Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fetes Des Meres

DrageesFetes Des Meres, original watercolor

If you live in Paris this Sunday is Fetes Des Meres day or Mother's Day.So you are probably busy rushing around and getting on lines to buy some dragees (candy-coated almonds) for Mum.Dragees Pretty cornets of dragee. Dragees are given on every celebratory occasion - weddings, babtisms, you name it. And usually in pastel colors...Dragees But Bon Marche had jar after big jar of brilliantly colored dragee as well as the pretty pastels.Dragees I spoted these BLUE dragee in a gift shop in the Marais.. Blue food used to be a no-no.And they come ready wrapped as favors for a kid's party... Then there is always the ever present macaron - the perfect gift for anyone at all.Pierre Herme send out an email titled, "Have you called your mother?" And sent one today with the message, "Fete des Meres: c'est maintenant ou jamais !" (Mother's Day: It's now or never! Buy a bouquet!) Of course if you're not in Paris you don't have to lift a finger. Been there, done that already.BONNE JOURNEE


  1. Awww--love your dragees! Nicely done, Carol--sweet watercolor for les meres. I always liked dragees--but hardly ever had 'em--used to be they had them at weddings all the time, but you don't see them so often now. Or at least I don't. Great photos!

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Sooooooo gorgeous! I think I will go to Miel today and buy more macarons, and celebrate Mother's Day once again!

  3. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I do love your newsletter. I love Paris, macaroons and chocolate chaud… really enjoy receiving your quirky and fun newsletter. Great photos and watercolours! Just returned from Paris and bought flowers for my room at Hotel Verneuil (which you’d love) at Aquarelle… thanks for the tip!


  4. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Lovely photos.

    Eileen (passions to pastry)@

  5. How gorgeously festive. Love the warms and cools of the painting...a celebration itself. For a second I had to check, yes, we did that already... no tea or coffee yet this morning. ;) Looking good.
    All best, Jan

  6. Intersting that Mothers day is celebrated on different days in different countries. England did theirs in March I believe.
    I love the painting and the bird wallpaper. I guess it is wallpaper. Could be used for wrapping paper or drawer lining. All fun today.

  7. Macarons are always the perfect gift indeed. Everything looks beautiful , though.

  8. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Lovely, filmy soft. That heart lid is excellent the way it's tilted there, Carol, leading us right in to the painting! Same for the spoon and the teapot shadow and dragees.

  9. Anonymous11:58 AM

    This is so beautiful and soft! I wish I was in Paris........

  10. So beautiful Carol! Love the colorful dragees in the painting. My mother is the more practical type, I bought her a new bed for Mother's Day :)

  11. Anonymous12:00 PM

    wow, these look lovely !

  12. I am sure my mother wishes I had sent some of these treats instead of the flowers. But, no reason not to celebrate mother's day twice. Is there?

  13. Right...Now let ME tell Mme Guiliano why French women don't get fat! A friend visits Paris this week. I have specifically requested Laduree! I am watching my figure, lately!
    Happy Day!

  14. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I am going down to Copenhagen this week-end. May be I should have gone to Paris instead :-)

  15. Miam miam, les dragées Ladurée!!!!! Yes, I sent flowers to my mother with Aquarelle for Sunday. It's funny you told about that!

  16. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Are French dragees any better to eat than the "jordan almonds" we have here? I've never had one that wasn't a toothbreaker. Literally....

  17. Thank you for the comment and stopping by my blog!
    Have a great weekend!

    la la Lovely

  18. YES of course they are much much better than "Jordan Almonds" Jeanette - more delicate..fragile...smaller...petit..oh I said that already..hmmm
    YES BETTER and not tooth breakers or soo so sweet.

  19. I hate to say this because I can't stand the owner but Harrods do the best dragee EVER

  20. I have to say...I love your blog! Whenever I visit it just sends me chills. I adore your paintings!

  21. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Hi Carole,

    I'm a huge fan of your work. I'm so sorry to trouble you but I was just wondering if you remember where you took the picture of the dragees next to the pretty bird wallpaper. Was it in Paris, I just love it and must have it. My children have been asking me what I want for Fetes des Meres and that's it! Many thanks in advance.

  22. I come to your blog to get my fill of cute :). I love the mini stuff you feature on here :D...and I have to admit, gossip girl is my guilty pleasure! Sometimes I tell myself "you shouldn't be watching this sophie, you just graduated from college, for pete's sake"...but I just can't help myself :P! ...Even my hubby's addicted!

  23. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I had only "sandwiches by the tennis courts" for lunch on Sunday.
    But I DID appreciate them !

    I had my special meal for dinner with a couple of maxi "flûtes de champagne" ...

    Now you're looking for mini flûtes... hmmm...
    (Please tell me the size in cm!?!)
    Tchin tchin !!!


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