Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's My Life/ These are my Confessions

Just a bunch of miscellaneous stuff this morning.
The dog stays in the picture as does the cat and any other pests pets I come across...
I worked on the floor all through the holiday - this is my confession...
I thought you'd like a ring side view...hmmm
I'm a "righty" in case you were wondering...
I'm fantasizing I'll lose 10-15 in time for the Sonia Rykiels to arrive at H&M. I'm also fantasizing I'll make it inside the store on Feb 20th...
I'm back at my vertical workstation. Yup I got up off the floor. But it's nice to wake up and immediately start drawing...
My work station when I got home a from Paris a year ago...ahem
At least it doesn't look like this right?
May we all stand on lots of good fortune this year!
Do you save every fortune cookie message?
Isn't this a dream come true?

Over the holiday, while on the floor, I became a HUGE fan of
GLEE. You can play catchup too if you live in the USA and watch episodes 9-13 here or you can just sing along with me...

This ain't a song for the brokenhearted
No silent prayer for the faith departed
And I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud
It's my life
It's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just wanna live while I'm alive



  1. Wmt III9:33 AM

    Cuz Carol.
    I didn't realize you'd put that photo up on PB this a.m.
    I'm honored.

  2. Wonderful. Cuz Bill was so terrific to send you the lovely photograph. You pistol, you. Yes, I save fortunes from cookies...still have some from, oh dear, junior high. :)

    Back to my wreck here. Awaiting nice organizing thingies for laptop. I'll let you know how that works out. Otherwise, I'm gonna step on it one night & ruin my ability to make a living. Not good.


    Susan & GG (who is lounging in her new, impeccably designed & tidy cat townhouse that she rec'd for holidays from a friend)

  3. Oh, Carol I love and understand your work/live space. You do what you must to help your muse. I will have to see if that is my reason for my corner clutter in our master bedroom these last 3 years...naw, for me it is just the lack of shelves we have forfeited in order to take our family abroad the last two years instead of updating our home. We all make sacrifices.

  4. Bonjour Carol,
    Once the creative juices start flowing things have a way of getting messy! If it works, don't worry about it - your increble work speaks for itself.
    A fabulous new decade to you as well, and yes do keep in painting all the animals.

  5. Sorry about the typos - I meant to say your incredible work speaks for itself. Sorry to double post.

  6. "It's my life" reminded me of The Animals' 1965 hit, to wit:


    Keep on doing what you're doing, carolg, even when it's messy...!

  7. I love seeing your paintboxes on the daily entries!! Wish mine looked so creative.

  8. Amy in Hawaii now4:04 PM

    Too cool...
    bonjour to you too!
    Love the site...
    I got to know GLEE in Panama...

  9. Is that you in stripes on the table?

  10. Anonymous4:05 PM

    With your tålent, it is easy to see how you were able to pick yourself off the floor...........your work truly rocks with your right hand.


  11. Janinne4:08 PM

    Thank you for another GLEE song!
    love it love it love it

  12. I love your "space." I can see the hardwood floor - ahem....
    I can see the phone, too - don't you love NYC?

  13. Paul in CA4:48 PM

    I always pictured you living in a world of culture and beauty surrounded by the refined artifacts of a European sensibility....
    I never imagined that you were a secret slob....
    the mind reels.

  14. I'll put my head on tons of fortune cookies; it looks comfortable!

  15. c'est la vie Paul
    things are never as we imagine are them to be most of the time...
    Sorry to have crushed your dream.
    Though come to think of it, I have displayed my wreck of a studio quite a few times indeed.

  16. Melody6:06 PM

    Good for you.
    You spend a lot of time to make us all happy . . . well maybe not some but, then they no doubt will never be happy
    because they cannot get out to the "box".
    Thank you again,
    I love animals.
    Keep them in.

  17. Misha in Paris6:58 PM

    O M G : Carol'secrets !!
    I like the fantom of your sister by this metaphoric fur coat... funny family !
    I underdstand your minimal bed ! many many things in a room, a good concept when we are good memory to find something right there !
    I see your fan club wants to know you better and better !

    I 'm waiting for "la suite" !


  18. Oh Anne of Mes Vitrines,
    I see you are suggesting I get a pillow of Fortune cookies..
    Not bad enough that I sleep on the floor as it is...hmmm

  19. Thank you for the glimpse of your "real life" :-) I love to see the spaces of creative people! :-)

  20. I love that you roll out of bed right into the paint, Carol. Good for the soul--yours and ours. XO

  21. What a relief to know that I'm not the only one who sometimes works on the floor in a messy studio! LOL!

  22. Regarding that shot of your studio when you returned from Paris: So sorry you were robbed....

  23. The sign of a great Artist is the mess he/she lives in. Great Artists are to busy creating to clean. :)) But how do you paint on the floor? My back would be killing me. Fun post.

  24. Jeri Artz6:27 AM

    I'm taking 9 of my friends to France in May to paint for 12 days. I lived there for 14 years and have a friend with a guest house near Limoges where we'll stay for the first week before heading to Paris.
    It's going to be HEAVEN!
    My question to you and maybe you can help, is are they allowing
    watercolor tube paints on carry on luggage these days? I've done it in
    the past with no problem, but with the terrorist activities lately,
    I'm wondering if things have changed. I've been googling for info and can't find anything on the subject. Since you travel back and forth
    (though maybe you always have pans) I thought I'd ask you.
    Thanks for any info you may have on this subject.
    Merci mille fois!


  25. Hard to say Jeri as I take only pans as shown here...and customs does not feel it is necessary to keep me u[ to date on these things.
    But in the past I've never had a problem with little tubes and you can always buy stuff over there=an adventure
    bon voyage!!!

  26. Your desk looks very creative!!! *nupunhere*

    Love the shop window with the fortune cookies, such a clever idea.

  27. OKAY! I give!! I must go watch all the Glee shows. I've never watched them except here, and now I'm hooked. Thanks alot another addiction. ;)

  28. Anonymous5:05 AM

    nice post. thanks.


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