Friday, February 08, 2008

Boulangerie Breakfast

Finally in time for breakfast!
Hmmm...I didn't get today's painting done :(
This was my boulangerie in the Marais.
Boulangerie Sylvie et David Béatrix at 149, rue St Martin
Nothing spectacular.
Just my boulangerie.
Everyone has their own boulangerie in France.
Usually it's the one closest to their house...
I tried the Kouign Aman that David Lebovitz is always raving about...
But I think you have to go to Brittany for the real thing, carmelized up the whazoo.
These are those little puffy chouquettes, crispy on the outside and moist inside. In France they're the everyday afternoon snack Tartelette loves to make with "pâte à choux" pastry, pronounced (shoo-kett).Linzer Tartes probably aren't Viennese, though the French insist on calling all their breakfast pastries viennoisserie instead of Danish pastries, but they make me think of Merisi's obsession with pastry...And Janice can never stop painting these creamy religieuses.My obsession is anything lemony - Tarte Citron Méringué or Lemon Meringue Tart. I'll take them all!
Dorie Greenspan did an homage to a gateau basque and The Gateau Basque Museum I have yet to try this...
Not a baguette but all boulangeries remind me of a story told in the Patrice Leconte movie, Man on the Train (L'Homme du Train) about a man who goes into the same boulangerie for years and years and only orders 1 baguette...
Damn, I forgot the bread. Would you mind going for a baguette?
I hate to ask but I don't like going.
The salesgirl.
What about her?
It's an old story...
Let's hear it.
Each time I went in there, she'd say, "Anything else? Anything else?" (avec ceci)
One day, I was so fed up and told her that was enough, that if I needed anything else, I'd ask for it.
When I went in the next day, I took my one baguette, paid for it and guess what she said. "Will that be all?"
You didn't murder her?
No, but I buy supermarket crisp bread now.
Boulangerie Beatrix always had nice sandwiches in the window. One day I went in and when it was my turn I asked for the sandwiche de chevre.
You mean the sandwiche FROMAGE DE chevre the salesperson corrected me!
Hmmm...yes. I definitely don't want goat sandwich..uh oh
Bonne petit dejeuner!


  1. loveitaly9:21 AM

    Goat sandwich...;)) You'd make a story out of it, I'm sure. Good post, Carol. Well done! Those goodies look scrumptious--my weakness is pastries. I could never work in a boulangerie, let's just say. I'd be milquetoast. I used to make baguettes, and I still have my special pans for baking it, but haven't done it I think since Eric was little...they make 4 loaves,and I'd eat all 4 in a sitting spread with butter if I could! SOOOOO good.

  2. yes, they are from Upper Austria's capital Linz!

    I have a great recipe for it (THE best!).


  3. Maybe some sun-dried tomatoes with the goat .... ? (See this week's New York Times food section)

    Linzer Torte is named after the capital of the region of Upper Austria where I was born. Linz is little more than an hour's drive from Vienna, through beautiful countryside (on the Autobahn, I may point out). I feel truly honored that even the French bake it, albeit turning them into tarts. French tarts, that is.

  4. We had a Boulangerie in CA where I came from. It had all sorts of breads & pasteries like the ones under the map here. They had little tables and chairs sitting around inside & outside on nice days. It was really charming. Todays post reminded me of it.

  5. Thank you for the info on this Boulangerie! We (husband and children) are spending April in France and will be in Paris several days during that time. Our hotel is on Rue du Cygne so VERY close I think??? Any other little eateries not to be missed???

  6. Oh my goodness... You are being much too cruel. What gorgeous pastries... I'll take mine avec cafe creme, s'il vous plais



  7. In-May12:14 PM

    Dear Carol:
    You finally get back to Paris breakfast scene--back to my favorite topic again.

    In-May ::))

    Happy Chinese New Year.

