Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eclairs = Ballerinas

Two French Eclairs, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
No one comes up with ECLAIR creations like Fauchon!
Is there anyway you could walk on by their window in Paris.Three French Eclairs, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
LOOK at THIS!A savory eclair meant to look like canned peas and carrots peut-etre, but with chunks of smoked salmon instead! Does this not take the cake? Some say Fauchon goes overboard with their creativity but I am astonished by their ideas. A Fauchon demo in action.The finished beauties...MiamHediard across the boulevard tries to keep up - a losing battle in my opinion... LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT keeps it simple with just 3 flavors: chocolate, coffee and caramel.
The caramel is to die for. Every Paris patisserie has the quotidien eclair.
Don't these look like ballerinas?
Is that why we love them?
Don't these ballerinas look like eclairs?


  1. Your water colors are wonderful. Love the colors.
    Everything looks delicious but the pea eclairs. Not exactly how I like my eclairs or peas. :)

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    wow--I have never seen peas and smoked salmon eclairs before--my favorite is coffee eclair with coffee whipped cream inside--I believe D'aiuto's makes them--thy are in the mid west 50's-

  3. You make me want to go to La Maison du Chocolat even more now by posting those eclair photos. I love eclairs! The ones with the zebra stripes and leopard spots are really cool looking too!
    -esmereldes (from Flickr)

  4. Great post, Carol! Those eclairs are all so creative. My sister and I made them as kids once. Took us all day, but they were scrumptious. Not hard to make just very time-consuming. I love the ballet shoes, too--good eye for that connection. And of course, the peas and salmon are hilarious.

  5. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Delicious post AGAIN
    You have no mercy do you?

  6. Anonymous1:28 PM

    That glass vase with the flowers is wonderful!
    Also, I always love your coffee cups.
    You do wonderful work.

  7. Anonymous1:30 PM

    LOL--When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought I was seeing a little hot dog, Carol!
    I thought--she's early for the 4th of July. How funny: I'm losin' it. These ECLAIRS are adorable.

  8. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I'd be interested in how the pea-eclair filling tastes, but the peas on the out side?
    No thank you!

  9. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I had to see this pea de eclair up close.
    Trust me, I love me some Fauchon, but this one takes the cake!

  10. Oh my, Fauchon, Fauchon, Fauchon....Leopard prints? OH yes. I'll have what he's having on any day of the week. This post was just what I needed to see. Big merci, mon ami. :)
    Gorgeous paintings BTW!!!!
    ALl best, Jan

  11. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Are they real peas, or something sweet made to look like peas?

  12. Anonymous4:34 PM

    it warms my heart to see such lovely seemingly ordinary things we take for granted (although the French do elevate and appreciate -- like the savory eclair's especially the one with the peas and the salmon, a pot of tea a macaroon-- all delightfully come to life in your watercolors--- simply divine- simply beautiful... the photographs as the watercolors are a wonderful feast for the eye-- I love it all...

  13. Gorgeous painting!!! I feel hungry...

  14. now you've done it! i will never be able to done a pointe shoe without thinking of eclairs ever again! merci!

  15. Anonymous8:58 PM

    I really liked your Eclair theme today.
    Makes me want to go, first thing in the morning tomorrow, to the little French bakery in Narberth, and get one right out of the oven!

  16. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Perhaps les rabbits would like a little peas and carrot-smoked salmon eclair in the tr, the detainment vessel. Haute rabbit food! The Mistress must start a batch of choux paste at once! Big merci for the inspiration! It's been very slim pickins in the detainment vessel of late.

  17. of all days to wander by, ECLAIR DAY!!! I love your paintings and your love of pastries AND shoes..need I say more?

  18. Anonymous2:48 AM

    What about embroidered éclairs ?

    I think you can eat up this site easily:


  19. Anonymous3:03 AM

    NOW if you're a fan of éclairs you can hav a brooch!


  20. Hello Caroll!! (are-you in NYC?)Brilliant comparaison with ballerines and stunning éclairs's collection!


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