Monday, May 12, 2008

Teapot Onboard

#110 Tiny Doll Teapot, original watercolor - 9" x 11"
A good teapot is hard to find...

Believe me I looked all over Paris. These Apilco teapots were at BHV.

This set was display at Musee de la Poupee Paris was perfect! But not for sale of course.
I did buy this teapot at the Doll museum.
Sadly they told me, not only was it not vintage, it was probably from China... Not even French.
Last week I went for my weekly jaunt to Tiny Doll House looking for a bud vase...ahem
There was a plethora of adorable mini teapots calling out to me.
Jeanette, Mistress of Long Ears Manor (she hunts rabbits or so she claims) asked, "Are these all miniatures that you're painting lately?"
Well yes they are..mostly. It's much easier to get good lighting and nice shadows with the minis. And all I need is my desk lamp.
And here is the perfect teapot! Naturally I brought along a cup and macaron from home for the test run. SIZE is everything when you're searching for the right teapot! I resisted this tea towel, but the memory lingers on... Should I get it? Yes or no? I'm still crazy for these Parisien glass teapots or any glass teapot for that matter.This tiny Re-ment Disney 50's Cafe teapot will have to do till something better comes along. If you see a good teapot (preferably 3/4" high) please give a shoutout. I'm still looking...


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Paris or New York...
    Teapot hunting is always a trip!
    but looking for mini teapots?!
    That's really a trip!
    Wish I had one for you...

  2. The watercolor of this teapot is wonderful! You intuitively know how to set up a composition, Carol. Even the shadows are pointing in towards the images, and the stair-stepped arrangement of all the objects in this one is charming: from the macaron up to the lovely flower--your eye just goes back and forth throughout the painting. Lovely. Good luck finding your teapot, but I love the classic shape of this one.

  3. Actually I love the classic lines (as you put it so well) of this teapot too. It was quite pricey but such a joy to paint that it's worth every penny.
    Love your crit of the watercolor!

  4. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I really like the washes in the paintings of your watercolos I've seen lately.

  5. Love the green tea you painted. While I don't enjoy green tea in real life--but your paintings are enough to make me want to give tea another try. I used to collect tea cups and then at some point I stopped because I realized I didn't like tea.;-)

  6. Love the whimsical way the macaron fits in the tiny tea cup.

    Carol- I thought of you this weekend as I attended an Afternoon Tea, and posted some photographs of tea cups and teapots on my blog.

  7. Anonymous11:51 AM

    ¾ inch is really small, I have one on a keychain. Try jewelry. Don't want to make some with Fimo?

  8. Love the paintings and the post. I really love the floral tea pot you have and have painted. Thats one of my favorites now. Yes you do set up still lifes very well.

  9. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I enjoy tea and tea pots and particularly, tea towels! Yes! How could you do without this charming little you have my vote.

  10. The Tiny Dollhouse is addictive.

  11. Anonymous3:34 PM

    The "China" rose bud teapot is very much like a set of demitasse cups made in occupied Japan that I inherited from my grandmother.

  12. Anonymous4:47 PM

    The tea towel? Yes of course you should get it. It looks great!

  13. Anonymous9:05 PM

    AHA! In olden times, I might have felt my heart race and my blood pressure rise when I got to the picture of that little rabbit in the blue jacket with brass buttons. But that was BEFORE Dentente. Just for the record, I now claim NOT to hunt rabbits, but aim to achieve rapprochment with them. Even that little one on the miniature (but easily lighted) teapot, the one in the blue jacket with brass buttons. Even though he was on the bottom of my cereal bowl and my mother made me finish the whole bowl just so I could see him. Even though I hated cereal. Even though I knew I only had to pour out the offending cereal. Even though I did not WANT to see the bunny at the bottom. Even though his doppelganger now decimates my vegetable garden. And my perennial garden. And my peace of mind.
    Detente is hell.

  14. Isn't that Apilco teapot so perfect? I fall for teapots. And tea towels. Tea towels have a whole cabinet in my kitchen. I like to use pretty ones, the better an excuse to buy new ones next time I fall for one! There's this Tuscan company which makes the finest linen towls the oldfashioned way, and the French damasque ones ... not jewels, tea towels for me, please. ;-)

  15. Anonymous3:47 AM

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