiselle, SVP!

  14. Misha in Paris1:00 PM

    dépression saisonnière...Je pense

  15. Melodie1:03 PM

    Have you ever heard of using full spectrum light bulbs to help with the seasonal blues? (OTT lite)
    I keep telling people to try it yet I still haven't. They are so expensive. I keep wondering if it would help.

  16. Cheer up, next month is Valentines Day. Lot's of red and pink everywhere. Cupcakes . . . cookies . . .roses,
    things are looking up.

  17. melody1:04 PM

    Wishing you a day of sunshine in your heart.
    Melody (the pest)

  18. I think I use those full spectrum bulbs for painting...hmmm
    must remember to stare at them more perhaps..
    rolls over and goes under the covers again...

  19. i haven't commented on your blog before....but you had me laughing so hard i had to at least mention that your sense of humor will get you through those SAD or WB days.....sending you some southern california sun : )

  20. Your blog is so beautiful...I'm enchanted...sorry my bad english, but I forgot almost everything...but your designs make me feel happy!
    Thank you, your art touch me...
    Brasilian Hugs to You!

  21. yes I went to the window and opened the curtains Wow!! beautiful Paree !! and right near to my favourite cafe - think I might just take a cafe creme with a scrummy french pastry - that'll make my day.

  22. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Il ne faut pas « AVOIR LES BLEUS» lorsqu'on a la chance d'habiter New-York et de se rendre à Paris deux fois l'an. Ah le cafard de Paris connais. Bonsoir de Québec à -24 C..J'adore votre blog


  23. One of my fondest fantasies is being retired and being able to lie around all winter long napping and reading and eating chocolate....till then, the only thing that works for me is the advent of spring!

  24. Carol
    Down here in Florida, I have WD,WB, and SAD all rolled into one...Seeing your pictures and comments has really cheered me up.
    Thank you for sharing
    PS I think I have made a dozen pots of homemade white hot chocolate since I have been here.

  25. j'adore les religieuses!!!
    va voir mon coup de cœur sur mon blog des religieuses peintes par une artiste qui faut que tu rencontres quand tu viens à Paris.



  26. Eileen in TX6:27 AM


    Your posts always cheer me. NEVER stop. Please.


  27. Oh my I remember seeing your paintings and I'm happy I found your blog!

    Yes to the chocolates and macarons - they're proven to raise your happiness level after all!

  28. Oh and you inspire me I'm close to Paris, I will be going in a few weeks!

  29. Cute post. You could try a tanning salon.
    Congrats on Food News Journal Best of Blogs!

  30. The Parisian duck is so cute. The glazed pastries, makes me speechless. Thank you for sharing a piece of Paris with the unfortunate ones like us (those who are not in Paris or don't get so often a chance to travel there) once again :)

  31. This is the best way to combat the winter blues that I've ever seen! Your post really cheered me up when I was feeling super-down this week. As as thank you, I've linked to you in my weekly roundup:

    Thanks again!


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