Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mini Angelina

Angelina Dessert, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
I started thinking about Angelina again yesterday...

Because a surprise came in the mail...

Angelina Threesome, original watercolor, 9" x 11"

Well not really a surprise, but you know how you forget almost immediately when you order something online...

You forget you ordered it...so you can go on and order other things...ahem elsewhere..

Of course you can never forget ANGELINA'S lush whipped cream...

Even if you didn't eat it...
Even the waitress is pretty...
And the so-called stacked dirty dishes become a CHARDIN still life...
So what brought back memories of Angelina yesterday?
All these mini goodies arrived from Monica G. Estrada's MINI MANIA!
The cup-ring of hot chocolate with the whipped cream made me dream of Angelina...


  1. Mini mania Indeed! Beautiful watercolor. Ooh, that cream is making me want strawberries or raspberries to go with it. There is something so cozy about sitting in a cafe for coffee...ahh...well my tea is ready here and I am on a mission, but thanks for this morning"s Paris Dream.

  2. Love that watercolor, Carol. And those rings are hilarious. You will have still life setups for the rest of your life with all this. They're wonderful. I get the biggest kick out of you...glorious!

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Thank you, Carol! I love that you love minis!

    As always, your work is beautiful!!

    Enjoy! :D

  4. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Carol you're too funny.
    Love the rings.
    they are hysterical.

  5. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Love the tea and cocoa rings!
    Very cute.

  6. Thank god I go back on Thursday, otherwise I would be licking the computer screen. Serious chocolate/whipped cream/ pastry problem here.


  7. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Your daily posts are the highlight of my morning email.
    Paris is the most wonderful place I have ever been and I love seeing your daily reminders. I especially enjoy being tantalized by the photos of those exquisite French pastries. Or should I say tortured? We can buy some fairly good facsimiles here in Philadelphia, but they aren’t the same. The ingredients just can’t be duplicated here in the States.

  8. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Ah, you were shopping at Mini Manias!
    Good for you!
    I bought a little garlic clove necklace from her and LOVE it.
    Your teacup with spoon is so pretty.

  9. The mini rings are cute. The calculator cracks me up. Is that for calculating the cost or Calories? lol cant be much at that size. Great paintings as usual. How could you pass up the cream. at least a tiny bit of it??? :)

  10. If I were wearing those rings they would never be out of my mouth - delicious

  11. The calculator is for staying on the EURO DIET.

    I did taste a bit of whipped cream Cris...felt I owed it to my readers.
    An obligation that wasn't too painful :)


  13. Anonymous10:06 PM

    I have fallen in love with the office lady set. it's only natural, spending so much time at the office. Only the sinuous curves of that Angelina whipped cream can distract me from my office lady needs...like a cafe-mocha-fetching boy, a "Do not disturb - unless we won the lottery with our pooled dollars" sign, please provide macarons instead of donuts for my birthday...now back to that saucy little swirl in the whipped cream!


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