Tuesday, June 17, 2008


#132 Saduharu Macarons, original watercolor - SOLD, 9" x 11"
We're having our annual JUNE GARDEN PARTY and SUMMER WATERCOLOR SALE at Paris Breakfast.

#133 Champagne and Macarons, original watercolor - SOLD, 9" x 11"

Of course there will be champagne!

Get out your flowered hats and white gloves if you want to attend!

And there will be a GAZILLION watercolors to choose from!

#134 Macarons Sadaharu, original watercolor - SOLD, 9" x 11"

All the watercolors are 9" x 11" ( approximately...ahem)

#128 Croque em bouche Wedding Gateaux, original watercolor - SOLD, 9" x 11"

For the SALE, the watercolors are especially priced at $? each and shipping with UPS Ground (in the US only).

#135 Garden Tea Party, original watercolor - SOLD, 9" x 11"
I accept secure payment with Paypal.com. It's easy as pie and safe. They do take credit cards bien sur.

#34 Fleurimont 75006, original watercolor - SOLD, 9" x 11"

Just send me an EMAIL.

In the SUBJECT LINE put: I WANT painting #---!

#129 Hotel Meurice Roses, original watercolor - SOLD, 9" x 11"

I'll send you a PAYPAL invoice and PDQ (pretty damn quick) (once you've paid of course) you'll get your painting!

Oh did I mention there is a GWP (gift with purchase)?

I found a cache of the watercolor wine cards and you'll get a gift set of 8 cards with your watercolor! YAHOO

*I simply forgot to mention dear readers, the reason for the SALE!

Oooops - It's to raise funds to get me back to PARIS in October, so I can keep you entertained in the style to which you have grown accustomed...ahem. As soon we raised the essential funds, the SALE WILL BE OVER!

So do not delay dear readers!



  1. Oo la la, Carol--these are magnifiques! Best of luck with this--they're wonderful. That cake is a beauty!

  2. ps
    That top painting is just beautifully "ethereal-looking," Carol...

  3. Anonymous9:22 PM

    In my haste to secure the painting of my dreams, I neglected to finish reading today's blog post, and therefore failed to put "I want it!" in the subject line. I pray that will not delay you form reading my email. Please allow me to be a part of the effort to get Paris Breakfasts back to Paris where she belongs. Open my email (subject "Gigantic sale!"). And a tout vitesse it!

  4. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Explaination for Japanese bunnie:

    It's a custom in Japan to appreciate the full moon during the month of September. It was believed that a rabbit lived in the moon, so the types of sweets/pastries eaten during this time are shaped like bunnies. There are lots of different varieties of bunnie shaped sweet/pastries, such as cream filled sponge, sticky rice, and bean filled dumplings. They are really cute!


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