Monday, January 04, 2010

Paris Job Hunt...

Do you dream of working in Paris?
Would you be willing to do anything?
Including working at Fauchon?
Dishing out macarons..?
I can think of worse ways to earn a euro...
How about Angelinas? Admittedly this looks a bit grueling...
Window display anyone?
Or would you prefer to be behind the counter with the macarons..?
Do you think it's true what they say about working in a candy shop..?
If you worked at Ble Sucre could you ever lose your taste for pastries?

Or macarons?

Could I ever lose my taste for Amorino's pistache, framboise, cafe combo?

Do I need an Italian accent to work at Amorino? I'll fake it.

Serving penny candy at Metro Odeon? I'd do that.

Take the Metro to work? I wouldn't mind...

I loved to shooting a fashion show in Paris!

Or sitting around for hours waiting for the show to start and then have it over in 10 minutes...

One thing I'm not willing to do is make bread in the window...

And MacDos..serving up macarons? Hmmm...

Dog walker? Oui, absolutement!

What would YOU like to do in Paris?



  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Dear Carol,
    Your lovely Paris posts satisfy for now my passion for European travel and remind me regularly that a girl can get to Paris in the most unexpected of ways: with her art! I love looking in the pastry windows with you, admiring your adorable paintings (couldn't make it to the French Library show in Boston -- sorry), and have forwarded your links on to more friends than I can remember, as inspiration. Best wishes for 2010!

  2. William Ternay, Jr9:31 AM

    After considering all those job possibilities in today's post,
    I'm afraid I'd have to settle for just being another artist, painting in the streets of Paris.
    It's all I seem to be good at.
    Again, Happy First (workday) of the
    New Year, Carol.

  3. I'd probably do just about any of those things--although I agree--no MickeyD's. Non. ;)

  4. I want to work at Chantal Thomass.

  5. Wm. and I are on the same page, Carole~ please join us~ painting in Montmarte !!!

  6. Sorry I will not be painting anytime soon in the streets of Paris..but I may be looking over your shoulder as walk a couple of Paris hounds if you don't mind.
    I don't like to sit still in Paris for very long...ahem

  7. ummm....
    yummy post
    {{ as always
    with those macarons }}


    for me it is what am i
    willing to do here in america
    so i that i might travel to paris!

    that is the question...

    that answer is just about anything!
    {{ i am editing a Technical Report *yawn* today
    to make $$$ for travel
    and, meanwhile, back at the ranch,
    i keep dreaming my french dreams }}

  8. It's so hard to decide....would just be fun to paint whatever struck my fancy! Happy New Year, Carol!!

  9. would EVEN be willing to work MacDo's if i could live in Paris for a while...sigh....

  10. Great photos, Carol - I love the pastries and food shots (and the doggies!).

  11. The best thing to do in Paris is Nothing I think or maybe shopping and having some macaroons.
    Have a happy new year.

  12. The best thing to do in Paris is Nothing I think or maybe shopping and having some macaroons.
    Have a happy new year.

  13. Love macarons too, but never ate original french ones but at least I only ate natural flavoured ones XD - gotta do that soon however =)
    About your question: If only I could speak French I would love to work at a place like Laduree. ^^

  14. Walking dogs and picking up poos ? :-P

  15. Lordy, how my mouth is watering! My new diet and exercise routine is sticking out its tongue at you! :)

  16. I think an excellent solution is to be retired; all the time to walk around and now and then to meet a visiting blogger! :-)

    Happy 2010!!

  17. Oh, how much would I love to be in Paris and what would I do for work !?!

    It's almost a question of what I wouldn't do :-) I would even clean hotels just to be there an earn my living ! What a lovely place to live in... maybe some day... ? Paris je t'aime !!

    Best wishes from Anneli in Sweden !

  18. O. Paris dags are EXTREMELY small so cleaning up after them is not a big deal IMO.

  19. I have worked in a candy shop before and it's not true.. you do not tire of it! I think when you work somewhere, the place may lose it's magic but the product doesn't.. Like if you enjoyed going to a corner coffee shop every morning and found yourself working there, it wouldn't be as fun to go like when you weren't working there, but you still love the coffee :)
    I'd dish out macarons any day!

  20. Hi Carol,
    Y E S
    to any occupation having to do with sweets!
    Fun post,Happy New Year~

  21. If I can't have my first choice and be independently, revoltingly wealthy an at leisure in Paris, I might settle for the quality control job at Laduree. My palate could cover a broad range of goodies....

  22. I vote for walking the dogs-- you'll see Paris, and never get tired of the fabulous sweets!

  23. Would love to be a tour guide at the Louvre or Musee D'Orsay, so I could be around art all day long! If I were around sweets all day, I'd be as big as a house, so I think that's out...

  24. You just think (know!) that even if it was boring elsewhere, it would be so much more exciting in Paris, non?

  25. Mary Anne in IL4:31 AM

    I live in Illinois, just near St. Louis, and I have a lifestyle that's about as opposite as possible from the one you live. Our house is located across a country road from a field that has rotating corn, wheat, and soybeans planted in it each year. Nowhere close to anything you must experience each day!

    I'm just writing to say thank you for your blog and photos. For the rural life I live, I am completely in love with Paris and most other things French, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your writing. I have several friends who blog, but because of the discombobulation that comes with a creative mind, I try to control the distractions that come into my inbox. Yours is the only blog at all that I subscribe to, and I absolutely love it! For the few minutes that I get to read your blog and look at your pictures, my world expands to New York or Paris, and I get transported back to my honeymoon and the few other times we've been to France. I've been to NY once, but not for the Christmas season, so your photos have shown me the beauty there, as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    With best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year!
    Mary Anne

  26. Misha in Paris4:32 AM

    hello Carol !
    very funny the jobs hunting !
    Happy New Year !

  27. Salut!

    I think I would do anything to be able to live in Paris!!!

    I just found your blog on my search for ideas for when I go in March for just 48 hours!

    I am writing a post for my blog for the end of this month/the beginning of next month - are you ok for me to include a link to your blog? Please!


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