Monday, May 05, 2008

Sakura Murakami

Japanese tea and Dorothy's Persimmons, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
I have always professed to love all things Japanese like teapots and woodblock prints for example.

So how could I miss the Sakura Matsuri Cherry blossom festival at the Brooklyn Museum yesterday.
Plus the weather "people" were wrong again! No rain. Only sunny warm weather.
And every New Yorker showed up.
I arrived in just in time to catch the performers doing their Frank Sinatra New York, New York number. HUMPH !
Lots of pink cherry blossom things to buy like L'Ocidente body creams and notebooks and T-shirts and...and...and...
Just next door to the Botanical Gardens at the Brooklyn Museum of Art another flower show was going on - the Takashi Murakami retrospective.
And just as flowery an experience...
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
You could also lose some serious bucks at the Murikami - Vuiton shop in the middle of the exhibit...ahem
The show is on from April 5–July 13, 2008 and is a "don't-miss"
For the Cherry Blossom Festival - you'll have to come back next year I'm afraid..
*Thank you Dorothy for lending me your mini persimmons to paint*


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Marvelous persimmon painting....just scrumptious.

  2. Just beautiful, Carol! Love that painting. Good to see you are all getting cherry blossoms up that way, too. I thought of you when I read in the Times the other day they were having a Darwin's garden exhibit or something at the Botanical gardens. Sounded cool--they've recreated what he saw out of his windows or something. I wondered if you'd go. This is beautiful!

  3. Oh Oh Oh Oh OH!!! Absolutely exquisite!!!!!Huge smiles here. Just look at that paint...PB, you're on it!! Wabi sabi good.
    What a beuatiful day you had...just the best kind of Monday the word IS Wabi Sabi.;-)
    All best, Jan

  4. Anonymous11:30 AM

    A lovely breath of fresh Spring air!
    Y U M
    M E R C I

  5. ADORABLE lurkation shot of that exquisite little girl in her pink pink dress. The cherry blossoms were busting out all over in Paris; two weeks ago, there were some very fine flamboyant trees next to Notre-Dame, with everyone trying to capture them. Your shots are better.

  6. Lovely pictures of those gorgeous Cherry Tree's & watercolor. Nice you didnt miss them and the weather cooperated too.
    I too love the last shot with the little girl in the pink dress.

  7. The colors are gorgeous!

    The little girl in the pink dress reminds me of your post about how pink was en vogue in France!

  8. I do love Murakami works. I remember this Bergdorf window with these little monster. This exhibit looked interesting. Unfortunately, I couldn't come; too much work at the new apartment!

  9. Anonymous6:25 PM

    This makes me want to run outside and do a Jules Feiffer "Ode To Spring" dance!

  10. Hi there, I am new to your blog and I have to say it is wonderful. I have been enjoying your tea and cafe times vicariously! Your art work is lovely. Thanks for posting all the pretty images!

  11. I adore your paintings and even put "any" on my Mother's Day list!I am heading to Japan for the first time this week. This post added to my excitement, even though I won't see the cherry blossoms. Thanks for posting! :)

  12. Anonymous4:47 AM

    What lovely cherry blossoms(Sakura) you have in N.Y..
    The cherry blossome carpet in the pictuer looks fantastic.
    This year we had gorgeous cherry blossoms here in Tokyo between the end of March and the middle of April.
    It is the loveliest time of year when the cherry trees are in full bloom. I adore it very much. We go out for admiring the beauty of cherry blossoms, some people go on a picnic under the trees.
    We also have a lot of Sakura goods around the time like L'occitane do.

    ...and the persimmon and teapot in the picture looks lovely.

  13. what beautiful paintings and a lovely blog,The cherry blossoms look so beautiful i would love to add you to my blog
    Happy painting:) Judy

  14. Beautiful painting and photos! That little girl is simply adorable, swinging by your camera like a little fairy. Was she with you and did you encounter her by sheer serendipity?

    Persimmons and Sakura Matsuri cherry blossoms will forever remind me of our home in Washington, where wild persimmons (much smaller than the store bought ones, they would be the perfect for you) grow along the Potomac river at Great Falls, and three Sakura Matsuri cherry trees lined our driveway.

  15. Oooh! I loved seeing all those beautiful blossoms! Merci! Wish I had been there in person to thank you for allowing me a virtual visit to such lovely Spring beauty!

  16. If you walk past a blossom tree where I live you can hear it groaning trying its best to flower. We are way behind in this respect even though the sun is now shining.

  17. I love this post! The cherry blossoms are gorgeous... We have japanese botanical gardens near here and I love going there by myself sometimes... love the solitude and peace that I find there.

  18. Oh so gorgeous is everything you share with us.
    I love the cherry blossoms and all the flowers and the wedding things.
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  19. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Ahhh... finally the weekend and some time to catch up. I fell for that very notebook with the cherry blossoms last time I was in NYC and visited the Brooklyn Museum (still dreaming about a pre-columbian textile I saw!) and brought it home. Wish I had been there at bloom time...sigh.


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