Thursday, June 19, 2008

Les Croissants

 Yellow Bird has petit dejeuner, original watercolor
Time to take another look at croissants again.

This woman would prefer I don't look at her croissants :) Well at least not with my camera. But what's a New York blog poster to do?

A wonderful deal -.especially since they are offering their croissants at .70 a piece (but you MUST buy 3)
Not as aesthetically pleasing but informative all the same...from BRIOCHE DOREE

Another delicious poster...if Rembrant has painted croissants they would look like this.
1.30 euros seems to be the going rate. Even Pierre Herme charges this and his are the BEST in Paris!!!
A golden pile of Paris croissants - I have yet to find a decent croissant in NYC...grumble..grumble Must be something to do with Parisien air...
MORE CROISSANTS!LOOK! Cheesy croissants in Switzerland.
They don't look right do they :(
I love this little souvenir bag (sac) and I'll take any opportunity to show it again.


  1. Croissants have always been a weakness for me--smothered in jams and butter, too, for that matter. These all look delicious! Thanks for the tour, and now I'm off to eat my yogurt and berries. Wish I had one to go along with this!

  2. Now I am craving croissants for breakfast. I can almost taste the flakiness and the buerre of those. And there is yellow bird. I love that painting.

    Oops another thunder clap here.It's going to rain again. I better go. If you find that NYC croissant do tell. :)

  3. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Love all the golden richness here.
    And dear Yellow Bird is looking as adorable as ever

  4. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Do you have a gallery or studio where your work can be seen in person?

  5. Is it just me, or does yellow bird look a little alarmed by those croissants?

    3 croissants is 2 too many for anyone be they a yellow bird or not!

  7. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Well, Carol, is you ever get to Berkeley California we have one or two
    places that definitely rival Paris croissants and bread!

    Warning to Francophiles heading to the south of France: DO NOT LEAVE
    ANYTHING SHOWING IN YOUR RENTAL CARS. Even in deserted areas they are
    waiting for American tourists, even is you hide stuff and lock the
    cars! A word to the wise. (It happened to us on May 30th near Les
    Baux de Provence)

  8. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Hi Carol,

    I was going to write to you about a beautiful box I saw the other day. I bought a pastry at Provence en boite (, a cafe/patisserie in Brooklyn. The pastry, one I adore, was as good as usual, but the box was amazingly adorable. I immediately thought of you. I was going to ask for your address to mail to you, but unfortunately, it rained on the way home. The pastry was saved. Alas, the box was not pretty anymore.

    I also think their croissant are decent, better than most in NYC. However, I haven't been in Paris lately.

    I think you might find their boxes worth the trip. :-)

    Ellen S.

    PS I've been using your mug daily. I think of breakfasts and teas in Paris, hopefully next year.

  9. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Thank you so much for the beautiful painting! I really can't wait to get it framed and in place. We will all enjoy it, and I'll think of you fondly whenever I see it. So sweet of you to also send the vineyard cards and postcard, too. (By the way, the Zazzle postcard looks fabulous!)

    They're wonderful!

  10. Anonymous4:06 PM

    I Got my painting!!

    It is beautiful.

    Thank you,


  11. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Have you tried the croissants at Sofitel? I think theirs are pretty good. When we want to do something French in MN; that's the nearest thing.

  12. Anonymous5:53 AM

    I love your work. I studied for a year in Paris and then taught in Montpellier, and I will forever be "homesick" for France. Pastries and cafe fare were, of course, a big part of my French life!

    Your paintings and photographs bring a little slice of that lifestyle to my inbox, so thank you.

    Until I can get back to France (was just there in March, so another trip is non imminent), I'll have to try this place:
    Encore une fois, merci--

  13. Anonymous5:57 AM


    Your watercolors are yummy! They really put me in a delicate mood for something fancy and girlie...

  14. I have noticed a recent craze for flavoured croissant - YUK just give me a straight forward, melt in your mouth, buttery one.

  15. Anonymous6:23 AM

    I love reading your beautiful blog! I think La Bergamote on 9th avenue and 20th street has amazing croissants and pastries...also, my french teacher prefers patisserie claude on west 4th btwn Barrow and Jones street and thinks they are better than in France..but I prefer Bergamote. Although, Claude is a character...


  16. Carol, you are killing me! I can practically smell the boulangerie. We had many little to-go breakfasts from Brioche Doree, and their croissants are cheap (for Paris) and still better than most here. Lovely post.

  17. If only she knew that she was receiving a very free advertisement for her croissants, maybe she'd even give you a croissant in exchange for every picture you took :-)

    Now that the croissants are back, mayhap we might also see the return of the chocolate chaud?

  18. Anonymous5:37 PM

    It's not the Parisien air....I believe it is the Parisian oven. At least that is what the French baker told me when I commented on the superiority of his croissants. He explained that he had imported a special French baking oven to Kansas because it injects steam into the oven, creating the wonderful crust on baguettes and the fabulous outer flakies on the croissants. Every bite of his croissants created a shower of little flaky crumbs....and I licked up every one of them! However, times change, and he retired and I haven't had a decent croissant since. :-(

  19. Anonymous11:49 PM

    There was a little croissant shop (circa 1979) that was a TINY TINY little shop - all they made were 3 or 4 croissants, all very tiny in size, they sold them in bags of a dozen or so and they just melted in your mouth because they sold them HOT right out of the oven. Does any know of the place, its name - or even if it exists any longer? It was always busy and was located near a train station -- it took up the space of a super tiny newsstand since it was so small everyone was amazed that a baker and a cashier with equipment could fit into the tiny spot. anyone else remember this place?


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