Friday, January 01, 2010

This year I will...

This year I will get to the pool 4X a week (OK at least 3X). And I will not sit around in my bathing suit all day procrastinating!

This year I will get to know New York half as well as I know Paris..
And I'm going to take Barry Lewis' City Transformed (again) at Cooper Union just to make sure I do it.

This year I will learn to Moonwalk.
This year I will finally read This Year I Will...sitting on the shelf to make sure I do all the things listed here...ahem
What do you plan to do this year..?


  1. This year I promise to visit friends I've been neglecting. This is kind of a fun resolution~ because I will enjoy doing it ~!

    Happy New Year Paris Breakfasts !
    B in the Mojave~ my new website
    will appear soon~ under BBQSparks
    (or something like that).

  2. Bonne année ma chère Carol,une grosse pensée pour toi en faisant la queue chez Ladurée!!!


  3. Happy New Year, Carole. I was fortunate to see Marcel Marceau several years ago when he was on tour in Orange County, California, where I live. It was sensational. YOu could hear a pin drop for 2 hours. Fantastique!

  4. William Ternay, Jr.11:03 AM

    Wow, Carol.
    What a great way to share your resolutions for the New Year.
    I got up at 10a.m. (lots of partying)
    put on my power-walking clothes, then got seduced by your post.
    Now my body has to catch up to where my head is, thanks to those wonderful videos.

  5. Great post Carolg. Happy New Year to you. I think today is going to be the day to sit and reflect on just those questions. I do know I desire stability and some well needed joy. Seriously looking forward to 2010.

    All my best,

  6. Happy New Year Carol. thanks for a year of helping me dream. Cheers.

  7. This year I will get to enjoy New York the same way I have enjoyed London and Paris, ie by staying on budget!

  8. My niece is a synchronized swimmer from marietta is a cool sport..strong swimmers! They put knox gelatin in their hair to keep it in place!

    Happy New Year...

    Jennifer aka Gigi

  9. This year I will try to get to Paris and eat tonnes of Macarons at Laduree with my wonderful husband.
    Happy New Year Carol.
    Wasn't it crowded at Times Square last night? They say you have to see it once in your life time... but all that rain, cold and crowds... I think I'll stay warm with my family. lol
    Happy New Year, and I hope you get to Paris soon, but it's great that you want to explore your City this year.
    We spent a wonderful evening at Angelo's on Mulberry Street, where we met the sweetest older lady named Lucy Delfino. She was sitting outside in front of her apt. in her little white eyelet dress. We spoke with her for a while, listened to her wonderful stories about this famous street, & took her address. We wrote to her when we got home, sent pictures of that evening with her, and hopefully meet her again when we go back. I'll never forget it.
    Ok enough rambling.
    Love Claudie

  10. OK, my dear. Let's keep each other pumped about the swimming. I've not felt all that well (& nothing that swimming would help) but need to get back at least twice a week to start the new year (next week!). Also, working on planning first trip to Europe in more years than I care to think about. And I'm serious about taking Julie the Cat. So we'll see. A bunch of other stuff but I do look forward to attending your DC exhibit...

    Someone sent me that This Year I Will book last year. I kinda laughed because it said more about her than me. If I really want to do something, I do it. (Still, it was thoughtful of her...'cause she sometimes visits here. Thanks, Ali!)

    Carol. I ate the whole damn new box of Sbucks macarons yesterday. Yes, they are too sweet but I still ate all of them. THAT is over. But I don't begin NYear's health/food resolutions until the day (or weekend in this case) is over. I think it's too cruel to set oneself up like that. So here's to Monday!

    Thanks for the most enjoyable year of wonderful posts. Here's to another.

    Susan & GG

  11. This year, I will go back to NYC, have a cream cheese bagel, a Magnolia Bakery cupcake, a lunch at Hasaki, buy tons of products at Sabon and shoot the best windows. Happy 2010!

  12. Fun post, Carol--good luck with your resolutions! Happy New Year!!

  13. Great selection, Carol!
    Have a fun New Year!

  14. Cynthia3:29 PM

    Thanks again for a book tip. Wishing you a Happy New Year!
    I never make resolutions at this time of year. I look forward to maybe you showing us around good old NYC like you do Paris,,,is this a sign of another blog perhaps ?

  15. Happy New Year and a healthy, beautiful creative, happy life.

  16. Susanne8:20 PM

    Question: Were you attracted to the "This year I will..." book because the dots on the cover look like MACARONS? (lol ;o)
    Have a wonderful day and a wonderful year!!!!!!

    Bonne Année,

  17. This year I will wait for your reports on how the vows are going.....:-)

  18. Happy new year to you!

  19. Coming to the poool is a perfect wish for me, too! I wish 365 happy breakfasts to you Carol, keep on painting the morning world!

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  21. This year I resolve to bake more delicious pastries and to eat less sugar and white flour. I figure that if my husband and I only eat what I bake, and I vow to bake the stuff that's a little trixier, we'll eat a whole lot less and love it a whole lot more.

    I also thought those colored dots on the cover of This Year I Will looked like macarons.


  22. Happy New Decade. May all your hopes, wishes and dreams come true.
    Much Love
    Di (Designers Block)

  23. Carol,

    I'm brazilian and after a research at google I found your blog and stayed delighted! Your pictures are incredible and your talent with the brush is fascinating. My wife (Marina) and I spent some time reading and laughing a lot about your passion for macarons.

    Congratulations and always we are going to be check your posts.

    Ps. My wife is Chef Pâtissier.



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