Friday, May 16, 2008

My Zazzle

 So they say it's my BIRTHDAY
Hey what's it to ya!ParisBreakfast at ZAZZLEI decided to give myself a few presents... In fact my "wishlist" is quite long. I've been meaning to make these gifts for some time...How about a gift stamp?
ParisBreakfast at ZAZZLEAnd a macaron mouse pad?
ParisBreakfast at ZAZZLEAnd Macarons on a greeting card..? What do you think?ParisBreakfast at ZAZZLE Hot chocolate?ParisBreakfast at ZAZZLEI'll take tea at the Paris Ritz* on a note card or a stamp.ParisBreakfast at ZAZZLEA bouquet from Aquarelle?ParisBreakfast at ZAZZLENever mind. I'll have a Marie-Antoinette rose on a mug please.ParisBreakfast at ZAZZLEQuite a few of you have asked for ParisBreakfast notecards and prints and whatnot..
Enfin you can drink your coffee out of a ParisBreakfast cup!
Much more stuff is coming - like Angelina etc I promise.
Please visit my brand new ZAZZLE*
And excuse my birthday suit..I'm still new at this.
THANK YOU All for making the Paris Petit Dejeuner card* the most popular on Zazzle - not sure what that means exactly but, now you can get it 20% off with FREE SHIPPING at least until May 22nd.BONNE JOURNEE !


  1. Carol, you did it! I knew it would be beautiful and it is! Wonderful! Congratulations, and happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Carol and welcome to Zazzle!

    AT ZAZZLE! What a great way to light up your birthday, Carol.
    Everything looks reeeeeely...
    well...tre' elegant!
    Happy Birthday and way-to-go!

  4. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your new shop...beautiful products, as always!

  5. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Bon idea! C'est mignon!

    Sinceres salutations,

  6. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Have a very nice birthday!!!

  7. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Dear Carol,
    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    Very beautiful blog today--as always.
    Best wishes,

  8. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Happy Birthday!

    Suss ;-)

  9. Otanjoobi Omedetoo Gozaimasu! (Happy Birthday!)
    Lovely zazzling!

  10. Happy birthday lady!! Please eat a macaroon for me (or five)!

  11. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Happy Birthday! If you are allowed, you could/should sell postage stamps with your artwork on pretty!

  12. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful idea. Love the zazzle. Oh, I am dying for a macaroon. I must make some soon.

  13. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Happy Birthday! Your Zazzle does dazzle! Congratulations!

  14. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Happy Birthday Carol!
    Wonderful Zazzle! Your paintings look divine on stamps and notecards, etc! Wishing you beaucoup success and delicious happiness!

  15. Ooooooh a birthday! Let's all have cake! :) Happy Birthday Carol.

    These miniatures just keep getting cuter and cuter every post. :~)

  16. Happy Birthday, Carol!! I hope you have a macaron today for each year you have been alive and that your birthday is a day filled with delight and decadence. And, I sincerely hope that all of your Paris dreams come true this year. Perhaps Paris for breakfast, lunch and dinner.:-)

    And, I love all of your Zazzle goods. You always know how to tempt me.

  17. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Happy, happy birthday!! I love all of your Zazzle things - it's a fun and wonderful way to celebrate your birthday!

  18. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I love it! It's a fantastic idea and you are so talented!

  19. Bonne Anniversaire!! I am so proud of you!!!!! These are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!I love those stamps, and the cards...and well everything. Congrats. Zazzle me, absolutely delicious.
    All best,

  20. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Everything is lovely.......I was hoping for note cards as I am a calligrapher !!!
    I love PB and Happy, Happy Birthday to you.....and many more .

  21. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Happy Birthday,
    oh god,
    you a May child too?
    Me too!
    They are the best!
    hug you,
    du Süße,

  22. Anonymous6:13 AM

    I think this is a fine outlet for your art.Note cards, stationery, mugs, "the memorabilia you didn't see when "you were there" is different.

  23. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Happy Birthday !

    It is my birthday today too!

    Thank you for making my day special by your bday pictures…etc.

    Love them all!


  24. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Happy Birthday, Carol! And wishing you many, many, more Paris Dreams birthdays!

  25. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Oh and I'll take a slice of that birthday cake, whenever you have a moment!
    Yesterday, I had my first French Macaron! Pistachio and a vanilla, from a local patisserie called Miel. They were both very, very good (and very, very addictive!). I now have to compare them to a Laduree macaron...
    Have a wonderful, luxurious birthday!

