Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Is this your chair waiting for you..?
Or would you rather sit by the wine barrel?
In the Passage des Panoramas...
Garcon Bonjour Monsieur, I'll have a Château Margaux 1er Grand Cru.'59 s.v.p.
Or would you rather have a plate of charcuterie at Da Rosa on rue de Seine?
Chocolat chaud anyone?
A kir at Cafe Indiana..? a girl can dream can't she?
This is definitely my hand reaching for this tarte...sigh
So who here does not have the WDs?
Everybody! Time for some more GLEE
Get out of your chairs (bed?)
All together, let's belt it out !

You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
And if you try sometimes you just might find
You get what you need
Oh yes!
Oh yeah, hey hey hey, oh...



  1. Jill in the UK9:39 AM

    It was so nice to see the young man in a show in a wheelchair, its
    never happened here so l applaud Paris for careing,
    Jill xxx

  2. I have a full-blown case of the WINTER DOLDRUMS!!!
    But thanks for some morning cheer

  3. Janinne9:57 AM

    I come here to get rid of the WDs..
    Works like a charm

  4. Melodie10:19 AM

    But I heard this . . .

    "It's better to aim for the stars, even if you don't make it all the way, you will make it
    farther than if you had not of tried at all".

  5. Keep painting, photoing(?) laughing . . . just be YOU. Your are special.

    Have a great day.

    I loved, loved, loved the photos today!

  6. I call it winter-funk. I spend my time thinking about all the places I'd rather be! Your blog helps me get "my head outa town"!! (to sunnier places!!) :-D

  7. I can dream I am at that
    delecatessen, and people watching. I remember beautifully dressed women. (none FAT)
    Strolling the sidewalk with a
    bunch of flowers with heads
    facing down. French bread
    under the arm.
    The Art Nouveau street lamps.
    Wish I was with you.

  8. waaay too early for winter doldrums. hold it together, find some sunshine - like paris breakfasts......

  9. On your blog today, you should never let people think they can say "garcon." It is totally not done today. Just thought you should know....since you are always telling people how to act in Paris, dress, etc.


  10. Misha in Paris12:55 PM

    garcon is old fashion,
    now is Monsieur
    or s'il vous plait ...
    or just signal gently

  11. I really love your pictures...

  12. Thought of you immediately when I saw this...
    *note that I have no affiliation of any kind with this seller;
    I saw la Tour Eiffel and thought of you... :-) )

    Vicki, one of your many ParisBreakfasts followers

  13. I received the two watercolors I purchased from you TODAY! That cured my WD's for now and for the future. Thank you so much and dear readers, if you haven't purchased one of your own, do it now!

  14. I absolutely love your blog.
    It brightens up my day and puts me in a good mood no matter what has been going on.

    PB relieves the WDs.

  15. I agree with everyone, Paris Breakfasts takes care of my WDs too. I'm and American living in Paris and I think you have a fantastic grasp of how things are done here - I still get confused!
    I have found that if you are polite when trying to get your point across the French are very patient and kind.
    Happy painting Carol!

  16. There is nothing like a "blow your brains out grey" day in Providence :)
    I love your red arrows (one especially - thanks :)
    I've yet to see Glee, but I loved the music....

  17. Carol, you know the Passage des Panoramas!!! (Not that I should be surprised...!). Isn't it a dreamy place? Love those Paris arcades.
    PS: I gave you a "Beautiful Blog Award" on my own blog the other day, but then it occurred to me that you've probably received DOZENS of Beautiful Blog Awards already. But enjoy all the same; you deserve it!

  18. Dear Carolg:
    I am going to Paris next month for two short days and googled: "What should I wear in Paris in winter?" and found your wonderful Blog!!!
    Thank you- thank you- MERCI!!!

  19. Oh. I can't? *long silence*

  20. William Ternay, Jr.6:06 PM

    Winter blahs, eh? about "Winner" blahs.
    How about just plain "Winner"!
    And like most Winners, dear Carol,
    PB is just that, and an inspiration to so many (obviously) who glong on every day.
    Like me.

  21. bonnie6:18 PM

    > Please start watching GLEE!!! and you will sing.

    you are right!
    i am over here watching it now on FOX...
    on episode 9---> wheels

    i am singing...

  22. that's my chair at the table with the check tablecloth - I'm waiting for some special french friends to arrive - I can't quite see the menu- dothey have salade composee - I hope so that's oh so french!!

  23. No winter blahs's summer and lovely. However there are some serious 'boo!!! hoo!! oh my gaaaaaawd i miss Paris' sentiments.

    Lovely photos, m.b.c.

    jules :)

  24. So, please, please tell us more about the girl in the white dress with the white poodle! Did you just happen upon her? Is she a model taking a break? Is she really French? That picture is priceless -- I'd think you could sell that one (if you know where to find her and gain her permission.) I love your blog, your photos and your paintings.


  25. OMGosh, I sing this to my kids ALL the time!

  26. LIBBIE-
    I found the girl in the white dress on Amazon...
    For SALE...
    And she IS priceless
    Like $249!!!
    It's from Vogue...
    Vogue At the Pàtisserie Cador in Paris Photograph

  27. I forgot to mention that I really loved the well-loved Thonet chairs next to the wine barrel! and the table cloth with the huge red and white checkers and the .... everything really.

  28. Ok, so just what day is Glee on tv?

  29. Oooooh je voudrais aime... to sit at one of those tables... le sigh!


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