Monday, June 02, 2008

Paris Birds

Paris BlueBird Tea, watercolor
Here's another thing I saw all over Paris -BIRDS.

A tiny bluebird sitting atop a tarte aux Fraises at Maison Collet Woolie handmade birdies sitting in a shop window on rue Cherche du Midi... Decorating wine labels.. And wearing hats noless! This baby bird sign for Librairie Chantelivre, - a wonderful childrens book store. An ornathology drawing sits regally on a pillow on rue de Seine.. Or gracing the cover of this book.This is a new mini edition of a beautiful bird painting book.A bluebird holds the pen on this calligraphie instruction book I brought home..Birds are king in Paris.
And they will only nibble on crumbs from Pierre Herme! Actually they prefer the mini petit fours. Were they designed especially for Paris birds?


  1. As I read your beautiful post and drank in all the lovely images I found myself gobsmacked by your blue bird and tea painting. This last week my current obsession is having breakfast with Blue Jays. I throw out crackers and peanuts and then go and sit at my diningroom table and drink my coffee and watch my blue friends, Pierre et Charles,i.e. the name for Blue Jays.

    Your post feels like it was meant just for me. Forgive my narcissim--but you have a gift for making the archetypal feel highly personal.

  2. The birds are always a favorite for me, Carol--charming! Some of those book covers are simply beautiful, and your painting is delicious.

  3. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Bien Mercii!

    Et maintenant, je comprend pourquoi pour ces mois de printemps,J'ai a obligee peindre des oiseaux! ?Je suis une parisienne de coeur! ? (comme vous!)

  4. Ah finally... I can get on to comment. I love this post today. I am 'batty' about birds so this is a treat. I love the painting also. We sit and watch the birds in the mornings too. They do cheer one up to watch their antic's.

  5. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Love the post. I LOVE birds. I posted some baby bird pix that are in my garden and a picture of the mama sitting on her nest and it reminds me of that black bird in the third pix today.

  6. Anonymous11:24 AM

    where did you buy the calligraphie book?

  7. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Love to see your tiny bluebird again.
    This is a working bluebird
    He is bringing in ROI
    Where are the bluebirds in NYC???

  8. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Sweet bird and cups, Carol! Love the colors here!

  9. Tweets of absolute joy!! How adorable. I am in love with that ornithological pillow. And look at that wonderful blue bird of happiness painting!!! Scrumptious.

  10. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Awwww...Blue bird of Happiness - So many of them here
    Very joyful start of the week!

  11. The French always make their birds look so cute. Love your painting.
    I have a bird outside that keeps trying to get in every time I open the window. It doesn't understand that I don't want it in here.

  12. I had never noticed how many birds there were in Paris!

  13. Anonymous5:04 PM

    The bird on the cup and blue/brown color scheme is fabulous!

  14. ANNE
    I have seen many more birds in chic Paris boutique windows than I have actually seen on the ground or in the parks!
    Perhaps the birds have been transformed and prefer to hang out in shops?

  15. Carole, I've been meaning for months (!) to leave you the link to the French handwriting font. Here is is:

    I read your blog frequently---and know and love all the same places. too.

  16. The birdies are all so cute!

  17. Thanks Jeannie for the French writing link! Not bad at all.
    It's an ongoing project with me :)

  18. Anonymous1:25 AM

    The birds are adorable! I especially love the tiny bluebird on top of the tarte. :D

  19. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Just found your blog in last couple of days, delightful!
    Now I must find location for purchasing macarons!

  20. Anonymous8:57 PM

    So THAT's what French cursive looks like! But are you really practicing with paintbrushes? Isn't that awfully hard?

  21. Anonymous7:22 AM

    so beautiful.


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