Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Stripes !

Summer stripes are so...summery! And sooooo FRENCH! Like these cups from BHV that look like...

All those bateau/boat neck marinier shirts the French always wear in the summer. French sailors wore them first and Saint James still makes them.

If French sailors did not invent the striped T, then Agnes B did. I had a ton of her striped T's. Then my sister said she didn't think I should wear those anymore and I gave them away. Never listen to your sister :(

A high-end striped bag. Why is it when you see something in Paris, you see it EVERYWHERE?

Like these striped shoes in another window...

Anne Fontaine can be depended upon for stripes.

The best stripes of all! On an eclair? None other than FAUCHON! 


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Hi Carol,
    Happy Summer!
    I love Parisian style--sooo chic-

  2. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Carol, re the stripes: you should have never listened to your sister! Boat-necked striped shirts are the most darling summer accessory in the world!
    I just bought a Ralph Lauren navy striped boatneck t, with a white piped neckline. Darling. Would look so chic with a crisp red scarf tight at the neck (if I only had one!)
    My sister used to say that something looked bad on me, just so I wouldn't wear it - later I learned that she was just jealous!
    Enjoy your day.

  3. Yum--those stripes are all fabulous! Loved those shoes: I could see a really simple black sheath dress with those shoes, looking great. I'll take six eclairs, s'il vous plait. I had a navy/white striped boat-neck top that I spilled something on and couldn't get the darned stain out, and I haven't been able to find another top I liked as much--I loved that thing... Fun post, Carol.

  4. Anonymous11:20 AM

    You are such a talented photographer. I don't know how you manage to take everyday things and make them look like works of art. It is a wonderful gift.

  5. I love these!!! What is it about stripes? Is it just great line and big exclamation points? I dunno , but they make me very happy. Brilliant photos here. So summery exciting. And look and those This really is a jazzy pick me up. Needed your stripey stripes. Thanks. :)

    All best, Jan

  6. What was wrong with the striped shirts? :-(

  7. oh, wow, those striped cups are to die for.

    okay, all the striped things are, but the cups call out to me so strongly!

  8. Striped eclairs! Intriguing, and delicious too, I'm sure.

    Happy Summer to you.

  9. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Dear Carol,
    Touchée...I´m really obsess about stripes.As you see,since I was a baby,my mother always wore me in stripes,sop I think that´s something that left an unforgettable print on my mind.I have striped T-shirts for dozens in all kinds:from the classical blue&white(in all blue shades),to grey&pearl grey,from black&white to red&white,short and log sleaved,sleeve-less,with straps,loose or fit,even in the shirt-dress way...I love stripes.Do you remember the famous picture of Picasso in a striped long sleeve t-shirt?I feel that way when I wear them...I´m Mediterranean and that´s the way it should be...wearing stripes makes me feel that I´m hearing the waves sound,the sun that blinds me and the salty smell you feel when you´re near to the sea...
    Did I mention I LOVE STRIPES??

  10. Anonymous6:42 PM

    My only real splurge on my last trip was a light weight long-sleeved T-shirt by Saint James.... I thought $65 US was outrageous, but I did it anyway. It remains the best made piece of clothing [and most dearly loved] that I own! :-)

  11. Anonymous6:44 PM

    What about those French stiped chairs? Or maybe I'm thinking beach chairs...well they look soo French.

  12. Oh, you've hit upon my favourite pattern; stripes. Love this post (and you blog) :)

  13. This was a fun post and I saw a couple really cute things I wouldnt mind owning. You should never have listened to your sister. Have a great weekend.

  14. Of course, I like stripes and I have a traditional stripe tee-shirt from Petit Bateau. But, what I really prefer is this Fauchon eclair!

  15. You know, I adore those striped, polka dotted shoes. I am in love with them completely! I even have the perfect dress with which to wear them.

    And I'm sure I'd look positively marvelous in those shoes while I daintily munched on that striped eclair! :-)

  16. Anonymous5:43 AM

    The edible stripes were the best - mmm yum!

  17. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I love stripes! Sadly, they do not like me. Especially the horizontal ones.

  18. jeanette mistress- that's what the bag and shoes and eclair are for..well the eclair may accentuate the positive..ahem

  19. the stripes remind me of the sea and summer- its COLD up here in the mountains :o)

  20. Hi Carol..

    Felicitations pour ton succes pour les soldes "fête du jardin" que tu as fait.. Je suis contente que tu revieneras en France en octobre... Maybe we can meet up with some of my friends at a really cute Salon de The' just newly opened... It's adorable and owned/run by an American expat... Here's the link... She has out of this world salads and coffee/tea.... It's really cute, too...

  21. I wear striped socks whenever I can. I love stripes.

  22. you have such an eye carol... love it! and i love all the fauchon animal print eclairs!

  23. I love Parisian style so much. I love the striped shirts in your post it's just my favorite style right now in all fashion!


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