Friday, February 15, 2008


I went out to get a haircut yesterday and thought I'd give you
The New York Valentine's Day report...
I kept getting smacked with bouquets of roses everywhere I walked...
Here the classic New York guy with red roses trying to track down his honey...
Since I was in the neighborhood I stopped in F.A.O. Schwartz to return those two horridly expensive doll's house floral bouquets...
While waiting on line at the cashier, I noticed the guy behind me clutching an "Ugly Doll" I asked him if it was for his "Valentine"?
He sheepishly said, "No".
Then the cashier pipes in, "I wish I had a Valentine...sigh".
The other cashier said, "OK, I'll be your valentine, Robert!"
"Then buy me an $80 box of Godiva Chocolates puleeze?"
Godiva on Lexington Avenue was jam-packed as always with last minute valentine-givers...
Leonidas on Madison Avenue was chocolate-a-block with buyers...
Piles of pretty red Leonidas boxes everywhere!
And on Park Avenue, the most pricy chocolatier of all New York - Pierre Marcolini
Was hand-selecting each precious gem of a chocolate for their line of buyers...
I have to admit their jewels are pretty damn yummy...
But yours truly, really HEARTS those red jelly hearts...
In this kind of candy store...
Little Bear and I are on the same wave length at heart, when it comes to Valentine's candies...
Swedish Raspberries!
Is there anything better?
What's your favorite Valentine candy?


  1. Tell Little Bear to try wine gums sometimes. He (she?) might like them better than Swedish Raspberries. But ya can't get 'em in the USA (I have to mail them to my sis in NY).
    Love your site!!!

  2. Yes bonne idee RONNA!
    Little Bear likes Bordeaux pleeze.
    Preferably Chateau Margaux wine gums!

  3. Do you know? I think I am falling in love with Little Bear. Take care and don't go losing him again.

  4. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Oh, man, I LOOOOOVE the chewy hearts and raspberries. My son does, too--must be genetic, I guess. I could munch on those all day, so I can't buy them. Swedish fish, too. Big faves. Those red Silver dollars. This post was delightful, Carol, seeing all these New Yorkers enjoying Valentine's day and doing their thing. I felt like you took me there--that was great fun! Loved the little Ugly Dolls, but those things are soooo soft.

  5. Carol,
    My Valentines chocolate "treat" was to grab a Hersheys with almonds at the Rite Aid check out counter. YUMMMMY!!!
    ...but then again, I did grow up in S. Jersey.

  6. Anonymous10:28 AM

    What's your favorite Valentine candy?

    Definitely Paris Breakfasts!

    Sweetest blog standing!

  7. One of my clients said yesterday, she had tiramisu for two....sigh.....Valentine deficient here...this is a lovely virtual one.

    All best, Jan

  8. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I second Sue on the gummy, red dye #5, fructose-loaded traditional Valentines candies! ! !
    Now why are they only available one time a year...
    Must go run stock up!

  9. Happy Valentines Day!

  10. What fun to join you in a visual/virtual walk about in NYC on Valentine's Day! Fun post!

  11. Anonymous6:29 PM

    New York Red Hots!
    The best gummy candy there is!

  12. Anonymous6:31 PM

    wow, a glut of gorgeousness and an endless supply of material for you to turn into beautiful paintings.

  13. I do love Swedish fish. Even though I am a bear lover, I prefer the Swedish fish to the gummy bear.
    I wish someone would make gummy weasels.

  14. Oh looked like it was quite a hectic Valentine's Day in New York this year! It was pretty quiet here in Mobay.

    My favourite candy at any time of the year has got to be chocolate. Any variety...any where...any time. Those little gummies are a very close second :)

  15. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Who wants to meet outside to discuss this?
    RED GUMMIES wn the day BTW
    Forgettabout any other colors of gummy candy.

    Signed yours truly,


  16. my favorites are cinnamon gummy the images...i have missed you...hugs, r

  17. Love all that you share......
    big hugs and kisses

  18. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Is a Swedish raspberry related by any chance to the Swedish Fish?

    I'd like to skip to the next holiday and put in a good word for those Cadbury eggs!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Love Marcolini...I want to wear his chocolates so I can eat them all day!

  20. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Thank you for the stroll, I like to stroll by your town!!I think, I can see Woody Allen in a pastry...

  21. What a cute ugly doll. Must be a new one. I have a blue Icebat. Icebat sleeps on the bed with me, hubby, a chihuahua, and a varying number of cats. I might have to track me down a new ugly doll.


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