Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chocolate Breakfasts

Chocolates for breakfast...YUM!
I'm eating this "Donna"chocolate by Knipschildt this very minute all because yesterday, mStudios said:
painting whites is such a challenge!
NOT eating the pastries is probably worse...

Those mini pastries were made of epoxy = inedible mStudios!
YUP, so I had to go out and find REAL Valentine's chocolates for you!
Oh and a new bear onboard...
Wiki says St. V. day is named after 2 of the numerous Early Christian martyrs named Valentine. The day became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished bla bla bla.
Did you know around 1,000,000,000 valentines are sent each year worldwide?

Did you know women purchase approximately 85% of all valentine cards?
I'd like to know the percentage of roses bought on Feb 14?
Or the increase in chocolate sales at Godiva on that day?

I went out looking for valentines for you in New York...
Bondaged hearts at Dean & Deluca...Ahem
Michel Cluizel at ABC Carpets had these sweeties...
I ended up at Dylan's Candy Bar (which is happening way too often of late..)
Valentine's bears!
Great minds think alike etc.
More Dylan's -
Message valentine boxes, like those heart-shaped chalky candies I just finished for breakfast...
Mine said "FAX ME" !?
Where is courtly love I ask you these days?
Pretty valentine window at hot chocolate maker, Marie Belle on Broom street.
Marie, please hurry up and get some dark hot chocolate in! Supplies are running low here at Paris Breakfasts :(
Last but not least and not even valentine hearts -
I couldn't pass up showing these cherry ballerinas on 3rd Avenue
(Don't ask me where - I just shoot and run)
Since I'm so easily influenced by your comments...
Could you please tell me to get my sorry ass to the pool vite after eating chocolates for breakfast?


Anonymous said...

Now, that is a way to start the day!!! Thanks for being so creative and for sharing your talent.


Anonymous said...

"FAX ME..." Hilarious. That one heart watercolor is to die for, Carol! Excellent. And these cherry ballerinas are sweet--I like the polkadotty insides. ;)) Go do some laps, toots. You'll feel great.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful paintings todays! This was a feast for the eyes today...& I am craving those shoes, as well as chocolate.

Merisi said...

Broom Street, one of my favorite streets, I*m getting NY-sick here!
I like the reflection of the flowers on the pretty little tray. I love the chocolate hearts too. Thank heaven, the blog's not edible!
The little bear is very cute, congratulations on this addition to your zoo!
Those ballerina shoes look a lot like the 2005 Louis Vuitton Cerises Collection.

Anonymous said...

Stay in the pool till you are prune-y~!

I love the "Fax Me"....a sign for our times.
And the slippers, cherries AND polka dots.

Happy Heart.

Janice C. Cartier said...

E=chocolate squared + swimming...FAX ME? !!!!!LOL What a treat today!!! Love will get orders for those shoes, doncha know.
All best, Jan

Anonymous said...

You'll be glad if you make yrslf go to the pool!! ;-)
THen it will be easier to paint Paris dreams!!

Parisbreakfasts said...

THANK YOU for the kick to the POOL!
I'm leaving right now!
Yes I am...almost..ahem

breadchick said...

Well that is funny, I'm having lunch at Chocopologie today (Knipschildts retail store in Norwalk, CT). They are located across the back parking lot and it is very hard not to find my way over there every day for a mid afternoon pick me up.

As usual, the profusion of colour is fabulous today.

Anonymous said...

Man, I miss that. In VA, I used to swim a mile and a half every day, but here, there's no good pool other than really expensive, really crowded ones, and so now I just walk, but I LOVE swimming. I used to use fins, and they were really fun, and really worked my legs, too.

Your post today is fun.

rochambeau said...

Hey Carol,
Everything looks luscious! especially your painting, the facade of Marie Belle and the cherry shoes!

Don't know if I just fixed my problem? We'll see!

Happy day

Di Overton said...

I think you may need treatment my dear

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Love those shoes!

K and S said...


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love those shoes too!!! and the cute bear and the paintings. :) Had a hard time leaving a comment this morning. :(

Sandy said...

Chocolate YUM and for breakfast DOUBLE YUM - and yours all look good enough to lick the screen! I would not survive February in NE without chocolates!

Jeanne said...

So very lovely indeed.
Blessings and much love

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you for your lovely work.

I enjoy your blog everyday as I open my chocolate shop here in Vancouver, BC.

Anonymous said...

A whole store just of Marie Bellle???? I have to settle for Dean and Deluca's or mail order (D & D are very annoying about re-stocking!). as for the bondaged hearts, the only bondage likely to result from those hearts is my spineless devotion to chocolate! i turn to chocolate when I'm in need of a pick-me-up, to celebrate, for dessert, and especially when stressed.....
People who work with me check out my desk as they approach. If they spy an opened chocolate bar, they tiptoe silently past!
With all the running around you're doing to get these photos, I doubt if you need to swim! Me, I'm headed for the baking chocolate stash right now!

Anonymous said...

First Merisi's temptations, then a chocolate heaven here. It is Lent and I have decided to say NO to chocolate for 7 weeks.

Help. How will is survive this!

Anonymous said...

Those 2 watercolours are delightful ! Especially the one with Little Teddy!


Anonymous said...

"Those mini pastries were made of epoxy = inedible mStudios!"

wow, you are not kidding me, right. (of course not). do you create these wonderful little epoxy models or buy them?

if you EVER go to Zurich, Switzerland, you will need to go and visit the Schober of which a tourist guide writes:

"Schober, Napfgasse 4. A memorable old confectioner’s and café that’s straight out of Mary Poppins – a riot of frothy white lace, flowers and choice treats – but head through to the capacious interior for quite simply the best mug of hot chocolate (with whipped cream) you will ever have tasted. It’s even a shame to spoil it with a slice of home-made apple strudel … but then again."

It's more of a chocolate place than pastries, but I think you'd love it's interior and what they do! here is the best photo I could find on my quick search now