Wednesday, February 20, 2008


#166 New Laduree Box                       Some days I after posting, I make mini boxes. 
In the Pro section of Salon du Chocolat -many candy and pastry boxes.
A pile of ballotins waiting to filled up with chocolates with your name on them.

These were all from the king of French Boxology, Embaline.
Also known as Cartonnage De Luxe (luxury box makers)
Here their heart within a heart for Saint Valentin day.More lovely stacks of candy boxes in cinnamon / Cannelle.
Do you think I was cut out to be a box-maker?
Very popular with the macaron makers are these transparent boxes - you can see the goodies instantly. Angelina uses them.
Laduree Boxes
Laduree Boxes
Laduree Boxes

Laduree BoxesThe newest box at Chez PB is of course classic green, and the newest critter in the house is amused.
Hmmm..the other PB critters are not amused to have more competition for their macarons. Do you blame them?
Just don't go away hungry. Here are some macarons to nibble on from Patisserie Stohrer on 51, rue Montorgueil.


  1. i'm eating with my eyes... how lucky is bear!

  2. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Bear is putting on a few!
    Good thing he has some competition at last. Now he may have to run a bit to keep up with Cat..
    Couldn't hurt him any...

  3. Nobody makes boxes like Laduree. The boxes narrative communicates a golden age of romance. I have been writing a lot about not judging the book by the cover---but how a beautiful cover does attract more people to actually pick up the book. With Laduree the box seems to match the inner--or even enhance what is on inside. Your Laduree painting is so beautiful!!

  4. La Belette Rouge The wonderful thing about LADUREE BOXES is you can save them and take them home and dream about them... Very smart marketing on their part.
    What's meaning does a transparent empty box have once the macarons are gone?
    LADUREE is the master of French marketing magic in my opinion.
    Even Pierre Herme's "petal" macaron box barely stays closed and is nothing to write home about, though it's got a nice clean lines and bright color.
    Big woof
    Simply not a "keeper".

  5. Love the photo of the ballet slippers with the pink macarons and those gorgeous boxes. They certainly do design lovely boxes.
    Hello new cute Kitty.
    You do know that Cats eat birds dont you? Better make sure he gets plenty of those Macarons. :)

  6. Carol, I absolutely love your blog! I've ben reading for a while, but I finally got the RSS feed to work (user error--I'm sure) so now I read a lot more. Whenever I need a little Paris pick-me-up I visit your site. Thank goodness you're a frequent poster!

    My Laduree box is one of my favorite Paris souvenirs. I love it, and it sits prominently on my shelves with a mini Eiffel Tower on top. But, I do also like my La Maison du Chocolat boxes--especially my Valentine's Day box from last year. It's been empty for a long time (of course!) but it's still on the shelf in my pantry that my eye falls on first. It's just that happy!

  7. I have no idea what my fascination with lovely boxes and packaging is, but I hope I never lose it. Laduree has tapped into that dreamer and Romantic in all of us. Just look them... Ahhh, must get to Paris....soon.
    New kitty...mechant or sympa? we will have to wait and see.
    All best, Jan

  8. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Those heart boxes that open up are really cool! I'd use that to put jewelery in on my dresser or something. I like the design of those! But all the Laduree boxes are so feminine and pretty. Love the lavender ones with the ballet slipper, Carol. Tres jolie. Your latest painting is no disappointment, as usual! Charmante!

  9. laduree, boxes, macs! yum!

  10. Hi Carol - I love the delicate colors of this "New Laudree Box" watercolor!

  11. I forgot to mention the lovely painting you did. I think this is one of my favorites of the boxes you have done. Could be the macarons and could be the colors of pink in there. :) Could be just everything in it. :)

  12. Carol...I agree with Chris and Lori
    Lynn. Your painting today is very much in keeping with the beauty of the boxes that follow. Delicious colors, elegant, and inspired. And I enjoy the "flow' you've created in the design, as our eyes move through the composition.
    Very, very nice.

  13. Have just visited Laduree's website for the first time, thanks to you, couldn't resist sending a postcard to our blog. Thanks for the introduction.

  14. I like your new pet!

  15. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Good heavens! Don't you screen the links you put on this blog? I clicked on Embaline (as a long-time box collector) and cleverly chose the British flag so I could read everything in English. As I waited for the next screen, a box exactly like Christopher Elbow's (He's that wonderful local chocolatier I've mentioned before) popped up and was called the Balzac. I began to read. Not surprisingly, the second heading was about Passion and know-how for creative products. Boy, do they mean PASSION! I quote:
    "The promiscuity of the various workshops and the presence of a creation studio inside the places are also strong assets." Yes. Go read it yourself.
    Perhaps you could institute a ratings system to warn faint-hearted, chocolate-loving, box-lovers what they are about to face. Or tell Embaline to get a better translator...perhaps tu?

  16. Leave it to you Jeannette, Oh Huntress of the poor, dear lapin, to find something naughty on a simple box website.
    I do not see the words you mention..
    Perhaps it was your rampant imagination at it again!

  17. i donate my photo on for red hot macaroons....would love to see it in watercolor

  18. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I like the new little black cat. Let's hear it for rampant imaginations! Heheha!

  19. Oh everybody else can fight over the macarons. I'm going after the little cat!

    I collect cat figurines you know.


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