Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Etude Blanche

#155 3 French tarts Painting white objects is no piece of cake it turns out...Hmm I am up the whazoo with gateaux blanche here thanks to my greediness for mini this and that.. Here's a Mozartian white wedding gateau... *Note the 2 shades of white - cream plus a little touch of pink - the heart. When there's a transportation strikes in Paris you discover new things. Like these fabulous and gorgeous ( I know, I know gorgeous means multi-colored, just wait) ceramic pear sculptures. Pears sit in Restaurant Benoit's windows on 20, rue St. Martin, noted for it's turn-of-the-century Belle Epoque bistrot decor. And artichokes... This handsome huge snail sits in L'Escargot's window on rue Montorgueil... Another of Benoit's window displays.. So what's the point of all this white? Well that's just it! There is a lot of color in white. Warm and cool colors depending... White is the combination of all colors of the visible light spectrum. Like these tarts are decidedly warm in tone...
Hmmm...a bit of blue AND warm tones in this gelato... Gelato for breakfast anyone? I'm in!
White roses are the perfect subject for color in whites...
As Henri Fantin-Latour shows us here in this lush still life painting.
Talk about lush whites..
This Illy poster was outside my front door in Paris and I was ever amazed by all the colors...well maybe just amazed!
Now it's your turn. Name some colors you see in all these whites.


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Amazes me to think you will soon be back in Paris. I very much enjoy your extraordinary sensitivity to the colors and contrasts in your "white" painting! Yum.

    Breakfast: delicious and nonfattening.

  2. Hats off once more. A lovely, inspiring post. Perfect for a gloomy day.

  3. Yum--MEEE! White is so much fun to do and this is splendid. Don't get me started on all the reasons pour l'etudes blanches that increase one's sensitivity to color...I would rather just partake of your scrumptious gelato, and your cakes! What a beautiful surprise this am. Bien Fait!!!!
    All best, Jan

  4. Your watercolored white "objects" look more delicious than the white objects anyway!! And seeing gelato always makes me happy! Have a great day C!

    Happy painting,

  5. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I think painting whites is one of the all-time best exercises in watercolors. Yours are beautiful, Carol. Lovely post!

  6. Carol -- you trulymake these delicious tidbits glow off the page -- glorious job on them all!

  7. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I see a tiny bit of creamy blush in the center of the roses.

  8. Love the post today. Love the painting. Very tempting to eat the cakes it's that good. Amazing how we think white should just be white but it is nothing really unless you add the colors surounding it. Which still isnt easy, but You capture it so well.

  9. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Thank you for the zero calorie desserts. The minis are fun and look edible when you paint them. I get a vicarious rush through your collecting.


  10. Ooh what a delicious WHITE post. I love White!
    By the way The Ham Fair is on 7 - 16 March 2008. Go it's wonderful

  11. Anonymous3:19 PM

    If you like white on white have a look at these textile and art quilts in different white's.
    Must get back to see your blog as just got up to the white. Your messages and pictures l save till teatime in the UK and if l have had a bad day your email cheers me up so much, then l pop into it all night,


  12. Thank you JILL for the excellent white exhibit - how perfect!

  13. Anonymous3:22 PM

    That´s my girl.....

  14. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Beautiful post today!


  15. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Loved this post.
    You made the little faux cakes look tastier than in real life!
    I am mad for white and have a lot of white photos in my Flickr faves!
    I'll have that pear.
    Which one?

  16. Mozartian white wedding gateau? How romantic! Sarkozian wedding cake? :-)

  17. I REALLY want to eat those pastries, not look at them...

  18. Anonymous7:26 PM

    wonderful dreamy mix of colors (as usual) - painting whites is such a challenge! NOT eating the pastries is probably worse...

  19. Delicious post today. I adore the wedding cake, lovely. All of your whites inspire, but I too would enjoy those pears!

  20. What an eye you have - the juxtaposition of the white ceramics ( which I love too) and the meringues is absolutely delicious. (oh please forgive me for that one)

  21. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Hi Carol....
    I love your work and your daily blog delivered free of charge to my desk!

    I collect mini matchbox size English buses!

    Have a beaut day,

  22. Anonymous8:04 AM

    My Name Is Krystal L.
    I am 19 and from the States and I am a big fan of your work!
    I am interested in moving to Paris to study Culinary Arts, I would Like to rent the apartment on the top floor of your building and I can not seem to find a way of contacting whoever it is that rents it out. I would greatly appreciate it if you knew a way of contacting...

  23. No biggie, but that's a Lavazza poster.

  24. Anonymous6:49 PM

    When you go back to Paris, please ask L'Escargot to align the holes in their tureen. No, I have no life. But I do love your whites! Especially the painted ones.

  25. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Wow, such a nice bear on board. Hug it! Love it so much!

  26. Beautiful photos!!! Oh the yummy tones of white are soo gorgeous in your photos...beautiful post :)


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