Monday, December 04, 2006

Aux Désirs de Manon

a Delice Cassis hides inside the paper sac..
Aux Désirs de Manon Sachet, watercolor, 9" x 11"
Not every patisserie is going to put your prize pick into a gorgeous green box. In fact if you're buying just one item you may be fighting a losing battle to get a pastry box.

Aux Désirs de Manon is at 129 rue St-Antoine in the Marais
I've admired the windows of Aux Désirs de Manon each time I visited the Marais.

lined up like beautiful soldiers..
This pink and green number of course caught my ever color-conscious eyes, the "Delice Cassis".
Cassis is French for blackcurrent berries. The provençal town of the same name makes a liquor used in the delicious aperitif, the Kir Royale.
little yum
All Paris is coming up with a new ways to use macarons. I fell for this pink circle of créme de cassis mousse with green pistachio macs girding it's sides. Would they protect it on the Metro ride home to the 7th in the flimsey folded paper sac-thing they insisted on giving me?
The Cassis Delice made it back to my hotel intact. But I spotted a free hotel computer and neglegently flung it aside :(
The Delice was smushed. Still I wolfed it down anyway. A "Manan" Delice Cassis with a macaron askew - not all isnperfect in Paris. But it surely tasted perfect!
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Anonymous said...

Isn't it GREAT that HOW rymes with WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
Didn't they also do an article on you, and your art from a previous life, about 10 years ago?
You and your art fueled by your crativity deserve this recognition.

Anonymous said...

I am shouting CONGRATS from Norway on top of my voice. This is wonderful.

My friends are flying to NY tomorrow. Wish I could sneak into their suitcase and go along just to see some of your paintings "alive" :-)

Anonymous said...

All these macs,
Pink and green.
Reading this blog
There's no way to stay lean.
In a bag or a box,
It sounds better than lox!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Congratulations Parisbreakfast!!

Robyn said...

Congratuations! Good for HOW for spreading the foodie love.

Is it sad that when I go to bakeries I rarely get cakes? I almost always go for croissants and pain aux [something]s! Except at Pierre Herme, of course. It's not like the cakes don't appeal to me, but...I DUNNO, I can't explain it! You make me wanna go back to Aus Desirs de Manon and get some cakey macaronic thing.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Robyn it's not a cakey macaronic thing. It's a circle of creamy mousse surrounded by mac guards to keep it from falling over! Try it or try anything in there.
They have a nice roast beef samwich too :)
And their baguette was A OK!

~ Phyll said...

Congrats, Carol! Your blog is definitely one of the most delish looking and captivating that I frequent. Well deserved!

simon said...

I am not surprised at all...
well done.

Buutttt, how do you control what you eat? All this temptation!

Frederik Das Kätzchen said...


Anonymous said...

congratulations, and how! well deserved.

Unknown said...

Such good news, Carol!

As always, visiting here is a treat.


tlchang said...

I'm just getting caught up - great, big congratulations to you! Your blog is pretty irresistible. On a number of levels. :-)

Anonymous said...



Julie, Yorkshire

The Wordpecker said...

Congratulations on your recognition. I love your blog and visit often.

Great work!