Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tiny Teapots

French tea with chocolates, original watercolor

Thank you for sending me photos of your tiny teapots!

Susanne in Paris sent me pictures of her tiny Limoge china teaset.
Exquisite! But the teapot is 2 1/2" high. Too big. I feel like Cinderella...
Lori of taste with the eyes sent me pictures of an amazing tea party 7th graders put on for 8th graders. More elegant than I've ever had at the Mariage Freres or Hotel Meurice. Take a look!

Sue of abrushwithcolor sent me her lovely teapot picture. Not a mini I'm afraid but if only...

Michelle T. sent this mini cup from the Purse Forum - one of Juicy Coutures charms YUM!

Joni Miller used to give an unforgettable annual Valentines tea party at the Beard house. Now she does these annual teapot calendars so you can party all year long. You can order 2009 now or forget about it.

Jackie sent me pictures of a "Made in Thailand" tea set that looks a close relative of the teapot I bought at the Paris Doll Museum. Note "Butch" got into the act here.

Another sweet tiny tea set from Jackie. This is "Katie" stepping into the shot.
Jackie has 10 other cats she's rescued waiting in the wings or busy taking tea!
Please send me any interesting photos of Paris or teasets or whatever.
I love seeing what you've discovered.


  1. There's a good idea, Carol--collecting images that way will be great fun, I'll bet. I should try when I get a chance to send you a more "still-lifey" photo of a teapot or set or something. Busy with work now but if I can soon...these are lovely! Beautiful painting here, too!

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Good morning! So, where may I pre-order this calendar? I missed out on the 2008 one because we started shopping too late and I have not seen the 2009 on-line yet. Do you have a direct connect to them some how? I'd love to know!
    Also I have a bunch of cute teapots and stuff on Flicker, also cute chess pieces (Alice in Wonderland motif) feel free to look and paint!

  3. Ohhh pretties. I love the teapot by Brush with color & the 7th graders tea party. wow. They must have a Tea loving teacher to get so fancy. I want one of those calendars too. What is it about a teapot that attracts so many people? Thanks for the lovely post today.

  4. I fixed the link to Joni Miller's
    2009 calendar!

  5. Wow oh wow!!!! What a tea party. And "taste with the eyes"... phew, where are my pastries... tea delicious goodies..mouth watering good.. and tiny tiny limoges...just gorgeous. Time for chocolates I think. Love the watercolor...a total treat this morning.
    All best, Jan

  6. HI Carol - thanks for including Taste With The Eyes in your lovely post this morning!

    Adorable watercolor, as always. i really like light the reflection in the tea.

    And just in case some are interested, that certainly was a fancy schmancy tea party: The moms all lent their gorgeous silver for the event. There were so many different beautiful teapots and trays, Carol - you would have been in heaven.

  7. P.S. Carol - I linked you back in my post.

  8. I tried to find a link to "Jackie" - maybe it's the heat that got to my head, but I couldn't find any. Would you pleeease?

  9. These tiny tea-pots are so cute! I wish I had one at home!

  10. Anonymous9:08 PM

    I realize you, of all people, should know how you feel, but may I suggest that you feel like Alice in Wonderland rather than Cinderella? After all, for Cinderella the shoe FITS. Now, for poor Alice on the other hand, one side made her too big and the other made her too small. Just a suggestion....
    All the lovely photos remind me that it has been too, too long since I have used my china. Could all those Starbucks cardboard sippee cups be tainting me?

  11. Merisi, try

    There may be something there of interest but I don't know who this "Jackie" person is. ;)

    It's so hard, living a double - no, triple -life.

  12. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Here is a page of doll's tea pots for you... all styles...

  13. Anonymous7:22 AM

    ... and here is a bottle of champagne in ice...


  14. I took some pictures for you in Paris. Some of Charlotte's Dolls House and one of some amazing tiny cups and saucers etc that I found at The Bastille Antiques Fair. I will be emailing them over to you.


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