Friday, May 09, 2008

Paris Cafe Tables

Paris Cafe Tables Paris Tea, original watercolor
There's something about a vacated Paris cafe tabletop that always catches my eye.Paris Cafe Tables I spotted an irresistable cafe table my first night in Paris in this jewelry shop window.Paris Cafe Tables Here on the terrace at Cafe de la Mairie in the 6th.Paris Cafe Tables My leftovers at Cafe Vavin in the 6th.Paris Cafe Tables I added the madeleine to this empty cafe table top - it needed a touch of color.Paris Cafe Tables Here hot chocolate with M. at Chocolat Foucher YUM!Paris Cafe Tables
Paris Cafe TablesA Perrier at Cafe Le Select...Paris Cafe Tables The tip placed on top of a saucer - so French non?Paris Cafe Tables
My tabletop waiting to be devoured.This cafe tabletop I would have loved to have brought home in Pain D'Epices window.Not for sale.Paris Cafe Tables


  1. ooohhh, these are very intriguing...each one has a story...a mystery... Who was here, what was the conversation... I am now wondering...and thinking.
    I like this very, very much.

    Good Morning. :)

    All best, Jan

  2. I love your blog so much. I posted about it today on my blog. Run over and take a peek. I'm your very own little PR person!

  3. The tabletop at Paul's looks delicious. I love a good French breakfast. Charming watercolor, as always, Carol.

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Your painting this morning is iridescent .... something so magical about the colors.

  5. Of course it is the tables, the little tables that can only hold just that much, c'est tout. And never unstable, of course!

  6. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Nice vicarious cafe visit this morning.
    The minis are adorable as usual.
    I'm getting awfully tempted to dig ot my old dolls house...

  7. What a delightful array of table-scapes. Your painting makes me want a table for two and a couple of cafe'cremes and a good book.

  8. Anonymous9:52 PM

    So they bring the bill on a saucer? And then, the diner turns the saucer upside down and puts the change on it? Or does the server bring the bill on an upside down saucer? Or does the bill come without a saucer and the diner turns over the saucer he/she just used and puts the change on it? Turns it over because its got drips of chocolat chaud in it? Have I left any saucer unturned in trying to understand this?

  9. Those two miniature cafe tables are so cute.

    lol @ jeanette's comment.

  10. Leave it to JEANETTE to turn things upside down!
    True there are special tip/bill dishes usually in red or green plastic in many cafes.
    This was a special bit of innovation I suppose.
    You know me.
    Shoot first and ask questions later :)
    Or rather wait for JEANETTE to come up with the questions...ahem

  11. Anonymous10:31 PM

    I just love your blog and tell my friends it is like a miniature vacation.
    They always ask me to forward one to them.

  12. Anonymous10:32 PM

    You make me smile because I'm forever taking photos of my meals - before and after - when I'm in France!
    Now I know I'm not the only one.

  13. Anonymous10:34 PM

    I have learned to appreciate the true importance of miniatures from your
    Paris Breakfasts blog. Others have, too. Mini's, it seems, are "big"
    even here in Texas. La Madeleine, a bistro here in Austin, is now
    promoting their miniature desserts.

  14. Anonymous2:52 AM

    The weather is nice and hot at the moment in Paris... so every single café has its tables out on the pavement and staff keep busy serving coffee and cold beverages... and wiping TABLE TOPS.


  15. Of course you had to add the Madeline to the photo. As if any self-respecting person could leave one behind!

    As always, your blog is a tonic.

  16. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Lovely visit as always to Paris' cafes...
    Just like being there...sigh

  17. I love the "fumar mata" on the cigs. They are so much more blunt in Europe! I like it. :-)

  18. I want to go out and have coffee served on one of these tables, and then watch the world file by.
    Did you know that you can have miniature sets of Josef Hoffmann and Thonet furniture? Of course, those are Viennese Arts and Crafts designs (Wiener Werkstätte), they don't go with French Breakfasts. Should you want to branch out ... ;-)

  19. oh yes, sticky European outdoor cafe tables!


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