Friday, June 27, 2008

Marie-Antoinette's Doll Tea Set...

Dear ex-pat Suzanne in Paris sent me this exquisite Limoge miniature dolls tea set this week. I tried to paint it but...forgettabout it! Not a snowball's chance in Hell I could paint this gold set
But doesn't it look like Marie-Antoinette's daughter could have played with it?
From the show at the Grand Palais, here is M-A's adult-sized gold tea set... And you could buy this travel tea set in the museum gift boutique...for a gazillion euros...LOOK at this romantic transfer on the blue tray above...Doesn't it look just a bit like this en famille portrait of Marie-Antoinette?
I love this portrait of M-A at her drawing lesson - in those days you had to draw! It was de rigeur, bien sur. Portrait heads of Marie-Antoinettes hair dos... AH HA! And her famous diamond necklace. Excuse the blur...Back to the gift boutique, you could buy a version of her diamonds...They did not have anything like this gold embossed, enameled armoire (at least I think it's an armoire..please correct me) in the gift shop... Quelle domage! Now this I would have bought.

Marie-Antoinette's travel chest or hope chest or something or other...You can see just how dark it was inside the exhibit
BiscuitBear bought this adorable period dress for her daughter and you can see her wearing it on Flickr. Charmant! Why didn't I get this mignon T-shirt?
Did I eat macarons the end of the show? bien sur!


  1. i would LOVE to go ee that, i LOVE Marie-Antoinette <3

  2. Another great post--I love all the Marie Antoinette paraphernalia. I'm surprised they didn't arrest you for snapping that necklace! I can just see you--"Please, officer, I need a photo for my blog! My peeps will expect it"

  3. Anonymous8:58 AM

    That gold mini set is beautiful!! And the macarons look as good as they probably taste! YuM!

  4. Beautiful tray and tea set. Love this post. Loved the idea of everyone drawing back then. That Art and Music was part of ones training, But in those dresses I don't know how they did anything. :)

  5. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Very beautiful once again.
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Ok, I love this post! How I envy that you were at THE EXHIBIT. Thank you so much for this beautiful post with two of the things I love most, of course, the macarons, and then to feed my grand obsession with a portrait of Marie Antoinette I haven't ever seen, and she is drawing........oh my! Merci Merci, keep those newsletters coming so I can live vicariously through your adventures!

  7. Ho, yes, you are right. Marie-Antoinette was a very interesting woman!!!!

  8. Ooh, I love the Limoges. and her things oh my. I have seen some and some of Josephine's . They are breathtaking.
    Gold is actually raw umbres, golden ochres, greens and could do it. :)

    But for now, toss those macarons over here..ah, thanks .. munch , munch.
    All best, Jan

  9. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I love Marie Antoinette, thank you so much for sharing all those pictures.

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! One of Marie-Antionette's 'Ladies-in -Waiting' was buried in the little grave-yard in my village in Tasmania!

  11. Anonymous3:45 AM

    J’ai oubie de vous dire que je commence chaque jour en lisant Paris Breakfasts. Votre site est exquise !


  12. Anonymous3:48 AM

    I just received the Pierre Herme water color yesterday and I simply adore it. I am going to have to order a Paris Breakfast water color every year as a gift to myself because it's such a unique way to remember my trip to Paris. I was so inspired by your watercolor that I placed an order for your note cards and biz cards from zazzle!

  13. Anonymous3:49 AM

    What a lovely momento of the exhibit Carol!
    I did manage to see it but it's nice to return for a second look.
    And no crowds!
    So many things I would have loved to buy in the gift shop too...

  14. Anonymous3:59 AM

    So glad you did another Marie-Antoinette post + all the links..
    I can never get enough M-A!!!

  15. Ah! Gold tea sets and macaroons
    what more could poor Mairie Antoinette (and I) dream of.
    you blog is a delight.

  16. The T-shirt is sweet, but I *never* wear shirts with something across the chest. Once I got a topo-map shirt of Yosemite, and got ogled by a colleague who said he was trying to match the readings to me. E-nough!

  17. That dress does look adorable on pretty Puni :-)

    And those macarons...oh boy! They look positively scrumptious.

    I cannot believe how many miniatures you must have by now :) This set is delightful though.

  18. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Hi Carol,
    Too cute! I love how you set up the miniatures! (I'm traveling, back in Paris on Wednesday...)

    A bientot,

    Susanne in Paris

  19. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Hello Carol,

    Just returned from Paris a couple of weeks ago, and saw the Marie-Antoinette exhibit. If I remember correctly, the gold-embossed and enamel armoire you show on your Paris Breakfasts blog of Friday, June 27 was her jewellery box! If not that one, then one just like it!

    Also visited the Decorative arts during the Napoleon empire exhibit at the Musée des arts decoratifs, and they may have had jewellery boxes like that there as well, or was it at Versailles.... In any case, I was impressed with the jewellery boxes, and marvel how those with means have pretty impressive ways to store all their necklaces, bracelets, tiaras, etc.....

    Your blog is wonderful fun!


  20. Carol,
    Thanks a million for a wonderful Paris fix!!
    A truly wonderful blog!
    I've included your blog on my blog list!
    I hope you don't mind?

  21. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Somehow, gold does not seem authentic for tea. Silver and china, bien sur! That's probably why yo can't take me lowbrow taste.
    As for the child's dress, I bet MA's daughter didn't look half so sweet in hers as Puni looks!

  22. Anonymous1:47 AM

    That travel chest of Marie Antoinette's looks beautiful. Too bad there is just the one photo. Were you restricted somehow from taking more photos of it from different angles ?
    Amazing to think it belonged to her. It looks so fairy-like. I would have taken a hundred photos of it.


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