Thursday, June 26, 2008

Au Nom de la Rose

 Mon confit de Pétales de roses,watercolor

Every Paris visit I try to stop by Au Nom De La Rose.
Yesterday Lynn reminded me of an old watercolor  on Au Nom.

Time to look at roses again, especially now that they are out there everywhere you look... And who does roses better than Au Nom de la Rose in Paris?

Maybe they're the best rose sellers on the planet.

Where else can you feel like you're invited into someone's private garden while still standing in the street?And their prices aren't extra-terrestial either. Oh the ROSES!
Multi-colored bouquets... Are these peonies mixed in..?
Breathe in the scent.


  1. Love the tiny detailed roses on that cup. Beautiful roses--they're stunning!

  2. heather9:39 AM

    No, not peonies -


    One of my absolute favorites! Gorgeous aren't they?


    Heather :)

  3. annie9:40 AM

    YUMMY Rose post today
    Can never get enough roses!!!

  4. I love Peonies and Roses and Dahlias. If ever you are in Seattle, check out the Dahlias in the Botanical Garden and at Pike's Market. They are absolutely spectacular.

  5. kim p.10:38 AM

    Those are ranunculus. Beautiful and long-lasting; one of my favorite flowers.

    Love your blog, BTW; great Paris fix each morning!

  6. I love roses and you did such a great job of sharing those! I can almost smell them from here in Ohio! Great blog, will stop by again. Thanks.

  7. Hi,
    I think those flowers pictured with the roses are called ranunculus.


  8. Ooh LA LA. Parfum Rose....a great balance for the blue over here. How gorgeous. Truly. truly. Love them.

  9. Yes ranunculus, beautiful! Thanks you for the beauty each am. (or pm as is the case today ;)


  10. darla yancho4:01 PM

    Just found your blog, I'll be back! Love it, beautiful pics.

  11. I love this store. I wish I had one of these bouquets every week at home!!!!

  12. m redmond6:03 PM

    so sweet and summery!

    i was just in paris and thought of you there!

  13. a reader of mine just pointed out a very funny coincidence between our blogs yesterday... great minds, eh?!

  14. Oh the roses are indeed beautiful carol. I so wish I had a nice multicoloured bouquet right now

  15. Carol! Just wanted to let you know that my Angelina arrived in the mail today, and is even more beautiful in person than I could have imagined!

    thank you!

    Kate "Yels"

  16. Gorgeous flowers! Great photos!

  17. Roses and "Renoncules doubles"; Beautiful watercolor, and stunning photos!!!

  18. Ah, roses in every which way,
    right down the flower beds,
    breakfast table, and your paintings on the wall,
    where do I find this paradise?

  19. patricia9:51 AM

    Carole, the photo where you query "are these peonies" - they are not. Just a different variety of roses (more like a David Austin climbing rose. The scent of these roses is intoxicating!

  20. jerie9:51 AM


    Je viens de rentre de la France. Il pleuvait pendant trois semaines, mais cela ne m’empecher pas de prendre plus que 800 photos, surtout les roses ! Voila quelques prises de Giverny. Le jardin de Monet m’épate chaque fois que j’y vais !

    Jerie Artz

  21. jeanette mistress of longears10:02 PM

    Oh lucky day! Caloo calais! THREE new posts! Well, new to me! So sorry to fall so far behind.
    As to the debate: ranunculus or old-fashioned rose, I fall into the rose camp. The pink one looks like my Reign de Saba when it just starts to open. And, after all, it is at Au Nom de la Rose. Occam's razor.

  22. It seems your post really interesting huh? i do love those flowers. they seems very attractive because of it's color.thanks for sharing this..


  23. Well, those flowers were really lovely. Wish I can also go there to personally see it. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing.


  24. Those rose flowers are simply gorgeous, specially the multi colored bouquet, I'm loving it. I like your blog by the way, it's my first visit here, and 'be back to check more of your posts. Thanks :)

  25. What a lovely roses :)is that a blooming tea at the top photo?

  26. Oh Paris Paris! What a fantastic city, everything is so inspiring and romantic. Those bouquets are all amazing and not so expensive at all, but my fav are roses!

  27. Merci beaucoup....this post is fantastic. I'm making a beeline for 'le fleuriste' the minute I arrive in Paris (1 April 2012). Fabulous tips!


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