Wednesday, January 20, 2010

47. Paint your walls yellow

More anti-winter doldrums stuff just because... I was reading one of those annoying articles "50 Steps to Simple Happiness" in New York Magazine...
And last night as I was going through some Paris pictures I remembered 47. “Paint your walls yellow,
There's an awful lot of yellow in Paris, so obviously they figured it out ahead of New York Mag...
Yellow makes for much happiness at the pastry counter.
Gerard Mulot uses the yellow paint brush again and again on his gateaux...
Citron macarons are my favorite and make me very happy...
As does apricot jam, currently persona non grata in this household because I can eat it happily with a spoon nonstop...
Here some French Mandarin perfume...
Does yellow = gateaux?
Certainly yellow canaries are happy creatures to have around...
Better than Painting your walls yellow, would be to sit under a yellow awning at a Paris cafe non?
This is a wonderful and hard to find book on the origins and meaning of color.
By the way 16. “Eat one ounce of dark chocolate a day.


  1. I love your photos --- hope to go to Paris soon. Until then, I'll live vicariously thru you! :) "Yellow" is very much needed on this dreary, rainy day! Thanks!


  2. Thank you as always for your wonderful postings. Thank you also for letting me know about the color book. I have a whole shelf of books on color, but somehow missed this one. The following link has the book on Amazon for considerably less $:

    I am looking forward to reading it.


  3. been there, done that...have a yellow living room/dining room and eat dark chocolate almost everynight....

  4. Melody9:46 AM

    I love Apricot jam!

    I want that book and to buy that camera you use.

    Today it is raining very hard so maybe I will try the "yellow thing".

    Have a great day.

    Today's blog was great as usual.


  5. I'm in New York.
    Wanted to ask you if you know of a good macaron near Times Square.

  6. the best are at La Maison du chocolat at Rockefeller Center and 49th st...
    quite close by
    Bon chance

  7. ah, yellow is indeed a good antidote to winter!

  8. Thanks for brightening my day with this yellow post, Carol. I am loving yellow these days!

  9. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Another gorgeous post, thank you!

    I hope you don't mind but I gave you an award a while ago and totally forgot to actually *tell* you about it!

    Thank you!

    Melanie xxx

  10. William Ternay, Jr.10:27 AM

    Ahhh yes yelllllow.
    For the past 3 weeks I have had 5
    painters clambering around the upper
    reaches of my old Victorian house,
    putting 2 shades of yellow on dormers, shingles, and windows.
    Its' looking like a big yellow cake, with decorations in bright red, and a cool gray.
    Gettin' ready for spring.

  11. Ahhhh, I love yellow--lots of walls at our place are shades of yellow. Does the heart good.

  12. Now, cheered up by all the yellow images here, I am hurrying on to #16!

  13. bravo pour ce post Jaune!
    pourtant le jaune n'est pas ma couleur préférée,mais tu le mets bien en situation.

    bonne soirée


  14. Love the Paris-by-color theme! And, as always, your photos! Used to come 2-3 times a year. With the recession, only once a year now. Makes it easier being on the East Coast (we are on the West!).
    Thanks again for sharing your love of all things Paris!!

  15. Annette1:47 PM

    Very nice -- thanks -- your photos are a happy start to my day --- but birds need to FLY-- birds in cages are depressing . Leonardo DaVinci would buy caged birds at the market and release them to the sky . I know you too are an animal lover. Thanks for your colorful site!

  16. Elizabeth1:47 PM

    Interesting about the use of the color yellow in France - which makes me think of Pierre Deux and Provence...reference to the sun, no doubt.

    In the U.S., think about how yellow is used as it relates to products. Someone once noted that Yellow attracts and sells. He pointed to a can of Penzoil, bright yellow...which he obviously did not think was the best motor oil but would jump out at the buyer. Think Yellow Pages. The yellow "M" for McDonald's. Both yellow (and white) cars are the most visible on the road and more easily seen by other drivers. In TV studios, yellow (and white) used to give video engineers nightmares when they tried to achieve color picture balance.

    Such a big contrast between the benign & welcome yellow of France and the commercial yellow of the U.S....

  17. Foodwalker1:49 PM

    We painted our office at the beach a bright yellow and , yes, it does make you happy. I like deep red, too, esp in a dinning room,
    Raining many inches here.

  18. Salut Carol,

    WOW! You have a fine array of yellow pictures! LOVE the sunniness of it all! Gosh.. You probably have a RAINBOW of colours in all the pics your have!
    I really enjoyed this post!
    Bonne Jaunéee ( I just made that up, by the way).

  19. Love the photos today,thank you.
    When are you next in Paris?

  20. J'adore la chaise jeune, Louis XV!!!!!

  21. I just painted my kitchen yellow!!

  22. Very nice one, Carol - I could use some yellow right about now.
    At least it's not super cold right now.
    Hang in there!

  23. Hi Carol

    As soon as I saw the Cafe in the last photo I thought "Montparnasse"..I have been there with Leesa..on my first visit back in April 2009...Great memories of my trip :-)

  24. Peggy in Atlanta10:49 PM

    Hi Carol!

    Love the sunny yellow!

    Love your pups more!

  25. Wonderful pics!! Loved it!!

  26. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Ms. Gillott,
    Loved your colorful post today.
    My very favorite color.

  27. Sherry9:46 AM

    i especially liked your photo from gerard mulot.
    years ago (~1993), i spent 6 months volunteering in the basement kitchen (i.e., my apprenticeship after completing the pastry programs at le cordon bleu and l'ecole lenotre).

  28. What was that like Sherry?
    I have heard horror stories about Laduree's basement kitchen..
    I've been to Mulot's current kitchen in the 13th arr. with MEETING THE FRENCH and it was lovely

  29. I love yellow!

    Just yesterday, I almost bought the book about colour at the Monet's museum! I guess it's a shame I did not buy it if it's difficult to find!

  30. How do you do it? Whenever I am in Paris I think I will do a colour themed post then I never see the colour I chose to feature - maybe I am colour blind

  31. I was reading about yellow being a colour to make you feel happy and
    remembered when my art school teacher was telling us that yellow pops other colours open and it does but hadn't realised till the other week when l was painting and realisd near the end l hadn't used any yellow which is unusual and l knew there was something wrong so put some in and its true , other colours come alive. I think white would do the
    Jill xxx

  32. Jane Ann9:45 PM

    Loved Paint your Walls Yellow! Yellow being among one of my favorite happy colors.
    Especially loved picture of Stohrer.
    My daughter and I
    are going to Paris for the first time in March and will be staying
    around the corner.
    Thanks for amping up our excitement.
    Actually your site alone has us at almost a fever pitch as it is. Love to picture ourselves in your art.
    Thanks!(yes, we're frantically trying to learn French. :)


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