Wednesday, February 13, 2008

BonBon Breakfast

#162 Neuhaus chocolates I went to Soho (not to chocolate rehab...but I should have)
To check out the Valentines offerings...
Here a heart hat for your head!
#161 Hershey Chocolate Kiss Valentines chocolates suit me better...
Dean & Deluca has a plethora of heart cookies...
And heart chocolates...
And heart-shaped cakes up the whazoo...
More D&D cakes.
A few blocks away on Spring Street, red-doored Balthazar has lovely Valentine cakes...
Inside pink petit fours (I ate one).
And in the windows heart-shaped cookies...
Berry tarts...
And a red-ribboned chocolate cake!
Don't miss today's NYTimes article on why you should eat more milk chocolate. Plus tasting notes by Julia Moskin...
Little bear has been found!
Found reposing on a rose petal, contemplating a Michel Cluizel chocolate heart.
Little bear has expensive tastes.
Hmmm...wonder who he has been hanging out with..
? ? ?


  1. I swear it just happened! Neither one of us could help it!!!!

    WOWOWOW today.....!!!!Great chocolates in paint.
    all best, Jan

  2. As red is my favorite colour, I love all this red!!! And, my synchronicity of the day, I had a piece of French chocolate for breakfast. So much better than bacon and eggs.
    Happy Valentines Day!!

  3. Jill S.12:27 PM

    Carol, did you see that beautiful pink cake and there were some glass plates spelling out love, well l can dream as all l have is a Persian cat and she doesn't earn any wages so its a toasted sandwich for me.

  4. Melanie12:29 PM

    Hi Carol,
    Happy Valentine's Day to you!!
    I just finished eating three cupcakes for Valentine's Day--two white and one pink--
    I too have a sweet tooth.

  5. Phew! Little Bear is safe!

  6. Anonymous12:36 PM

    These are wonderful, Carol. We have plans for tomorrow, but so far, no chocolate hearts...I need to work on that! I thought I might make heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. ;)) Have a happy Valentine's!

  7. chocolates for breakfast sounds like a plan to me :)

  8. These are all so lucious looking and lovely. And Calorie free just looking. :) Hey, a moment on the lips a life time on the hips.. but a picture or painting is a whole different ball park. This is Virtual reality at it's best. :)
    I love all the hearts. Great post today.

  9. Little Bear is a fellow after all our hearts!

  10. cannelle et vanille1:43 PM

    I love New York and all the window shopping and the decorations... too cute! Oh, and Balthazar! So jealous!

  11. I love Balthazar. Their tartlets are fantastic!

  12. I hate to be a TATTLE-TALE...
    BUT! I spent last weekend in a cheap motel with my lover, in Cape May, NJ, and who do I see at breakfast but LITTLE BEAR and LITTLE (cheep - cheap) YELLOW CHICKY! Needless to say, I made believe I didn't recognize them, out of deference to their many fans. (hee-hee)

  13. Thank you for sharing all of these.
    Love everything you post.
    Pictures are fabulous~

  14. So the bear did not run away with the spoon! :-) Well, if I were offered a bed of rose petal, I would stick to you like crazy clue on chocolate high!

  15. Thank you for including these Valentine's Day delights. And thank you for your sharing your tremendous talent. Every one of your paintings is eye candy!

  16. Little bear has expensive tastes? Please don't tell me you share your precious chocolates with him! Is his passport u to date for your upcoming Paris trip? Happy Valentines Day!

  17. Great post, photos and fab watercolours!

  18. I will link you at my painting blog!

  19. The last day of my judging for the wine competition our moderator brought us each ( 5 of us) a little box of Michel Cluizel chocolates.
    Very sweet of him and truly yummy.

    So glad little bear has been found!


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