Monday, February 11, 2008

Cookie Nonsense

#159 Eiffel Tower Laduree It was really, really slow on Saturday at the store...
So I started looking at the 2,134 photos on Flickr...
#158 Teddy Bear Tea at LadureeAnd 57 of those photos are mine!
You can even view them as a slide show if you're having a really slow day...
#157 Laduree pile of boxesAs sometimes happens, my computer went on strike on Sunday...
So I was having another really slow day and I decided to make some mini shopping bags...
To put all my mini boxes into.Here is a comparative analysis of a real small-sized macaron box with my hand mades...

I know you're really more interested

In what's inside...

Those boxes and bags...
My Laduree lunch todayNever mind all you non-mini lovers :(

I'm going to go have a mini lunch.


  1. Hi! I'm going to go to Paris for 1 week and I'm sure I'll think of you when I'm in at Ladurée et Pierre Hermé.!!!!!

  2. Will you be there for the BIG not-to-be-missed PH Macaron day in March Anne Corrons?

  3. Another great posting!!!
    I hope Laduree really is coming.

  4. AH it is fun to see how much of a fan you are of laduree! ;-)

  5. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Doesn't surprise me that many of those images would be yours! beautiful! Your little bags are delightful.

  6. Ooh count me in...Laduree NYC!!! Both making props? Who knew....:)
    Love the Bear and Box on box.. big wonderfulness there!
    All best, Jan

  7. Only about 5 more weeks until I get to taste my first macaron! (And from Laduree!!!!)

  8. sigh, I want to go to Laduree!!!

  9. Oh I am jealous of all you who are getting to eat Laduree macarons soon. boo hiss.. LOL. Love the Bear on box painting too. The box makes a nice Laduree table. :)

  10. K & S, I bet if Laduree opens up in NYC, Japan is not far behind or rather will get it first.

    Cris in Oregon - Laduree Box furniture!
    Why not?

    Cassoulet Cafe - will you do a mutli-macaron tasting?
    Where will you go first?
    Ah the choices...

    Bea, who is not a fan of Laduree, even if sometimes their service could be improved...the atmosphere is so glorious!

    Thank you Loveitaly for complimenting my first attempt at bag making...
    I could do this!

  11. You are so versatile. Now you're a bag lady!!
    They are fabulous and so cute

  12. Mini shopping bags!
    There are people who perform well both under pressure and on slow days, you are one of them. You creativity is oozing out of those little mini bags and boxes, you'll need to do some XXXXL ones soon! Maybe Jeff Koons will lend you some tools? ;-)

    Have I got an idea what you'll be doing next?! Yes, I do. And no, I am not telling.

  13. Sorry to reply so late, I am not getting my alerts for some reason.

    My friend is bringing me an assorted box from Paris when she comes down to Toulouse to visit me.

    I am making a list of the flavors I want to try...maybe she better bring me TWO boxes, non?

  14. You are so bumming me out! I've never been to Laduree - shoot, I've not been to Paris since 1974! Never even had one of those delightful looking macarons. Sigh! Don't suppose they would contemplate coming to North Texas, would they?

  15. Anonymous8:03 AM

    My subconscious keeps me going back to this comments box, to get a peek at the Pain aux raisins. *yammie*

  16. Awww... this is amazing! i just found your blog. what a great way to start my morning. love your artwork!

  17. Oh those images drive me wild with desire for goodies. OMG.

  18. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Magnific! I'm never tired with these little green things!!!

  19. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Here's to LOTS of slow days! Magnificent of my passions - I hang onto the good ones for ages. How do you do the prints on the bags without a computer?

  20. Laduree in New York next year? If I get lunch with you there...I am on the next plane!

  21. If Laduree opens in New York next year , I am on that next plane with Helen.

  22. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Hi, Carol,
    I happened to visit your blog by searching the Laduree. I noticed you mentioned you found a class where you could make them yourself......
    Could you please tell me where is it?
    I hope it's not in Paris. I currently locate in Los Angeles & I'm almost out of the caramel I bought at Laduree since last Fall, 2007 & I'm getting panic not able to get it around West coast....

    Can you share your recipe, please?

  23. Hi
    Ohhh I would just love to have the print for making 1/12 scale mini Laduree bags. Any chance that I could have a copy somehow? Please come over to my blog and see my Laduree cabinet I have made for my box collection;)


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