Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Persimmons a L'Orange, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
I started painting these Japanese persimmons because I wanted to do a post on all the ORANGE I saw in Paris. Not that I saw anyone walking around dressed totally in orange. Not at all. More like strong accents here and there of color that left an impression...
A real orange in Boulangerie Paul's window still life...
And piles of real oranges you can sink your teeth into in the marche.
But here as a strong accent in the home, Herve Gambs silk everlasting flowers seen in the new Galerie Lafayette Home store.
An orange seat in the Metro...
In the window of the Orange mobile store...
Plus a giant carrot! Representing what? The carrot on the stick?
Thanks Gawd for The Euro Diet.
I resisted just by a nano second buying these yummy orangy caramel madeleines.
Maybe next time...
Orange accents for men!
Outside my door on Sunday the furniture repair man had these mini models of orangy wood Empire (?) pieces he can whip up for you.
And at Le Bon Marche - the piece de resistance.
Passion fruit gateaux!
Does this make you want to drink your orange juice:)


  1. Oh, Carol, Joe will be in hog heaven when I show him your post today--orange is his favorite! I love the accents of orange. And yes, it makes me want to get out the OJ--we do that every day for breakfast, anyway. Delightful!

  2. Brilliantly bright orangy post carol. I don't like passion fruit but that cake looks so tempting!

    How you resisted those madelines I will never understand. My Euro diet would have crashed right there. LOL.

  3. Anonymous8:57 AM

    My favorite color! Painted my sunroom orange 15 years ago and still love it.

    Eileen (passions to pastry)@

  4. Want orange juice now!! These are beautiful . We are overcast and getting some storms today. This is a treat...gorgeous watercolor my friend. ;-)

  5. I love the imagery of the repair person's "whipping up" one of those fantastic mini-furniture treasures. So fun, what a relief you are there!

  6. I feel I've gotten my vitamin C for the day.

  7. Orange is my husband's favorite colour and for me it has become a colour of love in the same way red is---only orange is less serous and a little more fun. Love all the orange coloured photos you shared with us. Hope you have an orange coloured day.

  8. Anonymous12:36 PM

    The warmth and light here is very appealing.
    Yummy Orange!

  9. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Your watercolors are lit from within!

  10. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Oh my, you forgot to mention the most famous French orange of all...who could ever be disappointed when presented with something in the fabulous Hermes logo box???
    A sure fire hit for any occasion, in my humble opinion!!!

  11. Those madeleines sound incredible.

    I love accents of orange, too. I wouldn't wear it full on, but in small amounts it looks really great. Refreshing, just like how an orange tastes!

  12. Did you know that if you eat enough carrots your skin turns orange? I am the font of knowledge.

  13. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Oh The only thing I know about orange is that it's the only word that doesn't rhyme with anything....

  14. Anonymous4:30 PM

    This is just lovely!

    The Persimmons' Mum

  15. Anonymous5:07 PM

    For many years orange was my favorite colour. One of my American penpals remembers, and for birthdays and Christmas she always sends me something orange :-)

  16. I love Boulangerie Paul's window still life. Then right below all those lovely Oranges. Makes me want to go find one to eat.

  17. I do love orange and of course I'm a big fan of fruit de la passion. I wish I ad these madeleines in my kitchen, now!

  18. Anonymous6:19 PM

    ohhhh, you must be an absolute PRO at taking covert pictures. Every time we have been in Paris and tried to take a picture of the scrumptious stuff at Le Bon Marché we have had fingers wagged at us and a "non". Have to learn to be more discreet I suppose.
    abeillemere at comcast dot net

  19. another glow-in-the-dark blog...

  20. As usual, your painting is breathtaking.

    Wanted to send you a photo from my December trip of the Orange store promotion -- a young man dressed all in orange, on stilts, walking down the Champs Elysees. Can't figure out how to do it though.

    Love your blog.

  21. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Have I taught you nothing? The giant carrot is all the better to lure the future lapins!

  22. I love how you see and observe... that's a true artist!


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