Monday, May 14, 2007

Blanc et Bleu Etude..

I'm back painting white objects again...
I have a project to paint a pile of white coffee cups.
Black cups too..but I'm saving those for last :(

This is a VERY early watercolor class study of painting white-on-white objects.
I think I was better at it than :(
The idea of painting white-on-white objects just using blue came to me when I found more Paris yogHurt photos.
For some unknown reason the French package all their plain yogHurts in blue and white...
I bought the wrong one (this is fromage blanc) thinking it must be yogHurt
because of the blue and white containers :(
Not that it didn't still taste terrific.
My adventures in home-made yoghurt-making have come to a complete standstill by the way, until I can find a proper candy thermometer SOMEWHERE so I won't make soup next time:(I guess I should try the candy supply store on 21st street.

While searching I also found this blue and white Parisien doggie from the Marais :) More white cups and Paris dogs to come!


  1. loveitaly9:35 AM

    The white studies look good. I think painting whites is very difficult and you've made it look easy. Lucy Willis has great watercolor books that discuss painting whites...

    I'm a big fan of her work--she makes things look deceptively simple even when it's not.

  2. Had to at least get of peak at your blog post. Wow! I am looking forward to come home tonight, to gaze some more. :-)

  3. I wish I had even a 10th of your skills

  4. Wow Carol, you make painting white look so easy and lovely. I love your teacup series!!

  5. fun to look as always.

  6. Your watercolors are just yummy wonderful....!

  7. Violette6:40 PM

    I love the abstractness of this blue & white watercolor...

  8. I love the white,also........and the cute little dog you came across!

  9. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I forgot to tell you that the yogurt that is made by Stony Field Farm is thick and tart. It's organic, too.
    The white on white paintings are so much fun, I haven't done one in a long time. Your paintings really inspire me to paint every day, or at least try.

  10. Love that the window..

  11. Gervita is the best! It is whipped and taste like cream.

    Your paintings are the same as Gervita, the best, and the cream of the cream!


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