Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Sales

If everyone is having January sales...We decided to have a -20% off (was $125)on the Picture Yourself in Paris portraits until midnight January 31st UNTIL FEB 28!!
Picture yourself in Paris? Or perhaps a Paris boulangerie..?Or a Champagne boutique..? *Please choose a setting from: Paris Facades

Your designer purse will be included gratis (free) As will your pet. If you prefer a CUSTOM SETTING
Or an ADDITIONAL portrait
I need from you casual photos
Once you've paid either by Paypal invoice or by sending me a check and emailed photos, you will get sketches to approve before the finished art is completed.
TURNAROUND TIME: Aproximately a week from sketch approval..

EMAIL ME if you would like your 9" x 11" watercolor picture in Paris and we can proceed from there.


  1. S. in Paris8:42 AM

    I've been following your blog (I get it emailed to me) for a bit now and just saw your "sale" on your personalized prints. I have longed for one of your pieces and this just tipped the scales for me!
    "Le Bosquet" is the setting for me...

  2. William T. Ternay, Jr.8:59 AM

    Love this posting
    Better get that Series 7 brush

  3. Charming, Carol, as always! Good luck! I imagine you'll be quite busy!

  4. SALES are definitely BIG this month! I LOVE these museum installations... how did you do this? I have been looking for this application for awhile now... please tell!
    Good Luck with your sale... FAB idea... who doesn't want to be in Paris!

  5. Joanne1:04 PM

    I absolutely love starting each day with your wonderful stories of Paris, photos and artwork. I live in Manhattan which I think is a great city but Paris is my favorite city in the world. Do you have a gallery in NY where your artwork is exhibited? If so, I'd love to see it in person some day.

  6. Very creative post, Carol. (I'd like to meet the folks on the bench :)
    Let me rummage through my photos.....

  7. What a beautiful sales idea!

  8. Genius! What a great idea.

  9. My portrait arrived today safe and sound and in double quick time (all the way to Oz) - and Carol I love love love it!!! Thanks so much.


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