Monday, May 19, 2008

French Tea

French TeaFrench High Tea, original watercolor

Everyone thinks it's the British that started the whole tea thing but...French Tea But in fact, according to reknown letter-writer, Madame de Sévigné (1626 to 1696), tea first arrived in Paris in 1636 (22 years before it appeared in England!) and quickly became popular among the aristocracyFrench Tea Even Marie-Antoinette took tea all the time. And it was a Frenchwoman, the Marquise de la Sablière, who initiated the fashion of adding milk to tea. "Madame de la Sablière took her tea with milk, as she told me the other day, because it was to her taste" reported Madame de Sévigné. (By the way, the English delighted in this "French touch" and immediately adopted it.)French Tea I have Carole Manchester's French Tea (lurking around here somewhere) and I will find it and finally read it instead of just looking at the beautiful pictures...ahem I once was brave and went upstairs and took a delightful afternoon tea at Fauchon. The upstairs renovation is complete now and I'll visit next time. French Tea Yesterday Rochelle asked me: I'm taking my parents to Paris next week and I'd love to take them to a lovely salon de the or pastry shop. What would you recommend that's wonderful and has great atmosphere but isn't crazily expensive?Hmmm...may I suggest Angelina or Fauchon, there are so many lovely places. You can see I can take French tea anytime I want at chez ParisBreakfast...and first chance I'll get this new Re-ment French tea tier soon I hope.
French Tea


  1. Well done, Carol. Lovely tea sandwich stands--delicate and very sweet!

  2. I love the tray filled with treats that you created. I particularly like that there are all those macarons but only one cup of tea. That ratio seems right to me.

  3. Beautiful post today carol. I love the painting. Very Romantic. I dont know how you do it but you keep coming up with lovely fresh ideas of the Romance with Tea in your paintings.

  4. Anonymous10:03 AM

    I love seeing your pictures each day but I have to resist running out and buying a cake!

  5. Anonymous10:05 AM

    This is an email I get every am to get my morning started.

  6. These pictures made me so happy...nothing is more fanastic to me than tea and cakes!

  7. Great rendition of the Parisian Salon de the! Thank you Carol for such beautiful watercolors!

  8. Anonymous12:47 PM

    High tea for breakfast!
    Love it all

  9. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I always wonder what the difference is between a "French Tea" and "English High Tea"..?
    Any thoughts?
    Lovely watercolor today.

  10. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Marie-Antoinette didn't miss a fashionable trick did she..
    high tea
    She was on it!

  11. Beautiful, so plentiful with pictures. :) Just what I need on a Monday. It is off to paint I go post thé....yum, just scrumptious!
    All best, Jan

  12. Anonymous3:13 PM

    YUM love all the soft warm colors
    Positively glowing.

  13. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Since I've already list my many would I be allowed to eat at once?????

  14. Well blow me down with a feather - The French did it first???
    I notice your macarons are not squashed as mine were. You obviously didn't pass a lamp post on your way home with them.

  15. Oops I keep forgetting to say - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

  16. I love it, the tea set, the macarons!

  17. Anonymous9:24 PM

    What is that myterious pastry on the pink-rimmed plate next to the macaron? It has the most unusual lump (looks like a golf ball)!
    Not everyone thinks the British started the whole tea thing. Several billion Chinese insist it was they who started the ball rolling....though, for my taste, the Brits (and probably French - here I can only speculate, never having visited) have made the whole thing worthwhile...!

  18. Well heavens to Betsy Woman!
    Of course the French got their tea from CHINA!!!
    You are not clicking I see...HUMPH
    Do they grow tea in France?
    I think not.

  19. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Tea is also lovely at Mariage Freres in the Marais, and perhaps a wee bit less cher??

  20. Afternoon tea at Fauchon looks lovely! I wonder what kind of tea cup Marie Antoinette used (Austrians sip their tea from the edge of wide shallow cups).

  21. Anonymous12:34 AM

    D. and I had height Tea in London 1 time and I honestly felt like a Princess. And was I surprised. Food kept coming and coming. Just when you think that you can't eat one more bite, they bring the dessert tray. The star as far as I'm concerned. Is it like that in Paris? First little finger sandwiches, then something else, then something else and finally...the clotted
    Cream, strawberry jam. Scones, cakes and all the rest of the goodies. My ONLY regret that day is that I brought a tiny purse or I'm sure even the tablecloth would have gone into it. Discretely, of course!

  22. How delightful
    and macaroons are my favourite discovery here in France
    There is a shop on Guingamp that makes the most delicious raspberry and cream macaroon
    sigh, there goes the waistline!

  23. How beautiful and elegant is all that you share.
    I love everything~

  24. My favorite thing is having tea in Paris. I enjoy your watercolors so much Carol! I believe I will have to post about Paris this week! Thank you for showing us all of this eye candy.

  25. Lovely post! But I wonder...would it be possible to get a cup and saucer set into your Zazzle offerings? So dangerous to take tea at one's desk without a saucer beneath!

  26. look at the bump on that madeleine! Perfection!

  27. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Lovely, as always. Your posts add sunshine to my days!

  28. Steven H1:35 PM

    So happy for you and your move to Paris. I've been meaning to write but...anyway Congratulations

    Question - How do you stay abreast of all of the goings-on in Paris (like this show)?
    I'm going to Paris the in early April and would love to see what's happening.

  29. Anonymous5:42 PM

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