Thursday, June 12, 2008

Paris Chairs

French Fauteuile with macaron, original watercolor - SOLD, 9" x 11"
Along with all the macarons and pastry shops and French scarves and...and..and..
The French chair can not be overlooked!
You'll see them worldwide, but they look the best on their home turf. Does a bistro chair look as good anywhere else? I ask you...
Look at this unique love seat Philippe Stark came up with for the Hotel Meurice!
Two drama queens front row and center, sitting in an antique shop along the Seine at night...
This bow embroidered chaise is waiting for you at the Musee Carnavalet.
Is this Aubusson upholstery on this beautiful Louis XV armchair at Chateau Vaux le Vicomte?
I brought my new French bear along on the Chateau visit.
He adored the gift shop especially and picked out this number to try out for size when no one was looking...ahem
Another French chair - this time doubling up as a tiny Limoge box.
Back to realite at chez bear on rue de Buci, bear had to make do with his old armchair and even share the scene with chat...
WHERE'S MY PETIT DEJEUNER!? he yelled acting like Louis XV...


La Belette Rouge said...

This is my favorite painting. I love the blue bird on the chair with the books. Lovely, Carol! Now, if these were my blue jays the macaron would already been eaten and they would have figures away to get into the box of macarons.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Adorable! Bear is quite the connoisseur. He is definitely French as well. Very demanding but one must have one's food!!!I love that last shot.
How fun.
All best,

Parisbreakfasts said...

I can get a tiny Blue Jay too Little Weasel...must look into it

La Belette Rouge said...

But what about a tiny weasel????

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Your paintings keep getting more detail with out detail. More diverse but with the same theme and I find I keep saying with each new painting, 'this one' is my favorite. Love the chair with tea subject as you can see. :)
Love the chairs you have posted too.
Totally enjoyed todays post.

A Brush with Color said...

I like that embroidered chaise and the Limoge one! Those little Limoge boxes are always a delight. And that connected two seater is great--I've seen that type of thing at the flea market and am always tempted to get one but then I think it's not practical. Reminds me of a bicycle built for two. Love your chair painting, Carol!!!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet.
Hope you are having a sweet day as well.
Cooler in the Baked Apple today-

Anonymous said...

I'm loving French Bear's adventures..what a handful..
Looks like he's sitting in "The Naughty Chair"
Call SUPERNANNY to teach him some manners!

Anonymous said...

Another lovely painting. I love the tiny Limoge chair. It's such a pleasure visiting with you every day.

tlchang said...

Love the love-seat - I'd like to see how two people really orient themselves in that set-up. Do your knees collide? or is it just cozy? (It does look like you'd need to quite like one another to sit in those chairs together. Somewhat intimate orientation...)

Great themed post, as per your usual.

Lori Lynn said...

Adorable Carol.
I love chairs!
Great subject for your watercolors...

Anonymous said...

Your bistro chairs are lovely, but what about this kind of chair, which is advertised as a bistro chair:
Is it mere hucksterism?
How about this type:
Well, if nothing else will do, you can always get the real thing here:

Anonymous said...

I volunteer to play Goldilocks and to
sneak into Bear's armchairs...

"This armchair is just right!"...
To me they look all "just right" !


Di Overton said...

Ooh CHAIRS you paint chairs as well. I love chairs especially the Louis and French Salon Chairs. More chairs please - ideally a chair with a macaron on it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

Today's blog is particularly lovely. Keep up the good work.

I received my Zazzle mug the other day. I love your petit dejeuner design. I'm enjoying my two or three cups of tea in it, thinking of breakfast in Paris each time. :-)

Anonymous said...

hy carol
I'm rita from Italy
I did a post about you on my blog. Wonderfull painting and wonderfull photos
thank you for share them

ciao Rita

Parisbreakfasts said...

Dear Mm. Jeanette, mistress of longears,

If you insist upon SPAMMING PB with YOUR bistro chairs you will be BANNED!
You gets 1 warning and then it is ZE porte!
Ze wooden chaises are FAUX bistro.
Please SPAM only correct bistro chaises on PB! ! !
Or else
Bear agrees with all of the above too..

Merisi said...

Beautiful series, and I love your painting! Magnificent!

What Thonet chairs are for Vienna, Bistro chairs are for Paris! They seem to have come around in the world, I have sat on same, even though I haven't touched French soil yet.

Does the Philip Starck love seat come with instructions how to actually sit on it? I get muscle spasms trying to figure it out. *giggle*
I would have never guessed that the French would bother with Queen Anne style furniture, very interesting!

Absolutely Fabulous said...

Hi! my first time here...
beautiful paintings...i love watercolor .. and chairs!
i will be back to see more.