Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Priori Thé

#112 L'heure du The, original watercolor - 9" x 11"
More teapots today - this time in Paris My last day in Paris. Why do you always try to do too much last day in Paris? I paid a visit to the Galerie Vivienne, one of Paris' most elegant Passage couverts (covered passages) constructed in 1823 by Marchoux. You can find it in the 2e arrondissement on 4, rue des Petits Champs. Metro: Bourse A Priori Thé salon has been there since 1980 The door says they open at 9 AM The waiter inside said non, they open at 12:15 It was 12 noon...Hmmmm Quelle domage. Their card matches the terrifically patterned tiled floor of Galerie Vivienne by the way. I'll just have to return another last day in Paris...
Mean while back on the home front another teapot arrived in the mail, this time from Hong Kong! Note the spout is blocked. Not a working teapot. Should I return to sender? In fact I have a total of 9 NINE ! mini teapots altogether, so I will try to be less greedy in the future. Dream on...


  1. That watercolor is gorgeous, Carol! All filmy and translucent washes. Wonderful! Your collection is great--lots of shapes to use for still life settings. I know what they'll be used for soon.

  2. Love the table cloths and that RED rose. lovely.
    Your collection is growing. Good thing it IS in miniture. :)

  3. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Should we visit A Priori The when we go back to Paris? :)

    Ah, when will we go back to Paris...?

    I long for Europe so much!

    Enjoy this post!

  4. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Ah the rules in Paris...
    Do not come 15 minutes early OR ELSE!
    Not even 5 minutes before opening will be allowed.
    And do not expect any change!

  5. Anonymous10:34 AM

    And I was just about to send you the tiniest teapot on the planet..
    A "working teapot" too!
    You'd need a loop to see it but I think you're set with 9 for the time being..
    Course a miniature Mariage Freres teapot would be lovely...

  6. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I absolutely adore your posts and look forward to them each day. We lived in Europe and I miss it terribly, so your blog reminds me of the joys! I often forward your posts to my daughter whom I traveled with to Paris often.

    Thank you for your lovely work and the joy you bring to so many.

  7. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Oh la la!
    I had High Tea in New York once. A friend took me to The Plaza. I will never forget it!

  8. The tiny teapots are divine! Even if they don't work :)

  9. You were early and I am late, late late for PB tea....It looks like apricot in puddles dancing on a page, tiny teapots and itty bitty macaroons...oooh I hope there are some left!
    Absolutely darling. Oh last days feel like one big rush just to take one more look. One more bit, a look, a linger, a tasty treat or two...a memory to tuck into our pocket. Rats. All of Paris just won't fit.

    That's why we must go back. :)

  10. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I don't think the Hong Kong tea kettle's spout is 'blocked.' Surely that is the whistle to let you know the water is boiling!

    Love, love, love your posts.

  11. Do you mind if I feature your blog on my blog today?

    My email is

    Thank you,

  12. you are right; La Galerie Vivienne is fabulous!

  13. Isn't it so hard to leave Pari?

  14. I love your collection ! it is so cute !

  15. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Thanks for taking me to tea! What an impressive tea pot collection you have! But my very favorite shot is your water color, the first photo!


  16. Anonymous8:40 PM

    What an adorable collection of lilliputian teapots! But it's the stamps I envy! I have bought those cheap bags of stamps like kids get for starting a stamp collection, and love to sift through them.

  17. wow... look at those minis... delicate to say the least!

  18. I am enthralled by your Art! This is truly a fabulous site!

  19. One can NEVER have too many miniature teapots, as far as I am concerned!!! Love them!!! Now you just need to find a miniature FRENCH waiter! Ohhhh Laaa Laaa...

  20. Their Almond Cranberry Pie is enough for me to return to Paris.


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