Thursday, February 21, 2008


#167 Debailleur Ballotin of Chocolates Debailleul Ballotin of chocolates, 9" x 11"
At the Salon du Chocolat one of the most beautiful, sumptuous displays was from a Belgian company called:
DEBAILLEUL and don't ask me how to pronounce that.

Debailleul Everything they showed was glistening and lush.
Debailleul Here is a Buche with little macarons girding it's perameters?

DEBAILLEURHere's the funny thing about DEBAILLEUL...
Their head chef, Marc Debailleul is not only French but an M.O.F. to boot.

Meaning he's been chosen as the top in his industry as well as winning numerous prizes at the Lyon Pastry D'or etc. And Debailleul is in Brussels! What's more, there is a decidedly "Scottish style" to their presentation like this clan tartan plate or the tartan plaid that lines their divine little info booklet!?
DEBAILLEURYet if you took yourself off to Scotland I bet you wouldn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of finding such rare goodies as these. Correct me if I am wrong any of you native Scots out there.
Debailleur Debailleul has even named one of their very French gateaux "Dumphries"? Does the chef dream of being in Scotland doing a Highland fling while munching some shortbread?

DebailleurHere's a gateaux that looks like a hedgehog to me... Is that the Scottish national mascot?
DebailleurChef Marc Debailleul and their director, Hans Pauwels at the show. I think he told me they may be opening a shop in the US..even New York! Oh Please do!  I think they said come visit next time I'm in Brussels. I do plan to make a side trip from Paris in March to see Belgian chocolates. I must admit I took poetic licence with today's aquarelle. Debailleul dinnae have no blue boxes or chocolate-covered cherries.




Rue de Ganshoren 27-39 1081 Bruxelles Belgium
Another reason I must visit - it behooves (Scottish?) me to make a more accurate painting of their chocolates. The arrow is pointing to their excellent booklet full of tempting "chocolate maps" that will make you want to jump on the next plane to Brussels!
DebailleurNone of this matters a trice. Debailleul's pastries and chocolates are superb in appearance and taste. They kindly gave me a box of chockies. If only I had it here to paint.

DebailleurAll of their graphics and packaging are superior - the best I saw at the Paris chocolate Salon.
DebailleulThis ballotin of chocolates...sigh. Everything was under glass, well protected from greedy hands and yearning eyes.


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Good morning!
    I think Debailleur will be inspired to have both blue boxes and chocolate covered cherries after your post! Lovely as always....I took a trip through the full collection of your mini "madness" on flickr and was amazed how many there are. Wonderful to see them all together. They are fantastic.

    hugs, Barbara

  2. Okay that's another 2" on my hips!

  3. I remember many moons ago that you were trying to perfect painting chocolate...Well I think you HAVE perfected it.. I can TASTE the Chocolate candy in your painting.

  4. Oh you are too kind CRIS IN least in this instance, I dinnae not do the chocolate justice.
    I cannae be repainting this one as I type :)
    I'm turning Scottish from all this exposure to tartans and thistles..

  5. Absolutely Debailleul--itating! Sorry, trying to make a joke about how it is debilitating me with extreme chocolatey pleasure. Lovely as always!

  6. He really raises the bar, huh? Could sink into any one of these and live happily ever after...must be my scots ancestry on my mothers side.
    I think you are chocolate are doing more than fine... :)
    I am a-drool too, cakespy.

    All best, Jan

  7. Okay, I kinnae spell or punctuate this morning..tis the cold. JC

  8. Hello PB - My husband and I love the puffer fish or as we were told in Paris it's a "blow poisson" we think your hedgehog cake is really a blow poisson cake. Lovely post today. Thank you.

  9. Is it Debailleul or Debailleur? I'm confused.
    Their website it GORGEOUS! Anyhow, one would pronounce it similar to this(I am no phonetics speller lol): Deuh-bye-yull (the one ending with the L)....if that helps at all ;)

    1. It's Debailleul

      You can see his name printed on wrapping and chocolate boxes in the photos.

