Friday, May 30, 2008

Bleu et Blanc

Chine de Bleu et Blanc , original watercolor, 9" x 11"
Blue and white china seems inherently French for no good reason other than you see an awful lot of French Ultramarine blue in France.
Like this irresistable blue milk jug I could not pass by in Cuisinophile.
Or Corinne's grandmere's bleu et blanc china on her white lace tableclothe... The manderines give it the "Matisse" touch don't they?
Di Overton of Designers Block sent me this shot of mini blue and white china at the outdoor antique fair in the Bastille.
There was a big pile of blue and white with a toile pattern at the gift shop at Chateau Vaux le Vicomte. Really you could easily spend all your time in that fab shop!
Steve Wall in Chicago sent me shots of his wife, Susan's china collection...
All blue and white and to die for non?
My collection...ahem and not just bleu et blanc either. A mini collector can not be too choosey.
A final shot of Corinne's Paris window on Boulevard Michel - the light is so blue-grey non?


  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Evocative of a blue mood in Paris..
    Love your funny collection :)

  2. blue and white dishes have always been a big fave for me. My grandmother gave me a set with a matching tablecloth and I treasure it. That last picture is to die for--beautiful, Carol! Love your painting.

  3. Love the blue toile tea pot and cup set. Love anything toile. Lovely painting too.

  4. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Love that little teapot short and stout! Beautiful, Carol!

  5. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Hm, I think I have that piece of strawberry cake, but I find I don't remember what set it is from either. I thought I did, but I don't see it on the re-ment page, so I guess I don't...

  6. Every visit leaves me enchanted.
    Thank you.
    Beautiful blessings from Ontario Canada

  7. Yummy, cake for breakfast. I know I have said it before--but it bears repeating--I love your strawberries.

  8. Anonymous12:54 PM

    How cute and stylish your blog is! I live in Paris and I love to pop onto your site to see this city thru your eyes:)

  9. Beautiful watercolour. So fresh.

  10. Anonymous6:52 PM

    you tease me with the macaroons all the time. It’s a dream to go to Paris and eat my weight in them but get this. I’m driving to Indianapolis thru a rural community called Greentown. One little place I’ve tried to visit many times was actually open so I stopped in and what was in the counter?!!!! Raspberry almond macaroons. Light and crunchy sitting next to coconut ones!!! EEE gads!!!! I was almost shaking !! I couldn’t open them fast enough and the damn things had a ribbon that I could not get untied! Well-it was worth it. I don’t want to share them with anyone even tho I have foodie friends that would steal one when I’m not looking . Gotta find a hiding place for the next day or two and plan my next trip. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Oh- in another email, I want to send you my pics of some cookies I did for my son’s “after prom” party. The theme was Parisian and I did Eiffel tower cookies and poodles. They were awesome. Anyway----the word is out on the Midwest- for the cookies and other beautiful goodies.

  11. I love tea pots! Maybe I should start a collection!

  12. Oooooooh!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE all of it...

  13. I like your work, and your painting style, I was wondering if you'd be interested in exchanging links. My blog is and my email is

    Best wishes,

    Austin Maloney

  14. I have drooled over your paintings and images of Paris and finally I am going to see it in person!! YES!! In Aug. I shall see all these Parisian pastries and blue china and tea cups and chocolate and oh everything you show us!!

  15. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Charming collection. Lovely view! Your watercolours often look better than the real thing. Stunning.

  16. Naturegirl
    Very good indeed!
    Make sure the places you want to visit are open and that your hotel has a fan or better yet AC.
    Course the department stores have AC.
    I know you'll have a grand time

  17. I know your post is mostly referencing blue and white china - but I love all the *pink* introduced in your painting! Makes them feel yummy and nearly edible.

  18. OMG one of my pictures - I am so flattered

  19. know I love your blog, and your pics and paintings. BUT! The painting today (Fri) was perfect! Lush washes and color, beautiful lost and found edges, whites so white...yet colorful, and I love all these pointy diagonals (fork and spoon,tea pot spout)taking me for a little trip theough the composition.
    And of course I know; you just kinda' "whipped it out," right!?

  20. Anonymous9:04 PM

    One of my first toys was a blue and white willow pattern china doll's tea set. This was long, long ago in the dark ages when children had a maximum of ten toys altogether, nothing like the hordes of toys in every child's house these days. I loved playing house with those dishes so much that I got a similar set for my only niece for her 5th birthday. My dear soeur is still laughing at the mad aunt who got a 5 year old (with 2 older brothers) that breakable (and soon broken) tea set. Some memories are best kept to oneself.

  21. I love the light and depth of blue you got in your teapot. Really lovely!


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