Monday, February 04, 2008

Accidents Happen

#153 Laduree boxes on boxes With so much...
Mini stuff all over the place...
I mean it's BOX CITY here!
And chachkas everywhere.
Well they do say that 90% of accidents happen in the home...
So is it really a big surprise that I sat on my new little boxes.
This accident was intentional.
*note the hammer head in the upper right corner.
After I robbed the bank, I went browsing at F.A.O. Schwarz for miniature flower arrangements for my still lifes. Naturally I brought along my own tray and cups to make sure they would all co-ordinate nicely...

I took a liking to this tulip arrangement ($16.00!), but the damn vase wouldn't stand up straight and kept tipping over. When the sales woman turned to assist another customer looking at $600.00 dollhouses, I tried madly to twist out the bouquet and place it in the vase that did stand up. But she spotted me out of the corner of her eye and asked me to stop messing with the flowers :(

Caught in the act!
I coulda been arrested!

I ended up buying the Gawd damn vase, brought it home and took a hammer to it. Believe me it wasn't easy!? And it took all day to dissolve the probably toxic glue holding the floral arrangement together.

Now I've got the loose flowers I wanted and they look like HELL.Sometimes you should leave things well enough alone.

Here's an accident waiting to happen...

My room mate's new Turkish teapot is fine.

It's the little mini teapot that could easily fall into the fire. WATCH OUT little teapot! :O


  1. I know you must hear this all the time, but I love this blog. It is all the things I love wrapped up into (so different from my own), France, photography and the reminder of being a little girl. Oh, it also reminds me of my own daughter who loves minatures along with a good story and pink! :)

    Thank you so much for so carefully sharing your days with so many.

  2. It sounds like your life is fraught with danger. Please be careful!!!

  3. Look out little teapot!!! A little Claus Oldenburg conversation going on with these two I think.
    Sorry about the squashed box accident...tant pis!
    All best , Jan

  4. And to think - a little bit of blue tack would have solved the problem

  5. Asuncion ananda12:27 PM

    Do you really have a room mate?????(and piu-piu doesn´t count)

  6. Oh my gosh! Paris this is too funny! err..I mean...TRAGIC, of course! ;} And haven't had time recently to comment on your latest paintings, but do love them and following with interest!

  7. Stephan1:19 PM


    I don't know the name of it but most arts and crafts stores sell this malleable gum-like substance that is used for hanging posters on walls. It can also be used for holding things down in place like that unbalanced mini vase. Having lived in San Francisco for 29 years, it is a good thing to have particularly for things on mantles so they won't tumble off in a quake. This product doesn't leave a mark or a stain so is safe to use on paper products.



  8. Another instant fave, Carol!
    Love these pinks and greens, but I find that those intense blue shadows and the nice touches of rich brown, really make it the whole painting pop.

  9. That mini fork with mini napkin in mini napkin holder is adorable. So too are the mini vases with the mini flowers.

    Sorry about the crumpled box. I know how hard you must have worked at getting those boxes just right too. :(

  10. Mini flower crime! Eek!

  11. OOOPS, sounds like you had a bit of a problem weekend. I hope the box isnt to smashed up as the paintings are so lovely you're using them for.. including the one today. I was wondering if you couldnt have used a little putty on the bottom of the flower vase to stand it up. They really didn't look that bad in the end. But this story did give me a bit of a chuckle this morning. :)

  12. Well, I wonder how many people were spilling their tea or coffee or hot chocolate all over their keyboards while reading your post! :-)))

  13. loveitaly5:48 PM

    Carol, that is a riot. I could just see you hammering away at that vase. Too funny--at least you didn't spend your day cleaning up a laptop you spilled Sprite on! Trust me, I'd take your accidents any day over mine. ;))

  14. Before you take a hammer to anything else, please get some Museum Putty:
    Save the hammer for the rabbits.
    However, I do feel your miniatures are much more attractive than the one that came from FAO!

  15. Dear, thoughtful PB readers (DI, JEANNETTE, STEPHAN),
    It's most kind of you to suggest kinds of sticky material. But I was not overly fond of the green ceramic vase..Ideally I'd rather paint a white vase you see. So the plan was to remove the flowers and place them elsewhere.
    It's just that now I need flower arrangingology or something -
    I wrecked those flowers.
    I have found a place in Thailand, where probably FAO bought theirs, for vases, flowers, lots of minis.
    Siam Smalls

  16. lvetopaint8:27 PM

    ...and the mini mania continues...I can't believe how your collection is growing! Lovely painting!

  17. You need a mini super-glue.

  18. It seems that one would only have miniature accidents with so many miniature objects. But I suppose there is an inverse relationship...

    All those things are adorable, especially that little teapot.

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  19. I always think your pictures are so magical

  20. To Carol!
    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet."

    Past 7am.
    I am getting worried.
    No breakfast today .question mark here. courtesy of my broken, er, mardi gras keyboard.

  21. Mit Schlag8:15 AM

    Fasting should begin on Ash Wednesday, and not on Fat Tuesday!


  22. I love that painting!

    Sorry about the accidents. :)


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