  8. Carol, your post this morning has revived me and made reality sink in that I will be going to my boulangerie in five weeks! I am re-energized to start getting things done on my packing/shopping/to-do list for France.
    Lovely breakfast this morning! Merci!

    PS. Are you going to Carcassonne this trip?

  9. foodwalker12:29 PM

    I'm back at last at my favorite boulangerie after 6 months and YUM YUM YUM
    Thanks for remniding me :)

  10. Pain aux raisin are one of my favs!

  11. I linked to you today! Great minds...
    but now I am drooling over not only your boulangerie but Merisi's pastry photos as well...and I was going to eat a salad today....aughhh ...let me just get my nose off the monitor here...and the pate a choux from my eyes....Tick tock you will be there soon.
    All best, Jan

  12. The mini's are great but I didn't know I was missing your old posts until I stopped by today. I love the paris breakfast pastry pics. Keep up the good work.

  13. Anonymous8:39 PM

    I can't stand it every time I come here I want to eat...Love it so much though. I just linked to you. Hope that's ok. Love your blog.

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  15. hmm...just when I thought it was safe to come out for breakfasts Carol brings back the pastries! :)

    Yeah!!! :) Now, if only I had some chocolate chaud to go with all this pastry. lol :)

  16. Painfully wonderful. "My" boulangerie was close to "Les Halles" where I had my apartment at Rue Vielle du Temple... Your photos awaken memories of so many walks past these dreamy places.

  17. There is actually a French pastry you have not tried? What kind of researcher ARE you? Go right back over there and try them all!
    I am right there with you on the lemon - often even better than chocolate. Were we separated at birth? And if so, how come YOU got to be the one going to Paris and painting incredible watercolors?

  18. Our local boulangerie is run by a delightful couple who make rather uninteresting breads and pastries except for their whole grain and cereal breads. But they are so friendly and charming, we must buy something everyday. The best around is a place just on the road toward us near Perpignan. It has a huge woodfired oven and is open 8 to 8! Their pear tarts and walnut tarts are really the best I've tasted. Very country style. The walnut is sweet and dense almost frangiapane like. And I have one in the kitchen right now and trying to keep myself away from it. oh yum. They make breads, cookies, fougasse ( of cereal different flavors and all sweet) and pissladiere.
    A find!
    The chocolate shops in Perpignan are decorated for Valentines. Bought some Macarons yesterday at Leonidas. The lavender ones are filled with chocolate ganache and toothsome.

    It's 70º on the terrace and I'm headed that way.

  19. WineWalker8:08 AM

    Oh our lacal bakery makes wonderful almond croquant. A crunchy cookie about 1.5" by 3" topped with 3 whole almonds. Great for dunking! Or with a glass of red Maury.

  20. a friend of mine wrote to say this was a wonderful place to visit and she was making you a link on her blog. I dropped by and was transported for a good hour or more just savouring every delightful image and painting. It is a glorious gift you share and for this I say thank you. I'm making you a link this morning too. I'm not the traveling type, having been at home for the past twenty years raising a family. Oh the dreams you have inspired.

  21. Wonderfully delicious, especially the choux!

  22. omg omg i want those cakes!!!! i miss paris so much when i read your blog :(

  23. Hello, delicious. I want to be in Paris, eating some wonderful carbohyratey goodness...RIGHT NOW.

  24. I reheated one of the Zimtschnecken in the first picture, too hungrig to wait for fresh baked ones.
    I hope you do get out of the kitchen today, and create a beautiful painting.

  25. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Check this out

  26. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Do you commonly see individual brioche in the boulongerie?

  27. Hey it's me again! I was going through your blog and I just realized YOUR boulangerie is MY boulangerie too! I get my Paris Breakfast there practically every morning. In fact, I'm eating one of their Rochers right now. Love their pain au chocolat et amandes... Unfortunately I never manage to catch them warm! Seems like we have things in common hehe ;) Now if only I can paint as beautifully as you can...


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