Monday, February 18, 2008

Pink Breakfast

#161 Pierre Herme Ispahan pinkerie PINK PINK PINK on a gray, rainy, chilly day. It can't hurt?
A stroll down rue Dauphine in the 6th, full of pink like these giant meringues. A pink wedding cake. A kid's shop with mostly pink things.
Boys, go some where else!
Pink twirling silliness.
In honor of the Westminster Dog Show.. a very silly doggie in a pink chapeau..
From the Salon du Chocolat, piles of pink (framboise or fraise?) nougat. YUM
Doesn't anyone need pink ink?

For grownups on 26, rue Vavin in the 7th - Baby pink cashmeres from Eric Bompard - miam
Why can't grownups have bracelets like this?
Or pink purses like this?
All from the rue Dauphine boutique...
Well at least we can have baby pink macarons...
Well we could if we happen to be in Paris! Hmmm..


  1. The pink is so cheerful on a horrible monday , the wedding cake is beautiful.
    The cakes you have painted,are they the ones that have custard in as in Scotland at a Frebch cafe they had some like that and l LLLLLLLOVVVVVVVED THEM.

  2. Your pink think makes me think of the film "Funny Face." Remember that great scene where the fashion editor decides that everyone has to be dressed in pink. However, she stays in black. Love it!!

    Pink is supposed to be the colour that attracts men. And, as I wrote about today, pink is supposed to be the lipstick colour to wear if you want to look 10 years younger. I am sticking with red.;-)

    And, Carol, hope that last picture is going to turn into a painting:-)

  3. Anonymous9:27 AM

    I thing about your Saint Valentin Hearts shootings and paintings and I am "in the mood for love" !
    These "rose" pictures too..


  4. Yes La Belette Rouge
    The last picture "was" going to be TODAY'S painting but...ahem
    But it's been so long since I've seen a REAL macaron...
    I have "Missing Macaron Syndrome"
    Painting them will just make it worse..

  5. Thinking oink never hurts. In fact, probably it could achieve world peace, feed the hungry, uplift the downtrodden, cure cellulite and erase wrinkles,....or it could brighten this monday morning most perfectly. :) And I want that bracelet too!!!! To go with the cashmere sweaters. Whimsey is good. Thanks a zillion pink thoughts. All best, Jan

  6. I love Pink. It's a warm happy color.
    Lovely painting. Lovely almost painting too. :)The giant pink meringues make me think of giant globs of Ice cream. yummm

  7. Holy meringue! Holy pink! It warmed up my day! Merci!

  8. My next trip as got to be to least I know who to ask for ideas where to go!!!

    I really must try a Macaron...and the Nougat looks tasty, I love it.

  9. Look at the size of that meringue! Holy molly! I love it!! I also loved those pink Robeez (the baby shoes... I've never seen them here). I love that we get daily reports from Paris. Too cool!

  10. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Nothing like starting off the week with plenty of PINK!
    It can only bode well for the rest of the week :)
    Coming up roses I hope..

  11. Anonymous4:05 PM

    It's actually sunny out here this afternoon, in NC, and we even have the door open so we can hear the birds, but pink is still good. It's supposed to get very cold tonight again, though. Wonderful images, Carol, and lovely painting with all your pink.

  12. Pink heaven!!
    these pinks have a very cheering effect!

  13. That little Eiffel Tower is just begging to get it! Love the giant meringues! My favorite thing to order when I was a kid!

  14. I LOVE your painting (and the photos of course) but this painting is amazing--you've captured the intense flavor of something very sweet and very pink in this painting. I can just taste it. Your funny little still life in the last pic is great too. Have you painted it?

  15. Nice blog! I love the yummy pictures :-)

  16. Anonymous1:36 PM

    You are too, too cruel....we could have pink macarons...indeed! What is that yummy pink layered thing? No matter, it can't possibly taste as good as you've painted. Sigh...

  17. How blissfully cheerful the pinkness of the blog!

    Thanks------- I leave with a smile and an unbearable desire for a cup of tea and a pink merangue!

  18. NOBODY does nougat like the French


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