Monday, January 18, 2010

Blue Monday

According to the Guardian, today is "Blue Monday". On the 3rd Monday of January universal post-Xmas blues sets in. I had a severe case of the Blue Mondays yesterday. I got within one block of the pool, turned around and bought a bag of popcorn (even if it was organic), I was not best pleased with myself :( Thank goodness for Bill Cunningham in the Sunday Times, always a reliable spirit-raiser. Bill says we should be looking out for fitted shiny, quilted coats on the streets. I saw this poufy number in Paris - really a dress... It reminded me of these poufy, shiny desserts at Ble Sucre....
The second quilty number in - a sort of cape thing seen in Paris reminded me of...
This portable pyramid of macarons...
In fact don't puffy quilted coats have a lot in common with puffy macarons?
Repeated patterns, same shape, same size and puffy.
I'm just waiting for a "round" quilted coat to appear on the scene...

Back to Bill's story yesterday. evidently illustrator Antonio and designer Charles James concocted this fab jacket from sleeping bags...
Norma Kamali picked up the puff ball and made it into a huge hit. I've always longed for one of her sleeping bag coats...
Just another look at the puffy mac...
Here Bill shows a pup all puffed up and ready for the New York cold streets.
Do watch Bill and have a Blue Monday giggle


  1. Misha in Paris12:35 PM

    Viva Antonio and the dog !
    too much smart !

  2. Cookies!!!!! Need cookies too. :)) Luckily, we are above freezing here for awhile. I have a puffy bed comforter of down...a morning cocoon..which is what these coats remind me will follow. :)

  3. My husband and I are going to Paris in April...LOVE reading your posts. Today's made me laugh.

    I first found you through Artful Blogger.

    Merci Beaucoup!

  4. That guy in the white "cup handle" thingy looks a tad silly :)
    I can't get used to the shine of those jackets - they look too much like plastic garbage bags to me!
    I hope that the blues have gone away for you.....

  5. You bought popcorn?????? I can't believe it! You'd better buy this "pyramide" of pink macarons! Miam miam....

  6. First thing on Sunday mornings, I go right to Bill C. in Sunday Styles. Newshound that I am, even. I don't blame you, I'm feeling this way my self. I like that cape-y thing in the Paris window. I can't bring myself to go to the pool...perhaps mid-week.

    ciao (& popcorn sounds divine right now...haven't any & I'm not going out for it either...)

    ciao-meow from Giulia who is sleeping in her new cat "brownstone" sent by a friend for holidays. Sleeping on the second floor now layered with a cashmere sweater...of course.


  7. Those puffy coats always make me feel fat--can't wear those. Only you would see macarons in them, Carol! LOL

  8. never anything wrong with popcorn...just watch the butter.

    Enjoy your blog everyday...a little taste of Paris..when are you going again so we can "go" with you?

  9. Never butter on MY popcorn.
    Don't like butter or cream or cake or french fries or mashed..
    I did go in to the pool today=Yay
    The rest of the day has been a washout but I did the pool...
    So much for Blue Monday
    Soon it will be Spring..soon...

  10. Foodwalker4:41 PM

    Loved today's post!
    Loved the Laduree PINK mac cake - I think I can sell it to clients for their weddings?

  11. Dear Carol -
    Like so many of your readers, I feel like I know you from your daily e-mails and shared interests. I thought you might enjoy a recent find of mine.

    While they are not quite the same as Laduree, Trader Joe's is currently featuring macarons in the freezer section. At less than $5 for 12 macarons - they are a deal by any measure. And the best part is you only have to plan about an hour ahead to enjoy. I find they are best if they defrost for 45 minutes for the vanilla and over an hour for the chocolate. The vanilla are the best, but the chocolate are not bad. And, of course, there is always something to say for instant gratification!
    Best Regards,

  12. Thanks Karen,
    but vanilla and chocolate flavors don't do it for me.
    Macarons are all about exotic flavors, so these faux-semi-macs miss the boat.
    If they were mango or green tea it would be a different matter...
    merci encore

  13. I read about Blue Monday and ate way too much chocolate today! I'm not sure if it is because I was blue or because it seemed like a good excuse to do so. It's off to the gym tomorrow!

  14. Maybe only you could make the link between puffy coats and dresses and macarons!

  15. Yes, of course puffy coats have a lot in common with macarons....if you eat too many macs you will look like you are wearing a puffy coat..even if you're not!
    I'd love to test that theory.

  16. Oh I want that brown puffy coat. It looks so WARM. Love the doggy coat. We took Annie for an hour walk today. 40 degrees out & dreary, but it sure did up the feel good hormones. :))

  17. Anytime you can match macaroons with anything is a good day. Don't be hard on yourself. You are never alone!
    Hoping your Tuesday will be tremendous x deb

  18. Danine in CA6:33 AM

    Carol, you have a wonderful blog and it's a treat for me every weekday morning. I know about the blues and admire you for carrying on with honesty. You are doing a great job that reminds us why life is worth living.

  19. And how good macarons can be! Would you believe there are two shops that sell them in Redwood City, CA? Amazing to have patisseries in the 'burbs now.

  20. Oh you poor baby!
    The macaroon puffy quilted coat story is hilarious,
    incredible what you make out of a blue Monday.
    I hope you are feeling better today!
    Why not get on a flight to Vienna The sun's shining, spring's almost in the air and lots of coffee houses to inspect?


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