  26. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Happy Birthday Carol!

    I checked out Paris Breakfast at Zazzle and it was marvelous. I will be ordering the mousepad. Can’t have too many macarons. Thank you for bringing Paris to me every day.


  27. Anonymous6:21 AM

    This is great! Sweet!
    Products look great!
    Oh! P.S. Happy Birthday! (Taurus is best! We RULE!)

  28. I think you are a dark horse. You have done this all on your own? You clever girl. I love the Mouse Mat, well everything. Have you got that new computer out of the box yet???

  29. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Good Morning Carol!
    I have read and loved your blog for sometime now and had to finally write you! My husband and I just returned from Paris (a first visit for both of us, plus it was our belated honeymoon/first anniversary trip!). I have to tell you that reading your blog helped me to decide some of the "must visits" while we were there. We love tea, coffee and desserts (for our wedding reception, we had a tea at night in a garden) and had all the addresses in my Moleskine of great places near our hotel in St. Germain des Pres to visit. We got to go to Laduree (accidentally found it open on May Day after having been told nothing would be open!) and Pierre Herme, but missed going to Mariage Freres. I will have to tell you about our secret find though! We went to the prettiest tea room on the Rue de Medicis across from the Jardin Luxembourgh. It's called The Cool (the as in the french word for tea). We had walked to the garden and walked a long while in it and around it and needed to have a little pick me up. My husband Victor had a tea that had flavors of vanilla and citrus fruits. I had the most delicious caramel tea. And we shared huge pieces of lemon meringe pie and cheesecake. The desserts were good, but not Laduree and Pierre Herme wonderful (we had been spoiled by them already!). But I have to say the setting was gorgeous, the tearoom itself was so pretty (very cute/elegant in shades of mauve and purples, my favorite colors) and the people working there were very nice. I would absolutely recommend it for the next time you are there. I would have liked to have lunch there because their "salades composee" looked really nice!

    My husband was amazed one morning when I read your blog in the hotel before we went out for the day and you had been writing about Aquarelle. I told him it was the flowershop we had been past several times just down the street from us (we were on the Rue Dauphine) and I don't think he quite believed me until we walked past it again that day and then he recognized it too!

    So thank you for very much for so much great inspiration on our trip and for making me think I am back in Paris everyday when I read your blog!

    Have a wonderful day!

  30. Anonymous4:59 PM

    So very glad that you were born. You bring grace and elegance to the page and blogosphere not to mention humor to our world.
    You d best!
    I do have a small token for you.
    ps It's my birthday today too, so to speak.

  31. Anonymous5:02 PM

    All of your new products look great (luscious) too!

  32. Have a Most Happy Be-Lated Birthday!! :)

  33. Anonymous10:05 PM

    A belated Happy Birthday! As for your Zazzle, the only problem is deciding what I want most! Well,maybe not - how about a rabbitfur cup? I seem to recall seeing one somewhere.......

  34. Oh yes! Prints, prints, please! I'm a poor college students and I would love to hang some of these warm, cozy breakfast paintings in my dorm...but I can't shell out the money for the original or take the risk of it being bent/ruined in my summer storage. A print would solve all my problems! Please do consider, and I'm loving the cards and such. :)

  35. Eh, and happy bday. :)

  36. Have a very happy birthday!!!

    As for macarons, last night I polished off the last of them from our trip last month. WEEP! It's the first time since we've been back that I've felt maybe I need to start planning the next one. At least I have my Laduree bulk tea left. I haven't dipped into it yet, want to make it stretch.

  37. Dear Carol - Wishing you a fabulous birthday and an adventurous year!

    I didn't know anything about Zazzle. WOW! Your products are so darling, one-of-a-kind. Best of luck with it!

    A freind of mine, her daughter is getting married, I know she will go crazy over that Wedding Cake RSVP, I am forwarding it to her right now!

    YAY for you!

  38. Happy Birthday~
    With much love and many blessings~
    Love Jeanne

  39. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Hooray! Happy Birthday Carol!
    I'm sure you found the perfect way to celebrate!

    Wonderful Zazzle shop! I will definitely be a customer soon!


  40. Oh SWEETIE PIE! I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY! French Kisses from California, smothered in Macaron dust and dipped in champagne!


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