Monday, June 16, 2008

Sadaharu Aoki Macha

Sadaharu Aoki Macha, original watercolor

About a week ago I got a package from KAT in Japan full of Macha green tea goodies - like 2 green square chocolates I could kill for and these little faux green tea cones that are sort of chocolatey and cookies and...and... THANK YOU KAT in Japan. Kat has great recipes on her site - Please visit.

All that Macha tea made me think of Paris pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki and his green tea goodies like this opera cake.

Here's a green Mille-feuille à la the vert

Eclair Machas lined up like soldiers.

Macha rollades full of a sweet red bean paste.

I spotted these extraterrestrials called the Duomo (after the Florence Duomo?) at Sadaharu Aoki's boutique at Lafayette Gourmet.
My resistance broke down.

A peek inside - a mousse-like outer-igloo with red bean filling inside.  AND don't forget the Matcha macaron stuck onto the side...heaven on earth. I'm having palpitations just describing it to you.

Inside Sadaharu Aoki's shop on 35 rue de Vaugirard, Paris 6è the walls are Mâtcha as well as green tea jam.

Here is the divine Sadaharu Aoki himself, offering me a macaron at the Salon du Chocolat in October - 
a day never to be forgot!

And here, his fabulous box of macarons! 12 to a box. All flavors are labeled on the lid. So kind. 


  1. Love the duo of cherries in the far corner. No, cherries on top needed with those confections. Gorgeous, as usual, Carol!!

  2. Anonymous10:26 AM

    YAY Ooooooo A SALE!
    HOORAY can't wait!!!

  3. I am so glad you liked all those matcha goodies :) That igloo looking sweet looks like something I would like to eat right now!

  4. All those foods are really such works of art. Your painting is delicious with the soft greens, too. Good luck with a sale, Carol! That is a note-worthy news alert!

  5. gorgeous! Love, love the green colors.Sale?

    Well keep me posted!!!!!!!! The set design is on hold for another few weeks but wouldn't hurt me to stock up!

  6. Anonymous11:39 AM

    As I went through yr recent blogs, I noticed a bit of a "trend" in your new paintings.
    You seem to be going "vertical!"
    Looks kinda' like you're "stacking" your compositions.
    I like the look!

  7. Whoo hooo! These are way cool. Just what we needed for all this heat...Ooh Art alert and a sale. I am dying to munch that little green macaron, very wabi sabi SA WEET.

  8. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Carol, but the subject (again, sigh) is Macarons.
    In any of the books you have shown on your site (including the lovely Laduree one) is there the recipe for French macarons?
    I would like to try and bake them using the Laduree recipe, if it is in print anywhere...

  9. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Looking forward to all the details of your sale , Carol!

  10. OOOO A SALE.. I LOVE A SALE. Thanks for the notice. How cool getting that shot with Aoki feeding you a macaron.:):)
    Hope your sale is a sell out.

  11. Anonymous3:10 PM

    I am gaining weight every time I come here.......Shame on you Carol.

  12. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Well yippie on the S A L E !
    And what perfect timing:
    I just made a small mention of your blog on my blog this wknd (which I think may have posted today)...!

  13. Hello there dear friend....I've missed our chats...

    What I'm about to share over at my post, I've waited two years to experience...Nic's wedding....

    Here's a blanket invitation to share in our joy....

    let's chat

  14. Anonymous7:28 PM

    I thought of you this weekend.
    I flew to DC on Delta, and in the Delta SKY Magazine, the had an article about the big department store- - and THREE TIMES they misspelled it "macaroons" - - or is that correct in English?

    I thought macaroons were made of coconut....

  15. i will be checking it out! oh and the matcha opera... i must try that!

  16. This macha eclair look so good; I wish I could eat one right now!!! I'll come back tomorrow to discover these fabulous sales!

    ohhh, take me to Paris!
    This is absolutely amazing, definitely made my day.

  18. Anonymous10:10 PM

    You are very high maintenance. First you went on and on about jam, so of course I had to start with raspberry, the the currants ripened and I jellied them, now I feel honor bound to do strawberry for my husband. Then there was the madeleine post....and it's been so long since I got my pans out and buttered them. And L'opera was a real hit at Christmas dinner. Now with the matcha thing...I don't recall seeing any macha here in town. However, I did get a nice tin of macha recently and haven't done a thing with it, so you know I'm going to have to try that macha ice cream recipe I've been looking at. Frankly, I might have a lot more free time if you'd just stick to macarons. I can't make them in my climate till middle of October. I could have the whole summer off....

  19. Did you eat all that green thing? I just love that shade of green. I will be back to look around your Sale after I have spent a day photographing. Hope there's something left for me.

  20. I'm just busting with excitment that i found your gorgeous,scrumptous blog, the best bit is I'm off to Paris soon and it's my first visit ever, thank you for such an inspiring blog, love it!

  21. I love Aioki! Could not stop get his yuzu tart last time I went home...or his matcha, portable and delicious!

  22. carol, those green goodies look so delish!

    That green mousse red bean filled concoction particularly interested me.

    LOL @ jeanette mistress of longears.

    I'm just glad carol stopped showing us all those macarons and chocolat chaud! I think I put on at least 20lbs just reading those posts last year!


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