Friday, February 29, 2008


Cosmic Chocolates watercolor
Cosmic Chocolates, original watercolor, 10" x 12"
These are exotic flavored chocolates Cosmic Chocolates sent me -
Cherry Blossom, Jasmin Orange, Lemon Basil, cinnamon rose, lavender honey.. You get the idea.There are no chocolates that look like soap or olives...
salon du chocolat Are these green olives from Provence? Absolutely not.
These are chocolate olives from Provence. Just one of the many chocolate oddities I spotted at the Paris Salon du Chocolat.
Hey it's "Chocolate Friday" again.
salon du chocolat Not olives..not beans. But more CHOCOLATE!
salon du chocolat Same here... Looks are deceiving are they not?
And to go with your sausage you must have beer made from chocolate Cacao Nib.
salon du chocolat And don't forget the frites (white chocolate fries)
salon du chocolat White chocolate "Swiss cheese" from ever inventive Italian Capitano Rosso Pasticceria
salon du chocolat Chocolate dog bones for people? Why not.
salon du chocolat No, not soap. CHOCOLATE! also from Capitano Rosso Pasticceria.
salon du chocolat Big green tea square bars from RichArt Chocolate.

They always do things a little bit differently..looks like soap doesn't it?
I found many sets of chocolate tools at the show?
Is this the hint French wives give to their French husbands to get them cracking on whatever household job needs to be done?
salon du chocolatAnd now for something slightly less utilitarian..
French chocolate couture on display at the Salon - this chocolate creation by Jean-Paul Hevin.
I don't know the creator of this crazy wild chocolat extravaganza..?
salon du chocolat Ah...finger painting!
This is where I got my first art training at age 5. This I can relate to :)
salon du chocolatChocolates anyone?
Please help yourself.
salon du chocolat And enfin a solid chocolate bean filled with REAL chocolates!
Bonne Weekend everyone


  1. Carol, I gotta-tell-ya', you never cease to amaze me! Every morning you take us by our hands, and off we go on another adventure quaranteed to delight the eye, entice our taste-buds, commune with the Art Spirit, and chuckle at your charming sense of humor!
    Wishing you a good weekend, also.

  2. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Dear Paris Breakfasts,

    The Salon du Chocolat must surely be one of the best Parisian treats in town! Is there anything so delectable as a chocolate gown? I fear the Swiss cheese molded out of white chocolate or the faux saucisson might cause a weird sensation of taste expectation, but that said, I must tell you about a rather unusual product I buy each year at the salon.

    “Le Delice de Jeanne” is a “Confit d’Oignon Au Chocolat” to be paired with foie gras (or a less controversial pâté) in lieu of “Confit de Figue”. Though it sounds down-right dastardly, it combines two of my favorite foods – chocolate and foie gras – in one extravagant bite – good to “le dernier gout”!

    You inspire me, as always.

    The Antiques Diva™

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Cher Chocolate Connoisseur~

    My friend insists chocolate is really white and the brown color is an additive. Please tell me that isn't true. I've never heard it before.

    Best wishes,

  4. Anonymous10:06 AM

    That was great fun, Carol. My favorites are the coutourier dresses and feathery strands all over. That just always amazes me to see people create such elegance out of chocolate. I haven't seen the olives , sausage, or beans before, either, though! Those are hilarious! Bonne weekend to you as well. Take care,sue

  5. I'm still in NYC. When I lived in Paris, I as close to Jean Paul Hévin and I used to buy the delicious éclairs au chocolat every Saturday, the only day he baked them! Of course, you can imagine how much I miss them!
    PS: in France, they sell many chocoalte shower gels

  6. That was so much fun! Those dresses are crazy!!!

  7. Anonymous12:41 PM

    BARBARA- white chocolate comes from cocoa butter, but the bean IS dark brown as are the cocoa nibs - the stuff of all chocolate.

  8. Imagine if one was wearing the chocolate couture -unlikely to make it home in one piece! :)

  9. Need chocolate now...maybe some origin...ahh a mission.. Have a good weekend.

  10. Bientot, je vais manger les chocolats en France :)

  11. Anonymous9:37 PM

    So I can get up in the morning, steep a green tea square in my teacup, wash with chocolate soap, put on my chocolate couturier dress and use chocolate tools to break into the cacao pod, break for a lunch of beans and sausage with swiss cheese and olives(no beer or fries - I'm on a diet, after all!) and share a bone with Ozzie, never leaving the land of "chic"-olate.....what a concept!

  12. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Forget sharing a chocolate bone with me! The caffeine is hard on my heart!
    Ozzie, retired bounty hunter

  13. I would love to have one of those finger painted chocolate smeered shirts as my paint smock. Make everyone think I finger paint with chocolate. Now theres a concept. :)

  14. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Can we make "chocolate Friday" chocolate Monday, Tuesday' Wednesday, Thursday?
    I'm heading to chocolate rehab tomorrow..

  15. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Carol--great job on the transparent packaging--this watercolor is wonderful!

  16. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Chocolate sausage: now I've seen everything. ;)) Thanks for making my day.

  17. Anonymous5:59 PM

    It's hard to believe, but the chocolate salami and the chocolate soap have my mouth watering!
    That's preposterous!
    Nice Cosmic chocolate watercolor!

    Bonne weekend!

  18. Everything you share is divine~

  19. YES PLEASE! Way to sweeten my weekend...just when it is coming to an end this gives me sweet hope for the week ahead!

  20. I love it all! The chocolate Swiss cheese is lovely. You could have so much fun with that as your "cheese tray". :)


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