      To hear this name translated,
      paste Debailleul into Google Translate, and click the little spealer icon. :)

  10. I will piggy-back on Cassoulet Cafe, and refine it to deuh-bye-yule, or -oer, as the case may be. Anyhow, with your mouth full of chocolate, who can tell?

  11. OMG!!!!
    Not only cannae nay say it
    I cannae nay SPELL IT!
    With the words right before me I was stumped OH LORDIE!
    Must gooae makkae corrections!!!
    Are you no going then?
    Yea yea I gooae...
    Ooops Cassoulet!

  12. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Dear Carol,
    the packaging is SUPERBE...
    Those boxes with the tiny liberty and naif flowers...
    I wonder how beautiful foulards could be made with these drawings....

  13. Did a mini check in of Dailleul's website. !!!! :o Unbelievable cakes, artistry and chocolate...I don't know which I want to do more....draw them or eat them... must find flat in Brussels.
    Wow. JC

  14. that is so beautiful... the buche is gorgeous and looks so yummy!!

  15. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Asuncion ananda how right you are! shirts
    Even umbrellas for goodness sakes would be wonderful...
    In fact, they should REALLY put their cakes on an umbrella and silk scarves..I'd buy them for sure

  16. Anonymous5:10 PM

    That buffet looks like the tea table has just been set...
    I'm only waiting for the clotted cream and my cuppa before I dive in!
    Pass me the "Dumphries" please :)

  17. Carol, LOL, you're too funny! It's ok, we ALL make mistakes, and I made some on my blog title in French recently! Twice, in fact, in one week.

    At least you can paint (I cannot!) ;)

    Ton amie,

  18. I would pronounce it day - by - uuuu (the u sounds like the u in full with the full French elongation of the uuuuuuuuuuu...

  19. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Hello from Toronto,

    Just a brief note to let you know that I saw you on Artful Blogging, congrats and that I love your art!

    Warm regards,


  20. Anonymous9:56 PM

    LOL! Your Scottish is even better than your French! This reminds me that the single funniest page I have ever read in a book is in Bill Bryson's "Notes from a Small Island". It's page 308 of the paperback edition an Bryson recounts a conversation in a Glaswegian pub. It's worth reading the WHOLE book to get to it, but if you must, just read chapter 29.
    Debailxxxxwhatever has the most fantastic graphics and goreous chocs...Got to go raid the leftover red wrapped Hershey's kisses now...yes, I know, I'm really not fit to read your blog.

  21. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Spelling is such nonsense after all. Why ever does it matter when you have eyes to see such loveliness and tastebuds to enjoy all the flavors here.
    Well that's what I think!

  22. Anonymous10:17 PM

    I hope Little Bear is being kept well away from these rich goodies!
    It would not do for little bear to get his paws into these chocolate cakes. A very sorry mess indeedy-do!

  23. I loved his orangettes when I tried them in Osaka!

  24. Anonymous1:19 AM

    we have DEBAILLEUL here in Tokyo. I only know how to pronounce it in Japanese...but can be different from the original.
    The sweets and wrapped packages are so lovely.
    And your photos and waterclour work are fantastic as usual. I adore them.

  25. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Now repeat with me, please
    DE (nearly "deux"), BAILL ("by" or "bye"), EUL (use the "eu" of "beurre" + "l")

    Whatever your pronounciation, your pictures speak it well...
    My favourite is the one with the cup+fork. (A future watercolour???)


  26. Debailleur??? Isn't it annoying when you love something but can't pronounce it?
    I have never heard of it but certainly will never forget it.

  27. Anonymous11:25 AM

    On second hand I adore chocolate but a well made shortbread is devine.

  28. Anonymous10:49 PM

    If you want to know more about the connection between Scotland and France, google 'the auld alliance'.

  29. Aww... Debailleul... toute mon enfance. :)
    When they do open a shop in NYC, you'll have to tell me! We have good ol' Neuhaus, chi-chi extraordinaire Marcolini, and Debailleul would be a good addition to the Belgian-NY tableau.
    Love your posts, Carol! I always smil when I see your cute aquarelles on my Flickr photo stream. :)

  30. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Where I can find it?


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