Friday, June 13, 2008

DIY Madeleines

DIY Madeleine pans, original watercolor, 9" x 11"

I'm gearing up to make my own madeleines. It's about time I moved into the kitchen.

Sometimes you fall on something much more wonderful than what you were looking for, like I fell on this no-name boulangerie.

Peeking in this window, who could resist going inside?

Did you ever see a more traditional old fashioned bakery? And this is in Paris

Look at the lace doilies in the straw baskets. I bet in the French countryside there aren't places like this anymore. Are there?

The painted ceiling is DIVINE. And a chandelier too. Was this once a very grande boulangerie.

Wall flowers...daisies...
Divine bow-tied croissants. And did you notice the butterflies along the ceiling up above? Are these Belle Epoch style? What's your guess?Oh and they have macarons naturalment! THIS is PARIS afterall.

A lovely old painted mirror sign, as fresh as when it was first put up too... This is what I bought - 3 madeleines and for just 1.10 Euros Prices from 1890's too.

Here's how to find my no-name boulangerie. It's in the 18th arrondissement on rue Caulaincourt and you take the Metro: Lamark Caulaincourt
If you know of other forgotten but still wonderful old Paris boulangeries PLEASE LET ME KNOW!



  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Thank you for sharing those photos! A veritable time-machine.

  2. Looking forward to seeing where this Proustian practice of madeleine making takes you. Only you could make time travel seem delicious. Jules Verne could have learned a thing or two from you.;-)

  3. What a charming boulangerie. I could hang out there forever. I can almost smell inside. The Macarons look to die for.
    Another wonderful painting.
    I have never eaten a madeleine, not sure what they are. Are they like donuts? Or should I bite my tongue for saying that? lol

  4. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Hello, I absolutely love your blog!! I lived in Paris for about 4 months a few years ago (when I was a sophomore in college) and I just feel like you capture its essence in your posts. Although I've never been the biggest fan of madeleines (too dry in my mouth, unless dipped in hot chocolate, YUM!) But I just love your artwork and love how each post you dedicate to something that seems to the heart of Paris life. Like, the French chairs! Around here in the U.S. when I see those kinds of chairs outside a cafe I get nostalgic, but like you said, they're not the same unless it's on the home turf. Merci de partager votre talent!!!!! -- Jenn

  5. I never think of a madeleine that I don't think of Proust, but that's a good thing! Your painting is precious--you look like the queen of the kitchen here, mademoiselle! that boulangerie looks beautiful--what a wonderful find. Thanks for sharing that--a charming place. I enjoyed that immensely.

  6. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Hi Carol,

    What a lovely place to spend time relaxing and savoring morsels of goodies. Enjoyed your DIY post. Your watercolors are exceptional.


  7. What a gorgeous little shop..the decoration and the wonder you couldn't resist going in there..I would be just the same :-)

  8. It's funny;I know this boulangerie. Everything looks good, but I still preferer Pierre Hermé macarons!

  9. OMG! I absolutely love that watercolors! Man...just makes me happy!! Madeleines....we eat faster than we can share. I know the craze is to make them all flavored and all but the basic madeleines with that faint taste of orange blossom just makes me weak in the knees.

  10. Anonymous5:36 AM

    We currently live on top of a bakery. We shall be moving home, beginning today (see here and one thing I shall be dearly missing is the fragrance of freshly baked goods in the early morning. On the other hand, I cannot deny that moving may prove good for my silhouette.
    I love your post!
    Wishing you beauty and inspiration,

  11. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Carol! This bakery not only looked wonderful, but I could smell the aroma of the croissants coming through my screen - and then I remembered I picked up some freshly baked croissants this morning -and the scent was wafting up from under my desk!
    I thought you had used some form of John Waters' "Smellovision" - too funny!


  12. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I loved this DIY
    I’ve wanted to take up watercolors – and you have inspired me.

    Thanks for the beautiful blogs


  13. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Hi Carol,

    Thank you for the great pictures! Our French Treats are just like the pictures.

    Love your work!

    Have a great weekend.

  14. Anonymous11:58 AM

    OH YUM!
    Yummy boulangerie and your DIY madeleines will be heaven-sent I just know it!

  15. I am late to this party..was offline a full 24 hours!!! there is life offline..? Who knew? I love finding those tucked away little places. this looks like a true find. Are you really going into the kitchen? Are we going to have more poached pears or maybe yummy macarons?

    Oooh. Can't wait to see. Stay cool.
    All best, Jan

  16. i'm now famished.

  17. Your paintings are fabulous.

  18. came back here after browsing some ! love! love! your paintings, blogs, tea sets, macaroons,soft colors , everything!
    you may like to pop over to see my {from my pantry} mondays, starting tomorrow.
    i am so inspired by you. thank you.

  19. Thanks for the peek into this sweet shop (ha! pun!) complete with map. I will definitely seek it when we next go to Paris. (Positive thinking - I don't say "if" but "when")
    My favorite, those tiles or beribboned pain - I adore them!

  20. Anonymous3:39 AM

    How interesting... a bakery a bit run-down but still stylish and carrying proudly its noble past. Montmartre is a true wonder world for findings like these!

  21. Thank you, Merci, Danke, Arigato, Obrigada...running out of thank yous :)

  22. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Opened your blog and was teased by the watercolor of the kitchen accouterments.
    Are you really going to BAKE?
    Maybe I can get your recipe when you test the first batch and add any tips from the experience.

    Hope to use the map as well.

    Matty J

  23. Anonymous2:23 PM

    You really find the best tresures, both in Paris and in New York.

  24. Anonymous7:29 PM

    I have never been able to bake madeleine that didn't stick to the pan. WHY!!!?

    This boulangerie is beautiful.

  25. Anonymous8:02 PM

    My friend turned me on to your blog and I just want to write you to tell you that I just love it! I'm a pastry chef here in NYC and your blog combines my two loves ... pastry and paris! Absolutly fabulous!

  26. Carol,
    You are one very fortunate, talented human being!
    Just think about this:
    How many people do you know who can say they make so many people around the globe so happy every morning, just because they (you) put their art, and talents, and interests, and sense of humor, "out there", for the world to see, and share.!?
    I'm so happy to be able to call you my I suspect most of your readers might also say.

  27. SO gorgeous! Old things are just so pretty. 'm wishing I was there right now.

  28. SO gorgeous! Old things are just so pretty. 'm wishing I was there right now.

  29. I have one of those Madeleine Tins. I want to do something with it for Ghost but am still undecided. Shall I just bake some and use it for what it was intended.

  30. ooooh what an absolutely wonderful little boulangerie! I bet those Madeleines were just scrumptious!


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