Friday, February 01, 2008

Miniature Macaron Boxes

YES, I figured out how to make wee little macaron boxes.

And without out-sourcing to India or China too.
When I showed my Quelle Wrecked studio you got all dreamy about the pile of macaron boxes and planted a thought in my head.Maybe I could figure out how to make these. And I figured it out. It's true that my boxes are "bottomless".  I have to go back to Boxology class and resolve this bit of technology.Can you tell which one is the REAL box? You know I love to show comparative analysis. We're very scientific here at PB, always doing research...endless research for your benefit. Here's a Boulangerie sugar cube for size comparison.
Yellow Bird loves the new mini boxes. They are just his size.
More sizes and colors are coming. STAY TUNED.
When I requested a THIRD order of the Pierre Herme miniature macarons from Priscilla of NRFBQueen, she asked me, what is it with these MACAROONS!?
Oh Priscilla, how can I begin to tell you :)For your edification Priscilla VOILA! :
'Photo Shoot in Paris'
How To Make Macarons at Lenotre
Macaron a la JACQUEMART-ANDRE...
Visiting Gerard MAC-Lot
Paris Macarons..again

If I could just figure out how to make one of these in miniature size.


  1. You have been busy! Hats off clever one...and what a yummy treat to end. My haircutter and I were drooling over Laduree just yesterday and the Coppola Marie Antoinette how appropriate is this.
    Love it.
    All best, Jan

  2. Anonymous11:35 AM

    THESE are adorable!
    I can't believe you made these tiny boxes?
    Very sweet and I love the new watercolors.
    Keep em coming.

  3. Anonymous11:36 AM

    That last shot of the reds and pinks looks decorative, decadent and delicious. Your latest trays and boxes are delightful and diminutive, too, (Dear.) ;))

  4. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Are the mini macarons edible?

  5. Your paintings are wonderful. They just keep getting better. I love all the color you are putting in them now.
    I was looking for the sugar cube and couldnt find it. I then realized what I thought was a bar of soap WAS the sugar cube. lol. I still can't get used to them being so small even tho you keep telling us the size. You make the objects in the paintings look so normal sized. Also I love the 3 boxes on top of each other. blue, green and pink. Really a pretty picture in itself. Good job on the mini boxes to.

  6. Anonymous11:49 AM

    "Back to Boxology class"...too funny! Looks like you perfected the "Art of the Box". You have many so many skills! Each painting is a joy to see.

  7. Carol
    EVERY PAINTING seems to be getting LUSHER! When I took the course at the Barnes Foundation, Violette Di Mazia would exclaim about the "EFFULGENCE" of Monet's & Renoir's paintings. Your images are overflowing with subtle color; in the lights, shadows, shade, EVERYWHERE.
    I feel I've just had DESSERT...and I haven't even had LUNCH yet!

    This was an inspired post! I was really gonna do a "Toaster" post and had the watercolor 1/2 finished. But last night I came home and made the NEW Laduree boxes while watching LOST. And this morning they just looked irresistable to me. At 7AM I did setups, shot them and then painted them = a whirlwind posting session since I had to leave for work by 10ish!
    I guess when you're inspired you can do just about anything :)

  9. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Ah, Priscilla, Priscilla, have you learned NOTHING from Paris Breakfasts? One can never have too many macarons, be they pastry, rubber or plaster!
    As for the bottomless box....I thought that was an American tradition, so perhaps your roots are showing.

  10. gosh that last photo, yum! enlargements for me please!!

  11. Anonymous4:07 AM

    I posted ALOT of macarons for you today.........I am hooked :-)

  12. Carol,
    by simply painting that little cutie, I am sure you will create a masterwork!
    My favorite painting is the second one from the top, the boxes with the mini macarons, sitting there like waiting to be .... hm ... no ... yes, to be kissed!
    Instead of kissing, I ate four macarons last Thursday, thinking of you! One day you will have to taste them with me. I am sort of curious if you'd enjoy the pistaccio flavour as much as I did.

  13. And no, you really figured out how to make the Ladurée boxes? You could pull a Jeff Koon, only going in the opposite direction, miniature instead of giant, making sure that every Ladurée-addict can have his or her own Ladurée box collection! I mean it.

  14. I am always hungry when I come here.

    I should eat first. Too many delicious things.

  15. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Beautiful blog! I love your watercolors! I found you through the new Artful Blogging magazine and I'm so happy I did. Really lovely and inspirational!! I'll definitely be a regular visitor now!

  16. These paintings are FABULOUS C! Like the minis very much! Bravo. You have been busy and have stayed focused!!


  17. I am sooooooo in love with your creations! They are so exquisite! And the delicacies you share. I am speechless!!

  18. Those boxes are lovely...and I think I just put on 3 lbs looking at that sweet confection. ACK!

  19. Wonderful boxes and colors, so mouthwatering. All my diet New Years resolutions are flying out of the window as I head for the kitchen in search of something as yummy.


    MERISI! What a wonderful idea! Tiny bronze Laduree boxes = heaven!
    Jeff move over

    Melissa's Cozy Teacup all macarons on Paris Breakfasts are edible, small and big. Thanks for asking first before biting.

    THANKS Cris in Oregon. I have to let my thumb get into the picture more often to show how mini these minis are. I can't believe it myself or how inspired I am by them. They have liberated my paintings in a new way. Not sure I'll ever be able to paint life-size again.
    Gulliver's Travels here I come :)

    Boxology class at the Learning Annex...coming up very soon lvetopaint

  21. Anonymous3:57 AM

    Oh yes! You can be sure that I 'm staying tuned!!! I enjoy your small world low-calorie!

  22. I am working on this St Honoré in ,iniature too. Totally understand the sighs...

  23. Bravo c'est éblouissant tout cela!


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