Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paris Cupcakes

While I'm very busy here painting mini cupcakes...
Might I remind you these cupcakes are just 1/2" high...
Paris Breakfast reader in Paris, Stephanie Rigg was kind enough to send me photos...
Of GIANT cupcakes she spotted in BCBG's Paris windows...
These may be the only cupcakes to have hit Paris as far as I know...
I've seen way too many muffins...
Too many brownies and too many bagels in Paris.
But cupcakes? pas encore! Hmm....are those pancakes in the background or black and white cookies?!
What is the world coming to?
Still these are GREAT shots Stephanie!
BIG MERCI for keeping us au courrant of what's hot in Paris!

Mean while back in New York, I've misplaced my 1" little bear.

I better call Missing Persons...



  1. I think cannot think of anything more appealing than a man with a Laduree box of those heart shaped macarons under his arm stopping into a florist on his way to my pied a terre in Paris...oh wait I'm in Dallas!.... either get me a ticket or stop him, there's some Parisienne floozy getting my Valentine's gifts!

    sorry...just a little Paris Dream. :)
    All best,

  2. oooooo...love the chocolate cupcakes frosted with pink roses.. yummm

  3. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Those things you can't identify are Jaffa Cakes - a dry base a bit like a trifle sponge, topped with orange jelly and then the whole top covered with chocolate. There is a lot of discussion about whether they are a cake or a biscuit.

  4. Anonymous2:23 PM

    What a very nice post - thanks!
    Of course you made a nice subject around the photos and it worked really well ;)
    Hope the PB regulars like it too!

    I'll be in touch if anything else catches my eye..... naturellement!



  5. Those aren't pancakes they are Jaffa Cakes - truly English!

  6. Fairy cakes (a.k.a. cupcakes) and jaffa cakes - I have died and gone to cake heaven...and I'm on a diet too :-(
    Yes there is much discussion on whether Jaffa cakes are biscuits or cakes (likewise whether to put the jam or the cream on your scone first, for an 'Devon Cream Tea')... The debate rages on.

    Super post, and delightful to see some Paris fashions as well. Can we have lots of photos of the new spring fashions when you get to Paris - pretty PLEASE - dear Carol??

    I love to look at Paris fashion anyway ( I worked on 7th Avenue & in the Orient) Plus it's a change from looking at pastries, which everyone knows are caloric even if only looking.
    If you can sit on the couch and think about exercise and it has an effect..well. What's the difference!

    Thanks all for the correction on the Jaffa cakes!
    Vitally important info!
    Much obliged :)

  8. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Your little Teddy is becoming more and more charming by the day...
    And what a big appetite he has!
    Hope you take him to Paris too

  9. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Too cute! makes me want to have a tea party!

  10. cupcakes! ooh, I hope your bear was not eaten by one of those gigantic cupcakes...hope you find him soon!

  11. Your mini cupcake painting is adorable! The colors are gorgeous!

  12. I may take a detour to Paris, just to see that store window! My favorite shot is the two cupcakes with the gray facade (reflected?) in the window.
    So sad about your little missing person! Hope you find him soon (how about putting a stocking on your vaccuum hose and go on a ground search?).
    I have the saddest news about my little Goldie, my two Goldies actually: Sunday night child 1 ate no. 1 Goldie, Monday night daughter 3 insisted on polishing off Goldie no. 2. All that is left is the little paper carrier it came in. I still carry it in my handbag. Kids can be so cruel.

  13. Oh no not the 1" bear, bet he is hiding amongst the cupcakes!

  14. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I was just thinking, instead of cupcakes....we might call those...."thimble cakes" and the others "tub cakes"...your sweet teddy bear is having a picnic ~!
    Lucky bear~


  15. Anonymous12:33 PM

    no no, not the little bear!

  16. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I think those black and white cookies are a Swedish invention. Sort of a spongy macaroon bottom with pasty cream (stiff ) atop and glazed with chocolate.
    A swedish bakery that used to be close to where we lived made delicious ones.

  17. Anonymous1:51 AM

    you did a good job and give us very good information

    thanks a lot

  18. I didn't know my sister read your blog too! How funny :) Hi Steph!

  19. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Good new everybody!
    New and only cupcakes store is opened in Paris:

    "Cupcakes & Co"
    25 rue de la Forge Royale
    75011 Paris
    Tel 01 43 67 16 19

    Bon appétit!


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